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  1. Where are you wiz? you boring two Bob professional victim.

  2. Wizardsleeve

    Keith lemon

    That public school education really failed you, Punkers. Your post should contain a "be" before deleted, you stupid fucking cunt!
  3. Wizardsleeve

    Keith lemon

    Just so you know, they won't delete you with this particular tactic. They prefer to keep the post count and site hits. If you log out and don't come back...at some point your user name will just drop off the membership roster and your posts will go into archive.
  4. https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/fashion/even-nike-s-size-16-mannequin-isn-t-safe-from-fat-shamers-1.3920838 I'm going with this since the idea of posting a real fat bird in spandex is sickening to me.
  5. A large prison complex was taken and thousands of ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighters are once again roaming free. The global military industrial complex should do very well in earnings for the coming decades.
  6. This is my most successful topic! 8 Pages now! With all the drama and hits, you'd think a gormless old crone like Roops would be scraping the scabs off her fanny to chuff the old fish! Instead, she's deleting my account preferences so I'm forced to read hers and Pens drivel! For a site with such a small puntership and her own predilection for hits and site statistics.....let that sink in, @The Beast
  7. You thick fucking emotionalistic faggot piece of shit. 

    1. Wizardsleeve


      Go jump in a fucking meat grinder you miserable heap of liquid shit!  

  8. I May be mistaken here, but it hasn't yet been deemed racist to quote "White Christmas." Perhaps the all knowing shoe sole tit hanging Roops can give a ruling on that. I'll look forward to her dull response while chewing on foil.
  9. Says the cunt who serves him with crystal champagne flutes. Fuck off gay boy!
  10. You've exposed your proclivities once again, Punkers. I never mentioned poofery in my post. It's yet another example of your one trick pony character drooling to have a cock slamming you in every one of your gaping holes. I'm still wagering on you sustaining irreparable brain damage from the skull fuckings you take in your ocular sockets.
  11. Brady's a cunt. Just reminding you.
  12. The taste Frank has is every Sunday evening in the VIP room of the Blue Oyster.
  13. I hope it has been a while since you've ingested any food, these same cunts are the ones who wear spandex pants with every little bit of fat and cellulite visible. Their arse makes them look like a Weeble figure that can't be knocked over, and they're sweating profusely from the walk from their car which is illegally parked in a disabled bay because their weight hurts their joints. Bariatric surgery or bleach, their problems would be solved!
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