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  1. its just a great pity the poor lad didn't own a wild kestrel which he had lovingly hand reared from a chick, it would have been just and right to wring its neck to show him the futility of his life and a lesson in disciplne.
  2. I see that they have finally traced the lovechild of Mick Jagger and Trish Goddard, somebody should tell him, that moustache really doesn't suit.
  3. shut the fuck up you fromage munching garlic smelling frog twat, we will tolerate no stereotyping or casual racism here.
  4. thanks for this MC, I have a couple of Asian mates, Sikhs and one is a Nepalese, I shall immediately inform them that I no longer wish to be associated with them because of their Asian origins. I am really glad people like you are around to safeguard us from these sort of people. I had no Idea these people behaved in this deplorable way, I thought they were good family people running some decent business's and paying tax. All along they were doing all the things you state, I am shocked and disappointed in them, again many thanks for your help in this matter.
  5. Brixton Airlines Ltd, at the opening of the new Brixton to Handsworth route. A bit of a dark horse this company but well worth investing in.
  6. The level of driving in this country is deplorable as it is without blind old crones like you crawling about. During the recent heavy rains in the midlands I must have overtaken at least half a dozen cunts doing in excess of 75 mph on the M54 when the conditions clearly warranted 50 mph, when will people learn.
  7. Its truly pitiable. I only hope the funds are close to depletion.
  8. Excellent memory Eric, it was a loose translation but as you surmised inspired by that very funny series. The original was a satirical dig at the villain of the day then Colonel Gaddafi. That book resided in my library for quite some time but was replaced by the Viz annual.
  9. I owned a Hillman Avenger in the 70s Bubba, that Cunt spent most of its time up on Blocks. Sorry best I can do to help you with this one Bubba.
  10. Poor Reptile, you chaps keep prescribing to try and help him but his medicine just wont come right. I can only suggest that he be allowed home where he can be cared for in the community. Now if you don't mind I have to look for loopholes in the Koran which will help me justify me marrying my Niece.
  11. well why didn't someone point this out before, it explains everything and things are finally starting to make sense now that you with your sharp as a razor insight and deduction have solved in an instant. I am from Wolverhampton so must be a Muslim and of Asian extract. Well there are certainly no flies settling on you and I am surprised you are on this shit site instead of working for Interpol tracking down our most wanted felons with your formidable powers intellect My compliments on finally putting me straight and I shall now give up Bacon and Beer in favour of a long straggly beard and halal goat. Does anyone have a rucksack they can lend me. Love Abduluke Shwarmer
  12. excellent work MC and thank your for your thought provoking synopsis of this difficult subject. I think all members of the forum will heartily agree that this will cement your already formidable reputation as one of the corners bestest and bigliest thinkers.
  13. luke swarm

    Neil warnock

    Rog, have you entered into some kind of infernal competition with Penny or whatever it calls itself this week to see who can churn out the most shit and pointless nominations, because believe me you will not win despite your brave futile attempt. Desist please.
  14. being an hour behind everyone else being your natural state this should suit you down to the ground I should have thought.
  15. You see, this is what happens when you opt for single operator trains, I would suggest that Southern Trains Ltd rethink this crazy idea before they end up the same as this Rochdale based operator above.
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