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  1. Why not tell him this to his face, you gobby fat cunt.
  2. Naturally, two blacks beating the shit out of each other. What's not to like?
  3. Too busy Coming on, coming on, coming on, coming on a Chameleon.
  4. I look forward to your obituary 'Gone, but not forgotten by the girls at the Rape Crisis Centre. Bedford Rascal & soiled mattress for sale'
  5. Yeh, have you tried getting semen out between the keys of a laptop, using Johnson cotton buds.
  6. @Frank Quincy was the best. R.I.P.
  7. @camberwell gypsy there you go. Posted by a cunt, for a cunt, and 'liked' by a cunt
  8. Those members spend more time on the p.m plotting the above, and it will only get worse now that His Nibs is back. What an odious little piece of shit he is.
  9. For fuck sake Eric, I am endeavouring to keep you at the top with a few discrete likes. Please post something that merits them. Good man.
  10. You're probably more interested in receiving golden rain from Lorenzo, in the smoking shed.
  11. Well done Punkers. A 4 day ban is a lot less than a 32 week ban. It goes to show that even Roops detests a grass.
  12. Forget this shit. Have you noticed that His Nibs hasn't posted since I called him out on his Golden Kebab shenanigans. His lifestyle has caught up with him, and now he has to live with aids, and a dollop of Covid 19 on his bell end. lol
  13. KB, Sutcliffe was a fucking disgrace. His favourite tools were a B&Q 20oz hammer, and a 1/2" Stanley chisel. Any self respecting tradesman knows never to use a hammer on a wood chisel, but a beech wood joiners mallet. For this reason, I'm glad he's dead.
  14. You're as thick as Frank. You will never find me.
  15. Well at least it's exercise. You probably spent your ban sitting in the kitchen, whinging to your down trodden wife. I feel sorry for her, having to sleep with somebody smelling of Swarfega and Bostik.
  16. Take my advice. If you ever have to take Roops piss flaps to the incinerator after labiaplasty, use a wheelbarrow. I would hate you to do your back in.
  17. Just about your mark. I look forward to the day when you are reported for sucking off a lad, round the back of the 'Golden Kebab'. Croft Road isn't so private as you think. Pervert.
  18. He will be missed by Mr Kipling. His skills at slicing up tarts was second to none.
  19. Great idea, especially if they're in a cemetery.
  20. It would have been a better place if the cunt had managed to kill you. Instead of being vilified, he would have be given a knighthood.
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