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  1. Ethnic cleansing..... get used to it. White sympathetic cretins will pander to anything half a dozen black antifa activists want. The woke fucking soft cunts. however, such cuntery just plays into the hands of the other cunts..... for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. this will do the black community no good if it gets any worse.... this is a 90% white country. 5% are also asian and they fucking openly hate blacks as much as Labour hate Jews openly. resentment turns ugly....always does.
  2. New powers.. 1) remove half of the left wing wankers from the BBC and replace with People with right wing views... a balanced arguement to be had in any debate programme. That’s novel. 2) give each and every black person from the Caribbean £250,000 as reparations for slavery. Let’s see what they do with it. They can shut the fuck up when it’s all be blown on fuck all. No more come back. No more favors and job inequality.... done. They won’t get out of bed for three years. 3). Ban parents from dropping kids off at school. Make the fat cunts walk everyday. Will save NHS millions in future health care problems. give the money saved to black people. They need it more than dying cancer patients health care. 4) tax the use of the internet...to limit the amount of time the young fat cunts use it. give the proceeds to blm as it’s so racist of the young cunts if they don’t agreed to the tax. Funds power 2 above. 5) all men can call themselves Lucy at weekends and be given all the rights of a woman. Oh no that’s already happened. 6) ban cigarettes totally. Such an out of date thing. Almost as unfashionable as being a white male. Band them as well. 7) invade the Caymen Islands and steal all the corporates tax haven money. Give it to the blacks so they can all live like Snoop Dog. The misogynistic fucking cunt. He gets away with it because he’s black. I like him tho he’s a dude. 8. teach slavery in history, about how a white man William Wilberforce and England lead the cause to ban the trade, teach how Churchill stood up to fascism almost alone in Europe. Teach how multicultural we already are with things like curry being the national dish, music being world class export, sports stars from all backgrounds, MPs from all backgrounds, opportunities for all.....it’s just up to the individual to take that opportunity. Don’t blame a system. There’s already been a black president for fucks sake and black people head up in many areas of society from sport to film to music to robbery. 9) all white males to be pensioned off and leave it to the blacks, feminists, gays, trans and lezzers. I’m happy with that.
  3. N/A

    BBC News

    Willie....I bet he was a fucking racist. Always hitting the blacks down
  4. With every bad report, with every biased news story, with every badly misplaced programme, with every woke, fake, left wing article and interview... the BBC moves further and further away from its audience. So ultimately this ugly fucking slag cunt will be out of work. the licenses fee is becoming less defendable by the hour... hung on her own shitty knickers...
  5. To remove a statue that is causing offense...... don’t you simply gather a sufficient petition of names... apply to the local council. In Bristol that’s a Labour council I believe. Then have the council remove it. if it was or is so fucking offensive why have the black councilors not proposed such a removal in the past twenty or thirty years? someones making this fake sympathy shit up... I can smell it. still it’s trending a lot in the interweb...so it must be true and appalling and racist and if I’m a 17 year old prick I swallow this shit like it’s significant. all forgotten in 18 months time. seen it all before..moss side, toxteth, Bristol, Camden, brixton..... nothing new to see here.
  6. Nope..... his head was split open like a melon...... come on get it right.
  7. Even...even....they don’t want even. They want to dominate..... unfortunately there’s gonna be a bit of a struggle to stand at the top of the pile. What with the blacks, the lesbians, the gays, the trans all fighting it out with the feminists in there as well. Let them have it is all I say..... first day in the job the fucking blacks won’t get out of bed. The lesbians will all be arguing. The gays and the trans fucking hate each other now because the trans are stealing all the gay divas limelight. It’s sooo normal to be gay now. Which just leaves the feminists who fucking hate the trans as well because they are undoing all the feminist work of the past four decades by men simply identifying as women and dominating sports, which totally fucking undermines the feminist cause lol. One thing they all forget is.... it’s a predominantly white country. So ignore the white man at your peril. No coup will ever take place without an army ...that is largely made up of white privileged officers and white forgotten working class..... neither take it lightly to be belittled and subverted. They have the tanks and guns...... go on antifa and blm.... your next move best be a good one.
  8. Fuck off with your Karl Marx wank.....he said All property is theft...... you fucking idiot. didnt you ever watch the Young Ones...
  9. Go play you wham CD collection in your garden shed and have a wank on that grit mag you hide under a plant pot.... you fucking idiot
  10. Did mommy not give you hugs as a child.... fucking idiot
  11. So we are a few months in now on what has become yet another very predictable dissapointment of a pandemic.... it’s right up there with the AIDs bullshit or the old Millenium Bug classic ... never happened. However, in a very non BBC way I will also look at the other side of the story and will call out the old cunts who think that they ....and us.... have to live in a bubble, self isolating for evermore.... Clealry if they had any sense they would get themselves exposed to the virus.... whilst the NHS is still half interested in saving them should they show severe symptoms and require a respirator. Give it 3 months and any old cunt showing up to hospital will be treated like it’s 2019.... and left on a trolly in a corridor for 23 hours, dehydrated, infected with a hospital bug and the next available respirator will be notified to them in a letter dated March 2023. These old cunts need to smart up and go round licking door handles in Tescos, or have tea with the asian doctors family next door.. the sooner they get it the better their chances. Who the fuck do they think will give a shit when we all rotate back to the real world.... once the media get into the next story...the economy.... the NHS will simply be forgotten about and all this fake concern will disappear... I hope the two old cunts across the street read this.... fucking annoying self righteous pricks. They won’t see Xmas...
  12. Don’t start showing off with your posh swanky CD player you toffee nosed bragging cunt....
  13. So Peaky Blinders is a good old yarn and a great watch on TV..... but it’s the fucking cunts who think that even after half a dozen seasons.... and they have only just picked up on the fashion for wearing the suits and hats..... fucking 5 years too late.... indeed 105 years too late... The cunts of course have the stupid fucking hair cut to go with the suit and the fake £8.99 watch they bought as a set with the tie and a silly fucking cloth cap... Not happy with wearing this fucking shambles to places like Cheltenham Gypsy Pikey races....they then begin to wear it to work and even on nights out... I would openly stab any cunt if they turned up to a wedding in such garb.... or better still slash their fucking eyes with razors.. Utter fucking cuntery...
  14. See earlier note.... it explains everything involves 50p
  15. Utter fucking drivel.... you are a talentless fuck Loops.... stick to fitting car parts at Honda
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