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  1. I never watch any old bill programme. Utter fucking shit.
  2. I know what a paragraph is. I don't know about any Leyland pile of shit. See the connection....cunt.
  3. Murphy is getting ground down by this boring bastard. He needs to score more heavily when in tomorrow to have any hope.
  4. I read what I need to find out about. The World Economic Forum is balls deep in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. All this is being carved out so the handful will stay in control and have all the power and money. Cunts like you will be receiving Universal credit into your cashless bank account and told how to stay in line if you want to keep receiving it.
  5. This is what is planned in the Fourth industrial revolution and a whole host of AI in place of human labour. We have the internet of things and the internet of bodies is well underway. Dystopian to say the least
  6. No it's not, look into its origins.... British Army OFFICERS, you pointless tit. Besides, put on the TV during this final......no rainbow flags and no diversity. No abuse of the referee, no obscene gestures and complete Corinthian spirit and sportsmanship when it comes to the miss rule. Look at Old Trafford today....dopey cunts protesting at crooked owners in an otherwise empty stadium whilst the players are on their knees.
  7. I don't know if they will throw a few matches the ladies way, but for it to work, they will have to, as they are absolute shite. However, it is interesting that Barry Hearn is stepping back from the WST and his Son will be the front man. Perhaps he wants no part of the diversity bullshit. I have nothing against the ladies playing on the men's tour when they are up to a decent standard. They are not there yet, unlike in 9 ball pool. where the ladies are there on merit.
  8. I think they will struggle to win a handful of matches in the qualifying rounds between them. I hope Shaun Fucking Morfey, as Doherty calls him, will not get as wound up as fatty did today with Selby's paint drying pace. I hope Murphy the ex god bothering cunt knocks the shit out of him in 3 sessions.
  9. I won't be upset if he beats Selby. Whoever wins this match will be World champion.
  10. You missed your vocation in life. You sound like my secondary school teachers. Such an avuncular manner.
  11. Fit and well people congregating together will not spread this virus to people who are fit and well in any meaningful or harmful way. If they are congregating in the dining room of a nursing home, then yes they are cunts, but they were not. Those that have a high viral load of SARS-COV-2 will be ill, either at home tucked up in bed or if severely unwell needing acute hospital care. They won't be out protesting or buying baked beans at Waitrose. Those that need to be fined or at least held to account, are the utter stupid and supine cunts in the NHS who discharged patients to residen
  12. I too can see what is happening. Lashing out against foreigners will only end up in a criminal record and fucking oneself. I think the problem is the cossetted middle classes who need a dose of reality. But those that would be able to administer it are marginalised, powerless and unrepresented clinging on in the margins.
  13. Agree with it or not, like it or not, it doesn't matter. This will be replayed ad nauseum by the MSM, the tits milked off it. Best to keep the box switched off if you have hypertension. Cunts.
  14. The whole celebrity culture thing is really a minority pursuit. Not many people pay interest to it. Those that do are generally looking for an escape from their own dire existence. Just like the screaming activists on twatter who think their political opinion is the consensus when barely 13% of cunts have an account. It's all inconsequential bollocks. And for the record, I have never heard of these two Oxbridge illuminati.
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