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  1. What this space here in the UK plc. All this Astro turfed shite from America eventually lands here. With the fucking tories conserving absolutely nothing and Keir Starmer already on his knees sucking cock, we will have to deal with the same thing here, led by ethnic grifters and platformed by our cunt rash MSM.
  2. I agree. If snooker was only about ability, then Ronnie O' Sullivan is head and shoulders above everybody else so far. However, it is also about clarity of mind on and off the table, hence why O' Sullivan's difficult off the table life has impacted on why he has won the World title only 6 times, when easily it could have been double figures. Also, I don't know of Steve Davis or Hendry getting bang on the marching powder or excessive benders on the booze.
  3. I am waiting for the World's largest drug trial to continue and let other cunts have it. I understand the majority of the reactions on the data and much of it is minor, psychosomatic or being that most of the punters were laden with chronic disease, coincidental. It is not the now or short term that bothers me, but later down the line. These type of vaccines are going to be used to prevent all manner of chronic diseases in the future. Every cunt and his mother having a dose of this particular vaccine is an opportunity to accelerate development of this, as large volumes of data can be
  4. I tend to look at what is emergent behaviour and what is an actual conspiracy. To say what we see going on in many countries since this pandemic started is a conspiracy is more nearer the truth than to categorise it as emergent behaviour. Emergent behaviour has no co ordination whereas conspiracies do.
  5. As far as I am concerned it is a case of people who I dislike are fucking over a bunch of cunts I also dislike. In reality, the technocracy is flexing its muscles, showing who really holds the power.
  6. That may well happen, being that I deal with those who require hospital care due to its severity. That's my problem and not yours. If I lose a sense of perspective, which many of my colleagues have, what fucking use am I then?
  7. The most misleading stat was when one of the bigwigs, I think Vallance, said there is someone being admitted every 30 seconds with Coronavirus. This was at around the peak 17th January. No context allowed, just a number to shit the daylights out of the peasantry. In context, approx 160 A&E depts in England, all with acute admission beds under the on call physicians. 120 people per hour, doesn't even make 1 person per hour per dept average. What bothers me most about the government propaganda, is that it is complete over reach. This virus is nasty for those that have severe sympt
  8. I stand corrected doc, they do mutate constantly, mostly minor changes, but not to survive. I agree this particular coronavirus is here for long term and until the vaccines are developed further, I don’t see how it is possible to run a vaccination programme continually to keep everyone immunised. The vast resources involved are not sustainable long term.
  9. I am weary of big pharma, they tend to hold the disease in one hand and the treatments in the other. Patrick Vallance’s links to GSK should also be cause for people to use nuanced thinking. I do think the scientists are heavily filtered by the political advisors, but nonetheless they have told the truth in among all the bullshit and political game playing. They did explain in February 2020 that this virus will be no worse than mild to moderate symptoms for over 90% of people, and to that end, they have been proven correct.
  10. Why would people need a vaccination to a virus that gives not much more than a mild illness. Viruses mutate to survive and if a form of it starts affecting the fit and well in significant numbers then there certainly will be necessity to have a vaccine. You say there is absolutely no reason not to have the vaccine. For sure, it is not going to make me grow two heads or have Bill Fucking Gates control and monitor every move I make via 5G or whatever shit these loons believe, but please tell me the long term effects of this vaccine and the repeated boosters that will be nec
  11. What is the reason for a fit and healthy person to have it?
  12. I am no fan of the fear peddled 24/7. Rationale and perspective is lost.
  13. The only reasonable way of knowing how many people died from this virus will be looking at excess deaths. That can't be done yet meaningfully. A lot of people who have died were in their last year of life. The community most adversely affected are those who live in residential or nursing homes, about 1% of the total population of UK plc. They have had around 30% of all recorded deaths. The average length of stay in such establishments is about 2 years. One thing for sure, this government with little resistance from the opposition, have fucked things up royally.
  14. For those that get it severe, it is awful, but I have seen so many ways people die slowly and painfully from chronic diseases, I try to keep it in perspective.
  15. This story has not received much attention in the MSM because some people with very big noses have been put out of joint and shown how vulnerable their legalised scams are. It appears it is OK for Wall Street to fix things in private for their own ends, but when an outside collective of retail traders coalesce, it is called market manipulation. One hedge fund, Melvin Capital, has closed its short positions and is needing a bailout from an associate. This saga is going to run and could be a game changer.
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