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  1. This isn't about the spread of the virus or convenience. This is about a duopoly of politicians, ergo utter cunts, that do not adhere to the rules they undemocratically force on the masses. Here in the costa del fucking Essex, the shit cunt county council asked the government could it voluntarily go to tier 2 restrictions. Of course central government gave the nod. Southend and Thurrock are not included, despite being in the county, as they are unitary authorities. Then there is the real World. The Mid and South Essex Hospitals NHS trust comprises of three acute hospitals, serv
  2. Something stinks to high heaven for sure. This virus will have a minimal health impact on 90% of the population. Closing down large sections of the economy and locking up the well is completely disproportionate. All one can do is believe what they want to and make their own choices taking into account their own risk factors...… and turn the fucking TV off permanently.
  3. One might be able to muster half an excuse if these bastards lacked self awareness, but they clearly don't. This is greed, nothing else. They do not show any concern or regard to the message it sends to those under the cosh at the moment. And they fucking know it. They are immeasurable fucking cunts.
  4. Trying to calculate the number of those that contract hospital acquired pneumonia is difficult enough. How many get the wong flu is any cunt's guess.
  5. I have to agree. I have seen plenty dead from the Covid, mostly those that look like corpses already, but I am seeing plenty who are going to die prematurely because of the abnegation in providing healthcare for all the other diseases and illness people have.
  6. You are correct in that it would be something shite like a fucking mars bar being part of the substantive victuals. My main ire is directed at those who comply with all this nonsense, mostly middle class, shit scared automatons. If my son was told to stay holed up for two weeks I would tell him to get in his car and come back home. Fuck 'em.
  7. Whilst it is easy to condemn non natives for behaving in tribal fashion, I still think it is better than the many native folk who turn up at the universities with food and provisions for their kids who are self isolating. Where the fuck is the fight against all of this shit?
  8. Ever since Mr McDonald got the "Kent Countryside" all arse about face and kept a straight face on live broadcast, I have held him in high esteem.
  9. We are having our pissers pulled on an industrial scale, that is beyond doubt. As to the true origins of this virus and the how and why of its release, these vital facts have been withheld and replaced with a load of cock and bull. Everything that follows after the first bit of porkies will seem incongruent or have an ulterior motive. Of course I have no empirical evidence to support my assertions, but how can I when it would be a bit bleedin' obvious if such evidence was left out for all to see. Until there is widespread protest or uprising, we are slowly being ground down. We
  10. Of course this virus exists. What any sensible person should be questioning is the disproportionate and calamitous government reaction to it. 13% of all residential and nursing home residents dead, meanwhile the well are locked up, peoples' livelihoods put down the toilet and many things that give people enjoyment ceased. The trust I work at presently, operates 3 acute hospitals, approximate catchment of 1.5 million people. As of yesterday, 3 in-patients being treated for covid.
  11. I think it is the unknown of how this virus is going to play out in the forthcoming months as the usual winter viruses appear. Every sniff, snort and cough will be suspected as covid. The NHS is going to be inundated with people worried about a usual winter virus being covid. Having said all of this, I would be very happy if this awful government implemented a curfew. It would hinder this heinous concept of a 24 hour society that gives licence to all sorts of wankers getting up to no good in the wee small hours. It would also take some pressure off the NHS and make planning easier f
  12. It is the constant touching and repositioning. Bacteria and viruses will be all over the thing in front of the nose and mouth. Then it is shoved in a pocket, sometimes the one that is proximal to the groin. Fucking rank.
  13. They are not of any value. Their only use is prevention against splashback during surgical procedures. The evidence of peri operative infection neither decreases or increases with their usage. If anything, wearing spectacles gives more protection than these pieces of cloth that people keep touching and re use. People have taken leave of their senses because of the fear factor.
  14. Basically, they are fucking useless.
  15. Not my thing. You need to be on heavy stuff to listen to it. Preferably ketamine. A cross between gunga din and wog music.
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