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  1. I don’t agree with privatising the fucking lot. If you think the thing is cuntish now, the worse sort of venal money making scammers will be unleashed to have a field day. The main issue is deluded cunts who think they can run a tax funded service using corporate principles. It is these bastards that have wrecked the ethos of public service and will take healthcare away from the most vulnerable just to line their own filthy and already overfilled pockets. The current CCG”s in England are an absolute cancer, made up of clinicians who have very little knowledge or expertise in the serv
  2. There isn't anything original. Not a chink of light.
  3. It goes on all the time and has been for donkeys. The learned Dr Shipman had a pethidine habit in the 1970's. NHS trusts hate the adverse publicity. The case I have linked was one that I had to attend court for. Myself and a colleague did the usual twice daily controlled drug check at shift handover. I noticed people who had presented with sprained ankles and other conditions not worthy of such strong analgesia had all been given pethidine, with signatures we did not recognise. I had 45 minutes in the fucking witness box where the cunt of a QC that represented her questioned my integrity.
  4. Back in 2010 I did nights on whatever ward I was allocated for 3 months. I had to stay in the medieval staff accommodation amongst India's finest and their stinky cuisine. It was a minimum of £330 for a night shift and it was always busy, but kept the dough rolling in. I didn't have anything to do with all the pen pushing, know nothing swarm of managers that talk and propose bullshit from 9 to 5 and I have never been a punter there. I found it far from the worst dump I have worked in, although the workload was unsafe compared to many other hospitals.
  5. I have to talk to plod on a daily basis at work in the sweat shop, but that is a professional necessity. Outside of work, I avoid these fuckers like the plague. They are not and will not ever be your friend. They are highly politicised agents of the state that loyally stick to the script which is handed to them by cunts that are far more intelligent than they are. Sending a dozen of the bastards round to tell some wanker to close his gym, but not even attempting to deal with burglaries,(other than giving you a CAD number so you can try to get money out of the insurance bastards) is a
  6. Quite right. The search on here is absolutely useless. Best to use google.
  7. Whilst I voted for Brexit, I find it highly doubtful that either of these duopoly shitbag parties will get their hands on the Empire's merchants money stashed off shore in so called British dependencies. The political class are their gangsters, and have never been here for the ordinary regular cunt. The "we are all in it together" warning has already been issued on the lavish Covid give away. We will be getting fucked, just like after the run on the banks in 2008.
  8. The terrorist threat has been raised to severe. Expect a carve up/stab up and the perpetrator has previous with the security services.
  9. We agree on some things. The spectre of mugs clapping like spastic seals at their doorsteps every week whilst 40 % of NHS staff worked from home was a cuntish propaganda stunt by our cuntish politicians. This virus is nasty to those with risk factors, but compared to haemorrhagic fevers, it is a rank amateur.
  10. You wouldn't want some of the non career post middle grade Mujahhideen the NHS employs either. They might be shit holes in Belarus and the medical schools may not be up to the standard we have here and I suspect Belarus' figures are fiddled, but even if their death rate is 5 times higher than their official figure, it is still lower per capita than ours. Perhaps it is because they only have 254 nursing home places per 100, 000 compared to our mass orphanages at 803 per 100,000. We all know about the huge fuck up here that allowed this virus to wipe out 13% of all residential and nursing h
  11. We need to make the labour party and the conservative parties proscribed organisations. This can't be over emphasised enough. Belarus has no restrictions and has a low death rate. It also has 11 hospital beds per 1000 people. UK plc has 2.5 per 1000 people. We are not being restricted because of the virus, but because of our inadequate health services.
  12. I really don’t understand the locking up of the well again. I don’t think this government or the opposition are being benevolent to older people, they have let the care home system run for decades, paying carers the minimum wage instead of supporting families to care for their own at home. Life expectancy is approx 81 years in U.K plc. Average age of those dying with Covid approx 82. The Great Barrington report totally ignored by the political class and media. Research saying lockdowns cause more harm than good also totally ignored. A&E departments will have older peopl
  13. I don't doubt his ability or intelligence, but then he didn't have any serious challengers to become leader of the labour party. I think you are spot on about him being a chameleon......you could put a blue rosette on the cunt and nobody would notice any change.
  14. The day Corbyn backed the remain campaign, albeit half arsed, it was obvious he was being played by people more powerful, shrewd and controlling than he could ever muster. Had he stuck to his long held Eurosceptic views he probably would have been Prime Minister. He lacked courage, so fuck him. I don't think he was fond of the Jewish folk, but his undying love of the Palestinian people and their plight was his undoing. The banking cabal and judiciary could never work with someone who holds such views. As for Starmer, he is rather monochrome and lacks any form of personality and chari
  15. It's a fucking good job France is in lockdown, or else the Rothschild patsy Macron would have the liberal cretins out lighting candles.
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