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  1. I just want to know why God is shit at taking penalties.
  2. The Beast

    Sajid Javid

    So this cone headed wanker says he was feeling ill and has the Kung flu. The video he put out on twatter looks more like a vaccination advert. This has got the sheep baaing away at what they see as doomsday on Monday. Meanwhile, the sane 15% can see through this opportunistic bullshitter and are doing their best to refrain from wanting him dead. These people need to be dragged the fuck out of office.
  3. The mRNA technology could do some fantastic things for some very horrible diseases with development. Now these bastards have essentially rushed to misuse it, they are damaging what could be a key method in disease prevention, treatment and management. What a useless bunch of cunts.
  4. As you have already had the disease you are in a good place. It would be absolutely senseless to have one of these jabs. Despite the 40 fags, copious amounts of marching powder and booze per day, your immune system has done the job it is supposed to do. I don’t understand the logic of pumping this shit into every arm without seeing who has T cell immunity. Israel is in the shit again. The Pfizer seems to be having problems suppressing the delta strain. The percentage of hospitalisations is virtually equal per capita in vaccinated and unvaccinated groups for all age ranges.
  5. There is a whole industry that has done very well out of promoting the fear. They are on the side of the money and don't want liberty to return. I want them all fucked up the arse.
  6. Yeah, the masters of the universe are getting bit tetchy. They appear to be upping the ante. I am not in any rush to go out and get my clot shot with my quarter fucking pounder. I will do things at my pace, not theirs.
  7. The natives lose either way. If "England" won it would have been all because of the strength of diversity and multiculturalism. Now they have lost, they are painted by the globalist scum media as racist bad losers instead. Set scripts, pre written and all so predictable. The locked up, mask wearing, S1 spike protein bio weapon toting middle rump of this country are stupid beyond comprehension.
  8. Yes, it's a bit grim. This whole farce is being pieced together. Unfortunately, the damage has been done.
  9. https://odysee.com/@FwapUK:1/A-manufactured-illusion.-Dr-David-Martin-with-Reiner-Fuellmich-9_7_21_-720p:5
  10. Whichever prize tosser thought of this idea I would like to repeatedly kick in the balls.
  11. The anti-white bastards need to be told that we don't care what they think and should be told to go fuck themselves. This whole industry needs expunging.
  12. No. Global preparedness for a pandemic or biological weapon attack has been multi national and multi organisational for 25 years. My contention is the only thing I can agree with what the U.K. plc government has said is the shielding of the vulnerable. Everything else has been mismanaged, stretching of the truth, lies or old fashioned negligence. As example, 4 months after the first wave 2020 peak in April 16th to the 21st the seven day average of deaths on August 16th to 21st was about 13. Mass testing was not as numerous as now, nor was there a vaccine. This year’s peak was around 20th to 25th of January. 4 months after this peak with mass testing of up to 650,000 per day and a vaccination programme well on track with the vulnerable groups fully vaccinated, the seven day average of deaths between May 20th and 25th was about 23. Yet the government pulls figures out of its arse saying the vaccination programme has saved 27, 000 lives. The numbers they give are not demonstrable in any way.
  13. There has been too many inconsistencies...... the beatification of the NHS, the manipulation about the variants and the exaggerated data about potential fatalities. When basic healthcare is a struggle to access because of this Covid absolutism, my instinct and experience tells me something is not quite right.
  14. I took it off because I wasn't sure. Now it works, others can look if they wish.
  15. This one? I'm not sure if you need the telegram app or not. https://t.me/robinmg/5450
  16. This has been one of the main misrepresentations the government scientists have made, thus allowing the authorities to unnecessarily lock up the well, restrict businesses, damage children's education and curtail enjoyment, free assembly and leisure pursuits. The vast majority of the spread of this disease is nosocomial. Community spread accounts for under 20% of all serious cases, and that's being generous. Originally the WHO, SAGE and fucking Fauci said asymptomatic spread was not an issue and mask wearing outside of the clinical area actually could be more hazardous. Then in July 2020, without any new ground breaking evidence they did a 180 on both of these issues. Bill Fucking Gates says normality will only return when everybody is vaccinated. Observing his reluctance to give the vaccine patents to 3rd World countries, we are going to be in this stasis for some time yet. That precancerous cunt Cummings intimated how rudderless this nefarious government was when the first wave hit, so much so they asked Gates for help. His influence should not be underestimated. In my book, normality returns when people stop complying and realise the damaging farce they have been subjected to. Putting him in a 6'x3' oak box wouldn't make me devastated either.
  17. A rare chink of light from a mainstream rag, albeit the fucking mail on line. This level of censorship is a big red flag, but most people are so laden with fear they do not realise it. As for Dr Malone, he has walked off the farm. They have erased him. Fucking cunts. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9719891/amp/Inventor-mRNA-vaccines-says-young-adults-teens-not-forced-COVID-vaccine.html
  18. For sure, obesity is probably the most significant single risk factor.
  19. I think you might be missing my point re the sort of people getting unwell, and why............. antibody dependent enhancement. Just because some corrupt political cunt tells you it is OK to take your mask off, it doesn't mean this thing is over, we are barely at the mid stage.
  20. This virus, wherever it came from, is nasty to those who have risk factors. It is certainly different from anything I have seen that has hit as many people, but it isn’t the worse disease I have seen either. We know it is driven by nosocomial spread primarily and serious cases in the community account for a minority of the total. The absolutism about the vaccine does not make sense to me. It is reasonable for the elderly, frail and those with co-morbidities to have it, but for younger adults and children the coercive approach seems a bit suspect. I too don’t like being told 24/7 to have it, even though my risk factor of working in a sweat shop of the thing is massive, I put my faith in my ability to maintain proper infection control measures, adequate hand hygiene and my immune system. The chances of me not having it by now are small, so I go with the assumption I have T cell immunity and thus the best protection, unless this virus massively mutates, which is something that has not happened in 18 months. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, but we don’t appear to be allowed the responsibility of this choice. The censorship of those who are more sceptical than I am, indicates there is an agenda that must be followed by all, without scientific debate. This will be deeply damaging to the public’s trust in healthcare and the associated sciences for years to come. We will have to wait and see if the emergency powers are not renewed in September. If they are, then I fear some of the outlandish things said by sceptics may well have some merit. The most concerning issue at the moment at the sweat shop is the number of ventilated patients in ITU that are fully vaccinated. If this trend continues, which I think is highly likely, then the coming Autumn and Winter are going to be interesting.
  21. I really think you should cease the use of these "fact checking" cunts.
  22. Talking heads? Misusing notepaper? Full fact? Is that your best? These two talking heads predicted coagulation would be a problem before these vaccines were approved by the MHRA and EMA.
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