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  1. They had a George Floyd moment two weeks ago when the Gardai slotted an African man running amok with a large blade. They didn't fuck about like the kneeling cuckolds of the Met police.
  2. I note the fear factor is being ramped up by the BBC, interviews of tearful widows, more footage from critical care units and additional servings of people getting the needle. I wish these doom mongers would go to a red ward instead where the real hard graft is being done, full of older people on death row, but I suppose it doesn't cut the mustard or grab the viewers goldfish length attention span. The fact that people are taking longer to recover, thus occupying a bed for longer, being the main cause of the lack of capacity at hospitals is never mentioned. Nor the fact the admission
  3. Some of the remain leaning anti white tossers like the guardian were very quick to insert the race narrative because it is always what they do to cover their hypocrisy. Utter fucking shitcunts.
  4. I do want to sound cuntish, irrespective of the dead, because I thought yesterday's events were very amusing. Those calling for a showdown for weeks turned on their heels, those that appear to have got their mugshots all over the web looked like they were attending a fancy dress party and the site of the congress members hiding face down or cowering behind chairs like the fucking ceiling was going to fall through. I do hope some wanker did find some interesting information during the ransacking of offices, if so, some members of congress will be shitting their nappies the next few y
  5. As you know, I am for Irish reunification, but it is clear where the centre of power is and it is not Edinbugger, Stormont, Cardiff or Dublin. It is just a pity there is an utter cunt in office surrounded by some of the most incompetent tits to be found anywhere in these isles.
  6. Couldn't agree more. From the outset of the first few cases, the senior nursing staff were walking the opposite way to where the Covid patients were and it was the health care assistants and junior nurses that were sent the other way to deal with it, without correct PPE. Over 40% of NHS staff were working from home, a total disgrace that silly cunts were clapping for at their doors. Things are starting to get very tight now. The throughput of patients is slow, due to the slow turnover of beds. Those still working at home should be brought in, even if it is to empty overflowing clini
  7. Sorry...... you are being held in a long queue of other grasses.......Punkape.
  8. And a considerable rump of the population are obese, hypertensive, type 2 diabetics. As an aside, if I hear another rheumatologist has given out the diagnosis of fibromyalgia to what are mostly depressed, overweight women, I will gladly inject every joint space they have with a blunt fill needle.
  9. Always. However, organising care at home is not always straight forward when people have multiple comorbidities and complex needs. The social care system is unfit to manage the number of older people in such a position. The underpinning problem, as with many of the ills in the UK, is that it takes two wage earners to run a family, unless one is in the top 10% of earners. There is not any way a family can care for their own relatives without the input of outside help.
  10. Fuck it, I 'm gonna have my two pence worth on this... The old bill were corrupt as fuck in the Lawrence case. This was a way in for those to claim systemic or institutionalised racism, not only in the filth, but in every single institution in this country. The Macpherson report was a given. Those in power went brown trousers and were only too happy to do so. Mrs Lawrence didn't get her title by merit or victimhood, she was elevated by cunts in government, they could have left her to carry on campaigning and totally ignored her, just like those involved with the 1970's blood scandal
  11. It's not good. The A&E I presently work at is by no means the busiest, but it always gets overrun during the winter months. Usually there is the odd quiet day during winter to regroup and free the system up and get the flow of patients moving through the hospital, but this won't be happening this winter. The lockdowns have not reduced infection rates sufficiently. This virus is everywhere, legislation is not going to stop it. The NHS is not going to make it this winter. Cutting beds to the bone, 2.5 per 1000 cunts, is coming home to roost.
  12. Today, yesterday or fucking next week..... it doesn't matter. Don't let this crazy government tell you what risks you can or can't take. This virus is nasty if you have risk factors, but is not any worse than a moderate illness that one can self care for at home if you are fit and well. The numbers evidence this over the last 10 months. If the old bill come knocking don't answer the door. If you are outside, not wearing a mask, say you are exempt. Something like chronic sinusitis is not something that is visual to others. Never give them your details. They have no right to det
  13. Less of the Mick, you fucking Bubble. Merry Christmas.
  14. Yes, he is a fucking cunt, but I think this was established donkeys years ago. I can’t stand the Conservative party because it doesn’t conserve anything. The Labour party are no better and have alienated a chunk of their core vote during this Brexit debacle. However, none of this matters, because I can guarantee the best part of 27 million people will still vote for these cunts next time out. They only get away with it because people are fucking thick and too supine to fuck them off once and for all.
  15. I don't know what he was famous for. I can remember him running a marathon every day for 26 days or something insane. Can't fault the cunt on that. He is not the real problem, just a symptom of the disease. Our political chums have licenced all this shit to discombobulate us and distract us. They are utterly cuntish. The ordinary white married man is really up against it.....poofery, cross dressing, cock chopping, white privilege, systemic racism, institutionalised racism, unconscious bias, political policing and the fucking BBC. We are under attack on all fronts, unrepresented and c
  16. Churchill was a drunk that got in the way. We had no need to go to war, he was subservient to Jewish usury. Everything the so called conservatives have done since has been designed to shit on the faces of the British people. They were all bought off a long time ago. All they could do was look after themselves which they duly did by selling everything, including their own grand mothers, for profit. Utterly despicable shit bags.
  17. The sweat shop doesn't appear any different to what it usually does this time of year. Ambulances queuing outside, elderly being dumped by their relatives who can no longer cope, elderly waiting hours for an admission bed, elective operations being cancelled due to a lack of beds. All the usual happenings year in, year out for donkeys.......except those that never normally moan about things being on a knife edge or the executives who would never declare a major incident as it would reflect badly on them, suddenly become vocal, all because they can point to the virus being the cause. I kee
  18. I had never heard of her. Consulted google images...... I wood.
  19. There is a bit of political mileage in this and an attempt at jingoism. Other EU countries will not be approving the use of this vaccine, manufactured in Belgium and Germany, until January 2021. The EU regulation 174 has allowed the MRHA to approve its use here. No other country has used the emergency provision of this regulation. I look forward to my two doses and a bigger pair of tits.
  20. The ante on all this sort of bollocks has been upped since the lockdown. The race mixing mulatto family has been in vogue for a couple of years. But now things are getting more overtly sinister. Every dopey cunt is always white and when a black person is the leader or superior figure, there is always a white cunt that is toadying or subservient. Also, the very small amount of moslems appearing is always of a neutral and innocuous depiction, they obviously don't want to be responsible for starting a fucking jihad. These advertising agencies need vilifying. Many of the same cabal are the fr
  21. Given all the events that have passed, one wouldn't think the situation would be at this point. At one time Ollie Robbins had it signed and sealed, it just wasn't delivered. All the rancour, all the parliamentary votes, all the elections and no deal is still on the table. I think the Brexiteers never wanted a deal, they have the power and are holding Boris' feet to the fire.
  22. Frank, I have always treated you with the utmost consideration. Would I ever tell you lies, you stupid fucking cunt.
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