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  1. Funny that, because in the early stages of this shit show, the high rate of smokers in China was believed to have been a reason for less overall cases. Anecdotally, from the patients I see, the COPD’s all ex smokers or still smoking seem to fair better than the type 2 diabetics. Not saying it’s all good for them, far from it, but they are not the worst.
  2. The more people that they keep pumping with this cytotoxic crap and so frequently, the less likely we are to achieve herd immunity. The only positive thing I can see is that only 11% of the age group 12-15 years are accepting the thing.
  3. Now, now. I am not knocking you. We all have to do what we think is the right thing for ourselves. The point I was clumsily making is where is the end game with all of this? From where I stand, at the epicentre of this farce, I don’t think the current strategy is working.
  4. Sheeple is much outdated. Now people are actually turning up for “boosters”, cattle is the appropriate nomenclature.
  5. Well, I wouldn’t wish those dead who clap. I would sooner direct any anger or vitriol to those doing the manipulating. As for GP’s, this useless head of the BMA is not widely respected by its members. I am seeing plenty of people self presenting to A&E who have been prescribed medications for an illness diagnosed from a telephone consultation. No doubt some are diagnosed correctly via telephone conversation, but the injury to the patient and duplication of work is unacceptable in those that are not. Given A&E departments are packed to the rafters almost 24 hours every day for the last 3 months, the last thing needed is resources wasted rectifying easily avoidable mistakes.
  6. I think there was some sort of international military competition in or close proximity to Wuhan and I think it may have been in later in the year.
  7. Laying on your front can help the respiratory function. Try to focus on deep breathing, difficult when you are coughing, but during periods of respite worthwhile. Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc if you can get it and lots of water. Paracetamol too.
  8. I think someone fucked up at the lab and was exposed to the virus they were doing research on. This happened some time before December 2019.
  9. The end game for a sizeable number of the double injected not being offered boosters will be happening over winter in the Northern hemisphere. Immunity starts to wane from 4 months after the second needle. These shots are being pushed heavily, some of it will be financial, some of it will be about control. Vaccine passports serve absolutely no purpose as an infection control measure. Parts of the spike protein have registrations on the U.S patent file going back 22 years. Dr Fauci franchised the gain of function work out to the kitchen sinks in Wuhan. How or why it got into general circulation will remain a closely guarded secret.
  10. There may be a genetic component to this thing and it is luck of the draw. However, having a list of comorbidities longer than Harold Shipman's charge sheet seems to be a big no no.
  11. I wouldn't say it was just the kitchen sinks that had a hand in this. The Yanks grubby hands are all over this as well.
  12. You would have to be some sort of genius to make a vaccine that isn't a vaccine. It is a short term prophylactic that is cytotoxic and is failing in the age group we set out to protect by locking down and strangling our economy etc.. Whilst many take it and have absolutely no problems, there is a not insignificant number who have thromboembolic events, to name just one group of adverse reactions. Many of said people had very little chance of suffering anything more than moderate illness if they caught the disease, let alone need acute hospital care or critical care. Vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic, with absolutely no circumspection as to who has the fucking thing, is not wise. The evidence is apparent in all highly vaccinated countries. Nevertheless, these cunts serve it up to fit and well children and mostly middle class liberal sheep push their kids in for it. 20 months into this farce, I still work in an environment riddled with this virus and remain well. I observe the infection control measures to the letter. I see how nasty this virus is in the inflammatory stage and it is not something I would suggest anyone goes looking for. Equally, I would suggest anyone who is fit and well under the age of 60 years not to go looking for these so called vaccines.
  13. I think his candidacy is more about splitting the Le Pen vote. No doubt some gormless mugs will be taken in by his obvious lies.
  14. I don't think he is. He has a website and YouTube channel. He certainly got a lot of people on twatter shitting the bed.
  15. Not sure if this will go unnoticed by the authorities.
  16. I don't disagree with your assessment of Hancock whatsoever. But I do think the tories are highly skilled at being deceitful, much more so than the labour bastards. I reckon a lot more heavy duty policies on coercive vaccination are in the pipeline. They won't be so balls out about it like Canada, Italy and Australia, but they will achieve their aim, unless cunts start to oppose it.
  17. You have sat there for 4 weeks looking in, but saying fuck all. You are comparable to a priapic peeping Tom ogling his neighbour’s frosted glass bathroom window.
  18. A job in the UN for midazolam Matt as he is colloquially known….. what a surprise given these cunts were sick enough to allow Blair represent them as a peace envoy.
  19. I can only reiterate what I said on the James Bond nomination, everything is getting the globo-homo treatment. At some point, the numbers of cunts watching will be so low the business model will have to change. In other words switch the fucking thing off or don’t go to watch it and it will fall in on itself.
  20. The Bond franchise will get the full globo-homo treatment.......... nothing is allowed to escape. It is time to die Mr Bond.
  21. This stupid idea will only make decent men i.e the overwhelming majority, over cautious and fearful. This is about division, separation and putting barriers up. The psychology and proclivity of a sexual predator is not going to be altered by a three digit phone number. We are governed by bunch of useless, corrupt, social engineering obsessed, lying cunts.
  22. What's the difference between PMT and BSE? One is mad cow disease, the other is an agricultural problem.
  23. Perhaps I need to up the medications or lay off them all together, but I sense this has been in the making for some time and very little has been done to avoid this situation, thus it probably is by design. It was noted a few weeks ago that a coal fired station was brought back on line for the first time in many months due to lack of wind and solar generation. The main problem is that the station will be taken off line completely next year and gas fired power stations will have to fill the gap.... but now there is this alleged difficulty in gas supply, so what the fuck happens next time there is a period of still and dull weather like we had in August and early September? I think this is about a transfer of wealth..... the small boys in the energy supply sector will fold, some already have, and we will see two or three clean up. Joe Cunt will of course be paying for all of this.
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