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  1. As a Republican im not a fan of devine right to rule or represent but for a poor Greek born on a kitchen table to make good in historically xenophobic britain i say good stuff and im toasting the old bastard right now. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  2. Just droogs from the other camp egged on by gammons izall doc PANZERMURPHYBABY
  3. They're no worse than yer disconnected gibber about wanked out beemers n tug joint ownership n being a fruit machine mogul ballybaby...its also yer round.. tight fisted Scottish cunt. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  4. Have ya not learned anything from the fat lad n his Etonian millionaire chums..a lion in white hall and a mouse everywhere else ..one story for the numpty while the adults talk in the other room....anyway US politics is more than just biden..its rammed with plastic paddys and the Irish American vote is second only to the Jewish American one..raabs comin across as a mendacious toff. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  5. We dont have to look too hard to see the last trace of benevolence we still have from you lot..its 90 miles up the road from me ..ill chance the frogs n the hun. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  6. I met that Morrissey cunt in the stags head in Dublin a few years ago n was both horrified n disgusted to hear he sounds like a toff..nice fellahs and a cunt at the same time if ya know what i mean PANZERMURPHYBABY
  7. Decco baby..although im officially required to hate y'all i want yiz to know i don't feel it in me heart ..im even hopin bally babys parade goes ahead so i can visit me red head gal pal with a regional accent in Carrickfergus..ive me miniature flegs to wave nall PANZERMURPHYBABY
  8. Spuddy baby theres a reason the worlds landmarks are glowin green tonight including a few in the UK..the reason Georges day passes without mention is down to ugly little men like you n a few others on here..long may ya live in ignorance PANZERMURPHYBABY
  9. Laffin..now theres a lad thats been stealing a livin for the last couple of decades ..not a note in his head but a world recognized singer. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  10. Im talkin about the fat lad..mister 180° or sometimes mister 360° ..hes goin around sayin what the numpties like to hear in blighty n then sonthin they dont like in Brussels..oo and lá feile pádrig sonta dhuit to y'all PANZERMURPHYBABY
  11. Im just pleased to see the fat lad tie himself in even more knots while feedin the numpties at home tales of steaming bowls of hot creamy winning...i love the Brexit PANZERMURPHYBABY
  12. Me repertoire is growin adele's hello from the other side is becoming popular PANZERMURPHYBABY
  14. We're not surprised at all at all trukky baby PANZERMURPHYBABY
  15. Is that yer man outa the cure ? PANZERMURPHYBABY
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