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  1. Aww ..sedated after their vows i think its cute. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  2. Ah dont mind that noise mostly..after the black knife swingin fellah got shot by the garda there was a bit of woke shite kicking off..disappeared with soft words in the right ears..couldn't even tell ya when he was buried...as saint jorry famously said..they haven't gone away ya know. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  3. We're a belligerent nation when pushed but ye lot seem to swallow anything as long as it comes out of a toff PANZERMURPHYBABY
  4. Wars over man ..ima pacifist ..now PANZERMURPHYBABY
  5. From a lad that posts complete ballax PANZERMURPHYBABY
  6. Ooo..trukky gev ya a like roops baby..its an either or to me s'far as what the bojo signed y'all up to.. im flexible that way..anyways ..im just teezin the geese a bit its no more than what you'd do if shoe t'was on other foot. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  7. As a matter of fact yes ..im applying for a mask allowance trukky baby...more advice for ya..read more ...post less..youll look like less of a tit PANZERMURPHYBABY
  8. Small tip for ya trukky baby..don't offer anymore advice in filling out forms to friends or relatives..they may end up in the thug jug ..id love to stay n educate you a bit more but im off ta bed now..early start inde mornin PANZERMURPHYBABY
  9. We see that the fat lad was successful in removing a clause in a trade agreement goin forward that requires the uk government to renege on a treaty with a government that has a policy of genocide or poor human rights ...principles indeed PANZERMURPHYBABY
  10. Anyway im sure the chinee deal will have a raft of fuk the brit clauses inserted as will every other deal the EU negotiate PANZERMURPHYBABY
  11. My excuse for not understanding the above is that im a simple mick...whats yer excuse trukky? PANZERMURPHYBABY
  12. We also see in todays list of BRINO victories that the head of the banc de frog has stated 170 billion and 2500 jobs have so far fled the city of London..this comes on foot of a suggestion from MEP's that the EU move great chunks of its fiscal machine away from the city..and i quote..to lessen its dependence on a third country. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  13. Oo...yer an optimist aswell as criminally dim..rules of origin and standards will become the theme tune of the brinoland trukky baby..we also see the fat lad has turned his wide back on the last orange hope for Britannia unchained joes takin the helm tomorrow along with kamala..neither would be fans of the fat lad n his theatrics PANZERMURPHYBABY
  14. Indeed n those waves no longer afford anything of any use..we see the peterhead fish market..the largest one in the uk bereft of produce ..anything that was there commanded prices of nearly tuppence a kilo..its not where its caught its where its landed trukky baby PANZERMURPHYBABY
  15. Speakin of...we see that ardent brinoeers like brain washed into voting leave fish merchant ian perkins n shellfish queen nyres edwards and loughfyne fish farms are currently losin their bolloxes havin been shut out of their main market..meanwhile brinoland trawlers are unloadin in Denmark..one wonders if Ian still wears his bowler hat at a jaunty angle seeing as his stock is sailin away..the republic of Ireland has opened 5 ports to our northern brothers to unload their catch..we'd do the same for the porridge wogs only they think they own the water around rockall. PANZERMURPHYBABY
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