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  1. English electrical technician..ahem...dat fakkin chare haza fakkin plag onit..wotz dat all abaht gavnahhh PANZERMURPHYBABY
  2. Wear yer mask..stay home on the government €350 a week its not hard ..anyway most of them are the same kinda loolahs that leave commets on the daily Express website..an aul smack of a baton do em no harm ..if theres a no deal will yer teeth be subject to a tariff when ya eventually get them bally baby PANZERMURPHYBABY
  3. See there's a poll to name the humongous truck park in the garden of England the farage garage ..i liked it so much i signed the petition PANZERMURPHYBABY
  4. Only black and tans you'll see are in dinghys headin for dover...thousands of em PANZERMURPHYBABY
  5. Is boris still standin on the balcony with his pants down threatening to jump? PANZERMURPHYBABY
  6. Hello dc Welcome to the corner im a doley loafer musican now but 30 years ago id have put a bomb under yer Austin maestro and left ya with no legs and a half functional bowel if ya were lucky..drink bleach...get fucked ..etc ..etc PANZERMURPHYBABY
  7. Ive recently come across an old guitar and its another instrument to learn for when the world gets back to normal ...we're fond of the aul trad sesh over here ..knock out a tune an you'll not die of thirst. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  8. I was the same till i half drifted into a band try out n from there i became a sax for hire guy..nite here n a nite there..funeral work came by accident when the singer cried off with sickness..i was roped in..knew fuk all about religious music..played the hovis tune till everyone left. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  9. Laffin seein as ya still have a mouth like a baskin shark you gum it n ill play it PANZERMURPHYBABY
  10. sax spotter baby...bought it back in 2005 on a visit to Warsaw in a flea market/antiques shop ..theres no markings on it or they're worn away ..fukked around with it for years.. play by ear ..no formal musical tuition..whoda thunk ya can turn a buck from tootling PANZERMURPHYBABY
  11. Small weddings n funerals are the main crust earner these days bally baby...helps boost the government stipend of €250 a week..must say im thoroughly enjoying this state of affairs watching supposedly educated people chasing their tails and making things up as they go along..worlds changing around us and may never be the same again. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  12. Fess up gyppo baby ya were talkin bollix there n the roops seen it PANZERMURPHYBABY
  13. T'was late LCS baby..i was tired n me fingers were not up to their usual form..long gig..lotta solos..teardrop explodes seems to be popular these days ..anyway i think boris should do his utmost to start the war back up here in pursuit of his sunlit uplands ..the type 56's are rottin in the fields and the peacefuls are willin to pay stacks to know how ya turn a boot full of fertiliser into a blockbuster..and they've no interest in savin their necks ..willin to go in a pillar of smoke ..crazy fucks PANZERMURPHYBABY
  14. Under our treaty (remember that word) our system of taxation may only be changed by a national referendum..educate yerself...the Express is fillin ya fulla useless rhetoric PANZERMURPHYBABY
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