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  1. I wouldn't touch it. I can only assume that there's something mentally wrong with the 30 or so men that have been Harvey's new 'daddies' in the last two years.
  2. Hee tride too fukk hiz mummee. Sheez a hoar.
  3. The Fucking Stupid Fucking Cunt Has Landed.
  4. Bill, you've been trotting out gibberish for 2 days now. Lay off the fucking drugs. Send them to me for responsible disposal.
  5. They could make a war film about 12 misfit, military criminals, who happen to be fucking stupid fucking cunts, and get sent on a suicide mission. They could call it... 'The Dirty Fucking Stupid Fucking Cunts'
  6. Take no notice of Johnny. He's a fucking stupid fucking cunt.
  7. Perhaps Lenny could do some of his comic characters... Delbert Wilkins: black petty criminal. Algernon Razzmatazz: Rastafarian with big woolly hat. Joshua Yarlog: African presenter wearing leopard skin. And then 'Sir Lenny' can start whining about black stereotypes in the entertainment industry. The droopy faced fat fucking racist hypocrite cunt.
  8. Children in need can fuck right off. The BBC's definition of 'children' is 27 year old bearded Pakistanis with hate filled eyes, malice dripping from every pore and an unhealthy sexual interest in actual children.
  9. Covid bollocks. He died of the AIDS like all poofs do. And tiger bites.
  10. I think he's trying to convince you that he's a secret agent and has cyber-tracked your movements.
  11. "Congratulations Mrs Saucepants, it's a bouncing baby fucking wanker!"
  12. The daughter can fuck off and wash her hair while I get a soapy tit-wank off her mum. What is she hiding with that fringe? She's probably a fucking Klingon.
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