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  1. I softened to Bertie when it occurred to me that he was 'different'. He could be funny. I once asked him if he'd been to the seaside on the sunshine bus, he replied... 'No. just to the indoor shopping centre so I can follow normal people around and make them uncomfortable.' Made me laugh anyway.
  2. Don't waste your time. Harold is the 0.01% of germs that Domestos can't kill.
  3. What do you call 2000 blacks buried up to their necks?
  4. 70-80% of slave traders were African and Muslim. You won't find that racist, ugly fucking black supremacist cunt Afua Hirsch bleating about that. I nominated her on here. Look it up, it was a masterpiece.
  5. "This is Tony Knowles, lock up your daughters. Cliff Thorburn, lock up your mother. And Dennis Taylor, lock up your granny."
  6. While you two are having this custody battle, I've gently ushered him towards my milking shed.
  7. Seen it a couple of times. When Higgins sees Davis play for the first time... "Jesus, is that what happens when a carrot fucks a snail.."
  8. How many bananas do they each get?
  9. You'll probably be a spacker by the weekend. Can I have your toolbox?
  10. We've already got a pet flid. There's nothing for you here.
  11. Who? What the fuck is this about? Fucking imbecile.
  12. Nonced up her kids, if the behaviour of his earthly representatives is anything to go by.
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