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  1. I would absolutely fucking love it if smoking turned out to be the magic bullet... all those smug fucking Peloton subscribing gym-bunny wankers looking down their noses at everyone for years because they chose not to smoke. And to eat horrible fibre loaded cack that means they shit and fart all day. And now they're more fucked than 'Fag-ash Lil' on the park bench.
  2. That's just the alarm that goes off at @Cuntybaws house if his wife attempts to smuggle any fruit or vegetables in with the Buckfast and instant batter mix.
  3. I don't know any smokers who've had it. The nicotine and tar residue must be blocking access to the virus. 😂 Fuck you Superman! I'm with Nick-O-Teen, you faggot, pants on the outside cunt.
  4. He's still here. Goes by 'Jake The Muss' now. He turned up to a fight with Eddie at Danson Park in Welling. He genuinely did as well, I asked him to post a photo of a newspaper in front of the mansion house. Ed didn't turn up. Disappointing.
  5. This shit has to be deliberate. If you've ever seen a blank firing weapon compared to a live projectile weapon, you'd know exactly what I mean. Fuck Brandon Lee anyway.
  6. Just tell me how to block the cunt and you can feel all involved and shit. Fucked if I can find an eject button.
  7. All of which is completely unrelated to your challenging my original statement that Ainsley had discovered that his ancestors were slave traders. Which I have since vindicated, yet you continue to argue. I've never joined in with the ganging up, or gave in to the pressure during 'block-gate'. But I, along with anyone else who has stuck by you and supported you, was stabbed in the back shortly afterwards. In short, you are a deluded, snidely, backstabbing, misinformation spreading fucking moron. Like a spastic know all version of Roops who makes it up rather than looks it up. Consider yourself blocked. You preposterously fucking stupid fucking cunt. I can't be bothered anymore.
  8. Do I have any proof of what I say? How about the episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are' featuring him? The one where he found out that his great grandfather was a Caribbean slave trader... the same as Alex Scott did. No, I haven't got any proof. Fucking idiot.
  9. The exact same thing happened to greasy, bogle-dancing pervert chef, Ainsley Harriott. 😂. If these cunts want to make a big deal of slavery, fuck off to somewhere that it's still happening, and confront those responsible. That somewhere is Africa and those responsible are Africans. These unevolved fucking bandwagon jumping cretins, need to shove their manufactured victimhood up their arses and fuck off to somewhere that the nasty white men cant hurt their ickle feelingy-weelingies.
  10. I live 4 miles from Jaywick. Can anyone beat that? I don't fucking think so...
  11. Remembering of course, to delete the report he was about to submit, putting Blair and Bush in jail for war crimes. And it must seem foolish in hindsight to have provided Jeffrey Epstein with a 'comfort rope' for his cell.
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