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  1. Christ, I thought we'd heard the last of Theresa fucking May, but no, here she is supporting another 29 stupid Tory cunts who seem desperate to chuck our money away to various 'worthy' countries. For fuck's sake, this country is already bankrupt so reducing 'foreign aid' would be the first thing on my list. If these cunts want to spunk money into third-rate 'developing' nations, use their own cash, not taxpayers' hard-earned quids.
  2. He's actually been dead for ages, the monarchy were just waiting for an opportune moment to announce it and take the sting out of Markle's shenangigans. They almost announced it back along when that other cunt was accused of shagging underaged girls, but decided to hold fire because nobody actually cared. Incidentally, the media have been full of the Duke's (very average) naval exploits and his polo skills, but not one of them has mentioned that he's the only bloke that was officially allowed to fuck Her Majesty the Queen.
  3. In my opinion, the BAMEs are vastly under-represented on telly. I would fucking love to see more of the cunts being tasered, shot and beaten to a pulp, and not necessarily just by American police officers.
  4. Great! Now hold your stick and go 'Braaap' like an AK47. That's a thing that civilised people invented, in case you didn't know.
  5. Why on earth would anyone want to invade this shit hole? It's full of peacefuls and bummers. I can't see Big Vlad wanting any of them, unless it's to experiment on.
  6. People these days seem to use 'racist' as some sort of insult. It's my personal choice to dislike darker-hued 'people' (I use the term loosely) and they're infringing my civil liberties by trying to stifle my hatred of the monkeypeople. Also, I don't like bummers.
  7. Many many years ago we had a black and white tv. I wish I had one now, so I could just turn the brightness down and not have to see all them dark people.
  8. I don't watch BBC anyway. Too many bummers on there for my liking. And darkies.
  9. Fuck me, can they read now then?
  10. The UK should take a leaf out of Vlad's book, and stop pandering to every left-wing nonce and tranny. Shoot the cunts in the face, bury them in a shallow grave. And the fucking dinghy-monkeys with their 50-year-old children. And anyone else who vauguely pisses me off.
  11. He talks some sort of pidgin English that's quite hard to understand. Should never allow these cunts on the BBC.
  12. The darkies do go on about this 'slavery' bollocks, but they seem to forget that if their forefathers hadn't been brought to England as slaves, they'd still be living in fucking Bongoland in a mud hut eating monkeys (or missionaries).
  13. Cap'n Cunt


    I'd still fuck her though. Even if she is dead.
  14. Cap'n Cunt


    I think it's nice seeing all the scientists on telly though. I like to look at their wallpaper and bookshelves.
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