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  1. Many many years ago we had a black and white tv. I wish I had one now, so I could just turn the brightness down and not have to see all them dark people.
  2. I don't watch BBC anyway. Too many bummers on there for my liking. And darkies.
  3. Fuck me, can they read now then?
  4. The UK should take a leaf out of Vlad's book, and stop pandering to every left-wing nonce and tranny. Shoot the cunts in the face, bury them in a shallow grave. And the fucking dinghy-monkeys with their 50-year-old children. And anyone else who vauguely pisses me off.
  5. He talks some sort of pidgin English that's quite hard to understand. Should never allow these cunts on the BBC.
  6. The darkies do go on about this 'slavery' bollocks, but they seem to forget that if their forefathers hadn't been brought to England as slaves, they'd still be living in fucking Bongoland in a mud hut eating monkeys (or missionaries).
  7. I'd still fuck her though. Even if she is dead.
  8. I think it's nice seeing all the scientists on telly though. I like to look at their wallpaper and bookshelves.
  9. I don't give a fuck as long as lots of darkies die of it. Whatever it is.
  10. The Chinks will be selling those 'CARER' badges on eBay by the weekend. Makes shopping easier.
  11. What about when you're breathing heavily because you're on the 'vinegar stroke'?
  12. I think he's all right. Burger and a pint for a fiver? Top man.
  13. I was having a shit at the time.
  14. Their ladies' genitalia are sideways, so I hear.
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