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  1. What the fuck. They still stink, and I'd wager somewhat akin to Dianne Abbot's minge.
  2. The poor thing. It's obviously been repeatedly fisted to fuck by Keith Harris.
  3. Possibly I think maybe I was perhaps.
  4. That was sharp. A cut above the rest.
  5. 'eavensabove

    Mrs McCann

    She Cameroon'd and paid by Czech.
  6. Yep. The Clinically Insane Association.
  7. 'eavensabove

    Mrs McCann

    That's a bit Mauritius of you, Gyps!
  8. 'eavensabove

    Mrs McCann

    U ganda. Give us a Guinea, To go.
  9. She's never been quite the same, Eric, since telling her that you wanna fuck her. She's simply gagging for it, and playing hard to get. Offer to fist her. It works for Spot.
  10. What do you call a pissed-off Nazi? Sauerkraut.
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