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  1. Good point... or is that 8 points?
  2. Pot. Kettle. Black. Since I first discovered CC to now, on your best day you're not as good as EC is on his worst.
  3. If Willie Thorne was still alive and kicking, he would have said much the same.
  4. What would King Frank want with your trousers? Were they clean?
  5. I believe you. I think I would enjoy reading what 'old Frank' had to say.
  6. Kind of touchy, isn't he? @Frank, it's been said that you once were hands down the best on here. I made you a challenge; an opportunity to showcase your mental swordsmanship. To be honest, as crazy as Harold is, I think he'd run rings around you if you tried any of it with him. Change my mind.
  7. Do you respect Rolf Harris' talent?
  8. Gronda Gronda

    The Chinese

    Well, King Frank told me they're all from Primark...
  9. Gronda Gronda

    The Chinese

    Hello KR, Why are your legs so skinny? Poliomyelitis? Also, where do you get your trousers from?
  10. Gronda Gronda

    The Chinese

    Reported for what?
  11. Gronda Gronda

    The Chinese

    Just consider what I said to you.
  12. Gronda Gronda

    The Chinese

    You are a troll, he is also a troll, provoking responses is what you both do. What's so extraordinary about it? Your approach is to be manipulative and callous, and his is to flood just about every conversation with gibberish, but both have the same goal. You claim to be the best here? Sink your teeth into Harold if you dare...
  13. @ChildeHarold I told you he doesn't like you. It's not too late to change your ways.
  14. You can't make him out... I believe that I can help you understand where he's coming from. He doesn't like you.
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