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  1. 1) and 2) I can't decide, but 3) for me is Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan. What a war! Do you have any thoughts on what happened to Henry Akinwande during his "fight" when he got disqualified vs Lennox Lewis? Maybe he had concussion.
  2. Now now Punk of the Apes, you got caught with your skirt around your ankles. There is no need to wish harm on anyone over it! Take it on the chin (as per usual?) and move on.
  3. Did it brag about golf club memberships as you were planting it?
  4. Gender dysphoria must be a very difficult thing to live with but I don't want books on biology thrown out because of it.
  5. I agree with Ben Shapiro's views on this matter. People -are- (in almost all cases) either male or female, and what they claim to 'identify' as does not suspend reality in their favour. One of my work colleagues who is a woman wishes to be called a different name due to 'transitioning to a male' , and therefore wants others to use the pronoun 'they'. I just avoid using any pronoun when talking to... this person.
  6. In another thread, EC asked this: "Please list all the life improving inventions and innovations that have improved and advanced the human race, and were conceived of by Afro-Caribbeans?" Punkape's reply was Linford Christie's penis. He is angry with you because you aren't stuck with a mountain of debt and a van full of bootleg DVDs and he is.
  7. If Catchphrase were to use the Muhammad cartoon, what might be the answer and what would Mr Chips be doing in it?
  8. If the learning is hard and deep, then I am not convinced that what your master is teaching is Kung Fu. Do you prefer to watch Snooker or Darts?
  9. Coy de nuff missure Scrote?
  10. I expect that I would be able to afford it, but then again I don't know how much the fee is as I never have and never will pay it. I've ripped up every letter that they've sent me, kind of like how Ape rips you to shreds on CC, or how your sphincter muscle was once torn from the first time that you knew you had to have a different kind of BBC. I should say "lol" now, because doing so makes everything funny, right? lol
  11. I have neither. Writing that and hoping to hurt my feelings is a bit like John Inman hitting Mike Tyson with his wrist flopped back. How is the view from the balcony of your Tower Hamlets flat these days? "lol"
  12. Does a troll using his wife to troll because thinking up something witty and creative is too hard, and a pretend posh boy who sells DVDs at a market stall, hanging onto the coat tails of the troll count as a pasting? Emerging from behind Frank after his cheap shot, saying what amounts to "Take that!" makes you look very silly, and reveals your desperation to have somebody on CC care about you. You should know that he will turn on you without warning or hesitation. Besides, didn't you once receive a lengthy suspension for poking fun out of the terminally ill?
  13. No he doesn't. Using his wife (or any of his family for that matter) as a means for your trolling is a dog act, and this isn't the first time you've done it. Is Punkape a friend of yours?
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