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  1. Oh dear... The needy man-child woofer is at it again. You can't drag me down to this level of foolishness, because you have nothing for me. Saying that someone is boring over and over is in itself boring. I have no problem acknowledging that you're one of the best on CC, so move on and do your thing.
  2. It's not something I really need to get over, Wolfie. It's a bit like Harold; both are annoying and (I suspect) wouldn't be too complicate to fix, but I can deal with it. You made an interesting point though, so fair enough.
  3. I like watching professional basketball, but all that squeaking gives me the irrits. I don't watch tennis, but I do know that the same problem exists on certain surfaces. C'mon Nike and Reebok, fund more R&D and put and end to it before I send EC to beat you all to death with his 'orn.
  4. Imagine If Blazing Saddles was made today!
  5. I've never seen it; I'll take your word for it. I don't understand your grievance, Harold. Garbage on the TV doesn't seek you out. If there's nothing on worth watching, and you want to be entertained, you'd be far better off going to your nearest Tesco Plus without a face mask, and cough on the biggest grumpiest looking person you can find.
  6. A teacher tells the students that they'll be learning a new word - contagious. She asks if any of the children know what it means. A boy puts his hand up and says "I know - it's when it takes someone a long time to paint something" The teacher looks confused and asks him to explain. He says "Well, the other day, as I was leaving the house with my dad, we saw our next door neighbour painting his door with a 2 inch brush. My dad said Huh... that'll take the contagious!"
  7. If you worked for Disney, you'd be sacked just for asking such a question. Who is your favourite rapper?
  8. It is for this reason (and many others) that he has bravely agreed to use Paragraoh13
  9. Paragraoh13 is a powerful but experimental antipsychotic medication that H kindly agreed to try. He is taking a bullet for the team.
  10. When you're next shopping at ASDA, I reckon you could get some pumps for under £10.
  11. Each time some human trash is financially propped up for making babies, everything drops in quality. Any attempt to reverse this trend will fail because the human trash vote is powerful. Taking away their vote is a very important first step. Without the Nevaeh (mother of 7, each with different fathers) of this world having a say in how things should work, it just might be possible to make some meaningful changes.
  12. 1) Those who have been unemployed for a certain amount of time (a year maybe?) and is neither physically unable to work or an OAP are no longer eligible to vote. 2) Financial aid not given after the 1st child. A licence required to legally have more than one child. Applicants for the licence must prove that they are financially able and fit to raise their children. Children born w/o said licence offered for adoption, the parents fined. After a couple of generations, things should improve.
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