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  1. Goodness me, you've worked really hard on that. Well done.
  2. Coming from you, this is priceless. You silly boy.
  3. You have provided more evidence to support my opinion that you're unstable. When will you learn? Despite how fragile your ego is, I can look past it because aside from your tantrums, you're alright.
  4. He feels threatened by Frank for some reason. I think he's somewhat unstable.
  5. You used to get on with Frank. What changed?
  6. I've heard it said that the Red Hand Gang largely owed it success to James Bond III's acting. Do you agree?
  7. Excellent work Woofter. I golf clap you for your efforts. Wolfie the needy, the try-hard, the brittle, he loves confrontation so he shouts and sprays spittle. He keeps name dropping me, but I care very little; too often I've seen him knocked over like skittles. His cheer squad will tell him what he needs to hear, and help the precious petal back up so he can spout more verbal diarrhoea. He keeps saying I'm boring but I'm borderline snoring because his words are repetitive and they leave me yawning. Now, if find someone boring, instead of points scoring, I would leave them to it as I'd be ignoring...
  8. Hello Woofter. It's really nice that you want to keep in touch. I hope you and those close to you are healthy in these difficult times.
  9. That is all well and good, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the PMs you send are nice. Were you being nice?
  10. Are the PMs friendly?
  11. Oh dear... The needy man-child woofer is at it again. You can't drag me down to this level of foolishness, because you have nothing for me. Saying that someone is boring over and over is in itself boring. I have no problem acknowledging that you're one of the best on CC, so move on and do your thing.
  12. It's not something I really need to get over, Wolfie. It's a bit like Harold; both are annoying and (I suspect) wouldn't be too complicate to fix, but I can deal with it. You made an interesting point though, so fair enough.
  13. I like watching professional basketball, but all that squeaking gives me the irrits. I don't watch tennis, but I do know that the same problem exists on certain surfaces. C'mon Nike and Reebok, fund more R&D and put and end to it before I send EC to beat you all to death with his 'orn.
  14. Imagine If Blazing Saddles was made today!
  15. I've never seen it; I'll take your word for it. I don't understand your grievance, Harold. Garbage on the TV doesn't seek you out. If there's nothing on worth watching, and you want to be entertained, you'd be far better off going to your nearest Tesco Plus without a face mask, and cough on the biggest grumpiest looking person you can find.
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