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  1. Have you ever prolapsed your arse ,dipped it in sugar and pretended your eating strawberries and cream ?
  2. Why not I've got time before I depart for another 3 to 9,shove your fat hairy train spotting cock up your arse ,like some weird daisy chain ,you could imagine that it's the 9am going through the underground ,now fuck off and see you soon x
  3. Through my sporadic visits I have noticed a name, a name that was like the Harry Potter shit and couldn't be named ,they said she had a bigger cock than Dawn chorus and would skull fuck your mind with never ending shit. I have witnessed this anomaly now and I bid you good day see you in 6 months. On a side note your absolutely fucking nuts
  4. Fuck off pontailed weirdo
  5. You're over estimating my intelligence, I pick up bins for a living ,If I wanted to become a novelist I would of took my gcses instead of fingering ozzy ozbournes twin lookalike sister behind the bins at school, which is ironically where I found my trade .
  6. I'll be honest I read the first sentence then realised you'd written the sequeal to War And Peace and I didn't read the rest ,so I'll just put my two cents,at least you're not JK Rowling but thanks for the effort .
  7. John boyega is a moaning ,simple minded witless fucking cunt who is pity shaming people into thinking there racist because starwars fucked him over . He even has a tiny ponytail now days,and fuck you and your giant ponytailed self im back bitches,miss me tree hugger?
  8. So the news is Jk" I'm a feminist" Rolwing,multi billionaire wankstain is "Transphobic". The discount lord of the rings cunt plagraising cunt is now finding herself on the other foot,but apart from having the glee of her eating her own words,not that it matters this bitch wipes her arse with gold bars and shoves them in my bin,its the implosion of an ideology that has now finally fucked themselves . She is totally right mind you ,our own dawn chorus isn't a woman either as much as they tuck they're cock between they're legs. Fuck off
  9. Ive waited for our own resident racist to give his 2 cents on this,and I fully agree,as a 90s 80s kid this shit wasnt racist at fucking all,infact I used to sit with my black mates laughing about it and doing the MJ shit,fuck these cunts Im sick of them,get a fucking backbone and laugh you wet behind ears wankers, on a side note fuck @Frank
  10. Snowy

    Wong flu -Id19

    You could of fucking said you slag. Im out here alone wondering who is my group,like a lost fucking sperm,fat cunt.
  11. Snowy

    Wong flu -Id19

    Having been part of Erics Cartel,when he introduced this fuck wit into the fold I wasnt pleased and left to greener pastures in the clique,he was a sorry little weirdo who loved his games and touched his nob one to many times for my liking,ratty will back me up with this. On behalf of the clique and the cartel i offer up @Frank for both of are groups injustices ,do as you will Roops. Offers still there for a finger blast in my Biffa wagon.
  12. Fuck me where you been my clique brother,still in your bedsit?
  13. Rock bothering ,ponytailed weirdo.
  14. Snowy

    Wong flu -Id19

    oi get to fucking work you slacker your a front line worker,whats all this being on cuntscorner.
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