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  1. See me in 6 months I'll get back to you
  2. Now you're just trying to piss me off ,I thought we was clique brothers
  3. Don't you ever mention his fucking name
  4. I'd still fuck her ,I've never forgotten the days she told me about her being finger banged by a trucker in his cab after offering hear the reach around in my bin lorry. As much as she's an ugly fucking brute with a fat hairy fanny,possibly cock, I'm still sceptical it's not Mr roops is posting on here ,she turned me on .
  5. It pains me to give you a like you fucking swampy rock bothering ponytailed weird cunt .
  6. Out off all my absolute dog shit topics this is the one you choose to bring back up Harold Shipman, fuck me is it that bad ?
  7. Snowy

    GB News

    The real quote is beethovan had his critics too ,name two of them .....chopper plagiarising cunt .
  8. Considering her/ his proximity to the situation has Pen logged on recently? I'd check but I'm not that sad to either post 10000 posts about her or even remember his name or that she has a big pair of hairy balls .
  9. Have you ever prolapsed your arse ,dipped it in sugar and pretended your eating strawberries and cream ?
  10. Why not I've got time before I depart for another 3 to 9,shove your fat hairy train spotting cock up your arse ,like some weird daisy chain ,you could imagine that it's the 9am going through the underground ,now fuck off and see you soon x
  11. Through my sporadic visits I have noticed a name, a name that was like the Harry Potter shit and couldn't be named ,they said she had a bigger cock than Dawn chorus and would skull fuck your mind with never ending shit. I have witnessed this anomaly now and I bid you good day see you in 6 months. On a side note your absolutely fucking nuts
  12. Fuck off pontailed weirdo
  13. You're over estimating my intelligence, I pick up bins for a living ,If I wanted to become a novelist I would of took my gcses instead of fingering ozzy ozbournes twin lookalike sister behind the bins at school, which is ironically where I found my trade .
  14. I'll be honest I read the first sentence then realised you'd written the sequeal to War And Peace and I didn't read the rest ,so I'll just put my two cents,at least you're not JK Rowling but thanks for the effort .
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