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  1. Absolutely fucking epic. And true.
  2. Useless fat elf pestering cunt brought me fuck all of any use again this year. Amongst the predictable detritus, I got a comedy fishing rod set where one hooks out pretend plastic floaters from the bath and more shit orientated tat in the shape of a pack of playing cards called 'Plop Trumps'. Christ. I'm going to ambush the twat next year, kick his fat rosy fucking face in and shit in his sleigh. Bollocks to Christmas.
  3. Gyps, I think in the past I may have underestimated you. Great nom. I was gonna ask if a fuck was in order, but I'll need some pics first, Best wishes.
  4. I'll settle for the latter, multi-tasking isn't my thing.
  5. It has indeed been yonks Ratty, I'm just a dirty lurker these days.
  6. One of the very few exceptions Eric, maybe a pie chart would make more sense where Salty's concerned. BTW, I was doing pissed as a cunt karaoke yesterday afternoon with a self proclaimed uber racist whose first name is Beckham and I don't feel very well today. Beckham indeed.
  7. Nope, you're just a bunch of fat cunts.
  8. Indeed, no doubt whilst wearing his little used County Council standard issue hi-viz PVC water resistant trousers, whilst cranking his handle, left handed, with his one remaining Marigold Dayglo orange washing up glove. But, that's Decimus for you. Anyway, never mind all that shit, Iranian women are now allowed to watch football (not the American Lycra and helmet gayfest variant) in stadiums. What do you think about that?
  9. That's by far the funniest diatribe I've seen this year. The irony though, lies in it's undoubted accuracy.
  10. We have much in common. I've no idea what you're talking about either.
  11. I love late night news, some really entertaining shit goes off in the early hours. Much better than the pre watershed dress.
  12. Judge, you have an inexplicable insight. I just got back from working in Spain again, which is basically a massive piss up, for which I get paid. I'm still fucking hammered. Anyway, this Dame bird.......She was on the Beeb news when I rocked up at home and cracked open a botella de Ron Barcello (Anejo). The stupid cunt was waffling on about some feminine issue (that I've already forgotten about) from the speaker's chair. I hope this doesn't help at all. Fuck off.
  13. Another Scottish wet cunt. Deputy speaker, therefore John Bercow's beeatch. The SNP all need a fucking good bum smacking.
  14. Think that about sums it up. Right, I'm off to cheer up Ms. Bacon, the depressed dirty old cow. (Late as it is).
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