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  1. Well so much for a first day of the new normal, whatever crap that is, buying a poxy pint took 40 minutes because already incompetent staff have been taught a whole load of silly procedures. Of course this brings out the army of world class clipboard waving arseholes who enjoy their fantasy power and playing boss. What lot of unnecessary dictat and lies. More fool the public who would follow the rules over a cliff. Fuck that, I'm doing it my way - blanket ignorance.
  2. Whatever you think of the McCanns they have marvellous lawyers - this year they found Gerry a new role as a 'lecturing professor'. That's very rare you know.
  3. Just the one chromosome shy of monghood mate.
  4. These sharks roped me in to this one and 'built me a contract' with the clause I must have their frankly crap sport output to get the price on the deal. Who wants to watch Portuguese volleyball and poxy rugby?This 'you must have' salesmanship is not cricket. Or volleyball. Cunts all of 'em.
  5. Yes they do and my buying my daughter a Peter Rabbit book resulted in them fucking me over for another 12 of them. I didn't know Beatrix Potter approved of such a racket. Even threatened to send in the recovery goons if I fucked them off.
  6. Oh no, as I write this, old-big-head Bragg is on Sky News plugging a 'virtual Taylor Swift tribute gig' he's playing tonight. Why the fucking hell the media keep giving this useless hypocrite a platform is anyone's guess. That smug, self-satisfied face has fucked what was a pleasant morning up royally. Thanks Billy - keep pretending and I sincerely hope your internet crashes as soon as you start wailing.
  7. Yes that's fucking right. It might seem harmless enough - it always does on the surface - however, the 'Get your sovereigns, overpriced gold and £5 coin rackets during such a crisis need getting shot of now. Quite how forking out a hundred quid for this tat cheers you up is beyond me. And the tsunami of charity muggers ordering you to fork out a fixed sum of money (into a contract of course) can fuck off with them. Arthur never helps or gives to the needy anyway so they're flogging a famished donkey all round .
  8. Any well-educated man having so much influence on government policy who dresses like a 10 year-old skateboarder and feigns a puzzled expression when the cameras are on him qualifies as a default-cunt . He has form for heavy drinking and general cuntery which isn't as bad if you're a pleasant person but one look at this psycho is enough to send him top of the league. And he didn't bring about Brexit - my old drinking pal Nigel Farage fucking well did - hiring a fleet of red buses and sparking it off afterwards is leaching off Nigel's life's work. Classic cuntery.
  9. I know it's old hat but this woman has managed to get right up my nose this morning, controlling, condescending and over-bearing to the point where I started head-butting my cushions as a release. That said she does have a figure in the bank, if you catch my drift. Give order thank you please, around the roooooom.
  10. Now, much as I admire Moggers and Boris, today's Corona measures are bordering on farce. Who takes a king-sized crap and waltzes past the sink and out of the bog without washing their hands? (after knocking one out it is agiven however).
  11. Where have the billions gone? Is the Cayman bolthole ready for Mr Winklestein yet? Can we get rid of the frame before somebody makes a macabre exhibition of it in a gallery somewhere? In reply to the question though - 5 years reduced to nothing on mental health grounds, now the walker ruse has gone tits-up.
  12. So they attend more out of ego and self gratification than to see the event? Of course. What they need is forced administration of several ecstasy pills on entry and a skip into which to hurl the Iphones and all the other distracting crap. Then you's see a different picture. Jeff Lynne's ELO would turn into Bez's LFO and quite right too. This thread is very, very relevant 3 years on.
  13. Spot on Stubbers, in a wing of 100 men there's sure to be one with a cock that's got a reputation for bloody damage. It'll find its way to this creep, don't worry - a screw suffering stress fails to turn the key locking the cell door one night.
  14. By Christ have we suffered enough of the Blair generation over the last 20 years? Now that their world's been drowned in deep blue Johnson's paint - I for one genuinely hope they grow some bollocks and, as it says in the Bible, vote Conservative like we with backbone do. Oh, and cease trying to normalise all that queer, shirtlifting and associated acts of depravity under the guise of 'awareness'. We can't bury the Labour Party - the binmen are on strike.
  15. I think Delia Smith' must have been nobbling the boys' pre-match sarnies looking at that rather camp scene. What a fucking embarassment footie has sunk to. Time to bring the firms back and kick the real problems out.
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