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  1. GDP to debt ratio is now 99.4% I read, yet still your grandchildren’s money flows to every Tory Donor and spiv in town. For those hoping for rescue, it is worth knowing that Bulgarian economist Kristalina Georgieva, head of the IMF, in her former role with the EU, described Boris Johnson as a “malignancy” and “an imbecile”. Bang on, I’d say. Rishi better ask his tailor to fit knee pads to the next designer whistle.
  2. Larry King. Did this reptilian cunt not die years ago, only to be reanimated by Russian TV?
  3. Trust issues seem like perfectly reasonable skepticism to me SC. Happy Australia Day for Tuesday!
  4. When Banksy does his version of Hogarth, all hell will break loose. I imagine Priti will have him deported for graffiti. Today’s press full of Cheesemakers, Fishermen and Hauliers all recanting their Brexit views and claiming ignorance. @judgetwi would have none of it, natch. I hope he is well.
  5. Down here Eric, you’d be first in the queue for a bit of Coon. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-55628966
  6. Today’s FT says the UK Government will rip up various workers’ rights imminently, which sounds like a brilliant step forward. Here’s to the return of rickets, child labour and the workhouse. Marvellous. I’d say it’s all going to plan.
  7. Make a fort from the box and pelt your feckless mother with the vegetables would be the obvious rejoinder, perhaps while reminding her that if she’d only do the decent thing and join the oldest profession then perhaps they could have new trainers and an Xbox next Christmas, the selfish bitch.
  8. Slightly off topic perhaps, but I saw this piece in today’s Guardian (don’t start) and my (almost) first thought was what @Eric Cuntman would have to say on the subject. I fear I have too much time on my hands these days. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/13/mental-health-act-reforms-black-people-sectioned?
  9. I see this story continues to evolve, and it’s even made Aussie News today, with accompanying video of troubled young Salford mum going to empty cupboard and weeping over a box of loose vegetables, an ounce of rice and half a tin of tuna, before launching into a furious rant about “them at the top not caring”. Gave me the right ‘orn, to be honest.
  10. John Mortimer was the genius writer of Rumpole. You’re thinking of Leo McKern, who was indeed born for the role. It’s impossible to read one of the books now without thinking of the old curmudgeon.
  11. Windhoek is one of my favourite cities Stubbs, and it’s Cricket ground is well worth a trip, memorable for the outstanding barbecue served by the players after the match.
  12. Eleven months? What you hanging about for? Some chaps love the “ribbed” sensation of third degree tear sutures.
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