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  1. I’m not sure why you care, tbh Bill. As an avowed anti-vaxxer you must surely see GPs as government stooges and thus not worth bothering with, especially when the pills they flog in the back of the Fortean Times pretty much cover everything from osteoporosis to Von Willebrands Syndrome. GPs would once have shied away from industrial action, fearful of public backlash. Now the ones I speak to don’t give a shit, so sick are they of the mindless public turning on them after reading the Daily Mail. It is of course a bear trap they are walking into, just like the junior medics a few years back. They know it’s suicide. The public will go full toddler if they can’t see a doctor with their 20 year mole that might be a melanoma cos Kylies Mum said so. Expect emotional leverage with old Doris and her leg ulcer being all over Kay Burley. A new model is coming. Where once it would have been resisted, now it will be applauded. Appointments will be £30+ a go and you’ll claim some of that back either from BUPA or the NHS, leaving you with a gap fee. Same the world over. Multiple problems, multiple charges. GPs will click away at their billing software while you moan about your bunions. Thirty appointments a day becomes £1k a day fairly easily and supply/demand will start to align. The keener and more enthused (Greedy) will hoover up waiting rooms and queues, perhaps charging an extra tenner to the desperate to be “fast tracked”. The poor will be locked out of healthcare, suffer hugely, clog up A+E in their droves, leading inevitably to charges in A+E too to restrict demand. Quackery and self care will boom. It’s how the NHS dies. Patients and Staff blaming each other while the Tory Cunts in charge just stir the pot and collect their dividends. Come to think of it Bill, your years in the charge per half-hour industries might soon be in demand at your local health centre. I suggest you pop down and ask, maybe in the Sash and Bowler Hat. You’ll have to shout through the letter box but they’ll be glad of your advice.
  2. Can I get a field report on the Saudis rolling into Toon and sacking Wor Steve, Killer? Any truth in the rumour there’s been an outbreak of lasses in Homemade Hijab hanging round the Bigg Market trying to bag themselves a Sheikh?
  3. I think it’s high time you joined in, Neil. Tart up the Rascal with pink ribbon and glitter, stick some Swarfega on your face as impromptu slap, and ride from Kings Lynn to a Felixstowe in search of yourself while in a haze of Amyl Nitrate. Elton can do the soundtrack, and we’ll call it PeNeilope, Queen of The Dessert. Fantabulosa!
  4. Pay no attention to the bullies, Judy. I for one think the place would be much poorer without the spectacle of you getting smashed about like a Piñata at an ADHD-only kindergarten. Perhaps you can tell us if there is a cultural equivalent of a Piñata in the Red Sea Pedestrian shenanigans? Maybe four bearded Rabbis don blindfolds and have a bash at infant circumcision, if you can tear them away from the Monopoly board for long enough. Do they have church-fete style fundraisers in Judaism? Beat the Kippah, Kosher meat raffle, guess the weight of the unleavened bread, Pin the blame on the Gentile, that sort of thing? Do tell.
  5. I’ve heard many idiot stories about health-related matters over the years SC, but even I’ve been shocked at the prevalence of swivel-eyed loons these past months. I’ve particularly enjoyed the scenes outside the CFMEU offices over there in your neck of the woods of late. These fluorescent idiots are people we trust to build houses for us. I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but it does strike me that one consequence of the WhuFlu is the expedited death of societal consensus in the West, given that there is yet more infighting and distrust of authority. We now spend so much time arguing about Cervixes, Electoral Fraud, Cultural Appropriation and Police Violence, in addition to COVID, that if ever there emerged a threat which required a United response, we’d be struggling to agree which way is up. If so inclined you might wonder cui Bono?
  6. I made the mistake of flicking over to this match about 60 minutes in, and briefly thought I’d found a CCTV feed from a Northern Shopping Centre. Lots of standing about and shouting. Even the commentators appeared to have given up and gone for a coffee, they had literally nothing to say for five minutes. At least games like this used to have proper fouling and a comedy cabbage patch pitch. Not even that now. Pointless. Well, one each. Grim.
  7. So pretty much going to plan then, and any problems are both transient and the fault of remainers and/or COVID. Marvellous. That brief foray into dentistry must be the only mistake you’ve ever made, no? You’re more infallible than the Pope.
  8. Any war heroes in my family would not wish to be used as rhetorical devices, you ignorant twat. Running away from what? You? If moving to Australia to allow my Australian wife to care for her elderly relatives is running away then you got me, Colombo. Scummy trot? You’ve hurt my feelings. It must frustrate you intensely that you’ll never fulfil that desire to spend the night in a foxhole and prove yourself more than a gelatinous blob of insignificance with a deep need to turn every encounter they ever have into a contest and a conflict. You talk of treachery with no realisation of who you should really be angry with and why all your hard work is ultimately for nothing. Brexit is the Somme, and there you are, the poor witless Tommy, clinging to your rifle with unshakable belief in General Farage, unable to comprehend why the daily shelling doesn’t stop and why the officer class all seem to spend more and more time living it up 30 miles behind the lines. One day, you’ll realise what a fucking waste it all was. Until then, look out for trench foot and keep the brazier topped up.
  9. To say I take pleasure in the debacle is not quite accurate, other than momentary chuckling when I see grown men fighting over a Jerry can. I feel sad for Britain and what she has become, and that no one can seemingly take the blame or acknowledge error, even to say it is not going well, so welded are they to the cause. Excuses abound. There is a huge proportion of the country that will never forgive what was foisted upon them, and the pain has sadly just begun.
  10. Apparently it’s a “hindrance and opportunity for Brexit”, Panz. All I see is the world pissing themselves with laughter.
  11. You win. I can’t compete with this in the spit-your-Merlot across the room stakes. Britain sounds like fun at the minute. Enjoy.
  12. Nil desperandum, Killer. In the Frozen North you’ll always have a surfeit of Broon Ale and pneumatic tarts in mini skirts. And fat shirtless blokes if the crowd at Molyneaux is anything to go by. You can always eat Ant n Dec.
  13. Ah, of course, the Pandemic. Presumably why they are brawling in the streets of Lille and Hamburg over a gallon of unleaded. Heaven forbid you might have been wrong. Ah well, nearly Christmas.
  14. Well indeed. If there is one thing your Grandads’ comrades stormed the Normandy beaches for, it’s the right for their gobshite offspring to despise foreigners and crush dissent. I do hope you’ve managed to keep your diesel topped up this week. Those sanitary bins won’t empty themselves.
  15. May I politely ask what Miss Swindon Mensa 1994 thinks of the current state of the post-Brexit UK? I have vague memories of you thinking it was all a spiffing idea and as ever trying to Excel spreadsheet your way to a lucid point of view. I wonder if like every other English middle class pillock I hear from these days you’ve gotten distinctly vague on the summer of 2016 and are desperately employing the reverse ferret to your friends over the Balsamic and Olives. At least The Judge and Sir John Trucking-Jones have the balls to stay on their sinking ship as the water laps around their nipples. You’ve presumably just remembered you were Chairperson of Britain in Europe all along, having discovered it just between Master of The Rolls and All-England Bar Skittles champion on the Worlds’ most elaborate CV. Do tell. All going just as you expected?
  16. Perhaps the Met need an Operation to look into it. Not that you’re a fan of Operations, obviously.
  17. Despise Britain, is it? Look what your great act of patriotism has done….. Anyway, can’t talk. Off to The AFL Grand Final for a few sherbets in the glorious Spring sunshine. Enjoy your day when you get up.
  18. Look! Over there! Squirrels! Copious use of the exclamation mark, just for you. Give us a shout when you’re selling Grandads medals. I can DHL over some TimTams to get you through the winter.
  19. Well well well if it isn’t the good ship Consequences sailing into view. It looks like a complete fucking bin fire from over here. Petrol shortages? Empty shelves? No Turkey for Christmas? Crops rotting in the ground? I’m sure it’s all just leftie propaganda. @judgetwi @Trucking Funt thoughts are with you at this time.
  20. I read today that the MCC is removing the word “batsman” from the official rules in favour of “batter”. I look forward to the coming description of a Nightwatchperson being out caught at Third Person, having previously called on the Twelfth Person to fetch them a fresh Tampon. Fuck’s sake.
  21. Bitcoin mining, perhaps? Eats electricity, that. And bone idle sitting-on-your-arse capitalism would be very appealing to lots of people sat at home with nothing to do but count their furlough dosh.
  22. I’m watching Boris speak to the UN General Assembly over my toast and marmalade. The audience blink at him agog like amused children in the zoo. He’s already rattled through “this precious blue orb with its eggshell crust” and “humanity is a 16 year old, just old enough to hurt itself properly”, avoided all domestic irony with “we know we are wrong, and our children will know that we knew we were wrong but did it anyway”, and now he’s into the wrap-up phase renaming the north wind “Boreas, a little classical reference for you all” and thanking President Xi for his efforts on zero emission vehicles or Imran Khan for tree planting. It’s only the lack of a sign-off “Baaaaaa!” that distinguishes him from General Melchitt. Oh, fuck me he’s quoting Kermit the frog now and going on about Sophocles…. What a spectacular cunt.
  23. So they interrupted the evening news here tonight to tell us all that Princess Beatrice “has been safely delivered of a baby girl” in that ridiculously archaic vernacular they wheel out on such occasions. Aside from cries of bollocks/who cares/which one is she again, we can safely assume most households across the Commonwealth echoed to variations on the theme of “I bet she won’t let Grandad bath her”. Ginger cunt.
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