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  1. If you can dig a copy up the Reaves & Mortimer Paranoia episode of their version of Randall & Hopkirk deceased is worth a view.
  2. A lot of these jokes are badly timed. It is the same with Shipman, very raw and unhealed wounds in a lot of people memories as the event happened less than 30 years ago and in some cases victims who would possibly have been still alive. The John Bodkin Adams case was over 60 years ago and few if any people directly involved are still alive.
  3. Its a bit akin to the levity re Harold Shipman. I did not know any of his victims but did work with someone from Hyde (where he had his surgery) who knew him. Also in the street where I lived there a young couple of which the woman was either a grandchild or great niece of one of his victims. All his victims were very real people. Perhaps some doctors become isolated from sensations regarding death. Perhaps those medical men need to keep that part of the emotions and experiences to themselves. Some of the people I worked with killed several people during course of doing their jobs and would seem rather unfeeling when relating the events but I cannot imagine any of them coming on to a forum making light of what happened to them, their incidental or accidental victims or or other victims victims or other people in the same job who had, had similar experiences.
  4. A lot of people have highly effective immune systems (including me) that are able to fight off almost every infection. There are though lots of people who are not able to easily avoid catching the various bugs. What I am seeing here is a few lucky cunts telling the less than lucky cunts how to run their lives and make those decisions. There are loads of cunts who had granddads and grandmas who smoked 90 woodbines a day and never had a cold (actually they bought ten woodbines every Friday and box lasted all week). The cunts were just lucky.
  5. Were the one's that actually died also caught out?
  6. Harold was hopelessly behind the times, he failed to keep up to date on forensics and should have chucked that cheapo brother typewriter in the bin or better still took it up on the moor and dropped it into a pond. Forty years before John Bodkin Adams had shown how to do it and to get away with it. A little less arrogance and Harold would have now been living in the South of France with his little primrose.
  7. These laboratory accidents do happen. One such happened in the UK when a laboratory worker became infected with smallpox about 30 years ago. Interestingly smallpox seemed to have first emerged in China around 3,000 years ago.
  8. Clavo

    Alex Scott

    Pretty well all sides hold some responsibility for slavery, not just Africans the problem is each group claiming to be innocent but pointing the finger to a single place. Primary responsibility probably lies with the North African Coursairs and Barbery pirates. The North Africans are actually a mix of African and European blood with middle east Arabian blended in. The modern day Spaniards have a mix of North African blood from the time when the Moors ruled them. As to Ainsley do you have any proof of what you say .. is he just not really a rather large and jovial celebrity who just happens to be black?
  9. I had one near lifelong friend who like others knew that it was a hoax .. the hoax caught up with him last year and he passed away from it at 63 years of age My brother-in-law lost one of his pals from it in July .. 75 years old but an active and robust fellow.
  10. @Ape you need to be where you are needed not on here not reading and getting worked up by what a load of cunts like us are posting.
  11. Weren't there reports of people falling ill with similar symptoms after attending an international athletic event in China around May/June 2019?
  12. I had a couple of months in the booking office at Abergavenny .. I even met the man who feeds the crocodiles (I think that he is in the loony bin now) I also met John Smith from Brecon who did all his transactions in Welsh. I also had a week in the booking office at Cwmbran .. the town was full of cunts.
  13. Plus he has never been to Ashton-under-Lyne, Tunstall or Dimsdale.
  14. Young Fred's aka Harold Shipman's downfall was that he was taking the piss out of everyone and thought that he could get away with it in plain sight. Eventually he tangled with a few stupid cunts and fell on his sword. Reading about him I think that his biggest mistake was to continue as a GP in the first place. He simply wasn't up to the job. A ideal job for such people is to go into a specialist field and teach other people how to do the job that you yourself aren't up to doing.
  15. I will give your due @Wolfie .. irony and humour along with having a memory are not your strong points. I am guessing that your needle is stuck in the same grove though .. best if you go outside and check that no one has stolen the sheep or chickens and hopefully you fall head first into the slurry lagoon.
  16. Bearing in mind that they were great civilsers or civilizers, there seem to be a lot of places where the locals held out against them and indeed fought them off for years on end
  17. Who was the 6'3" tall mid 30s cunt with the black hair and neatly groomed black beard who was taking photos of the insects on the sedum spectabile? He looked really peeved.
  18. You left it in old Mrs Walker's bin at PlaInmoor .. it did not go off but the poor dear died of a heart attack when she saw it.
  19. The weekend before last Baws let it be known that he was in Torbay. Around the same time I received a text message from an unknown number. I PMed Baws to ask him if he knew my number. He responded that he did not but asked me if I would be in the Torquay or Babbacombe area over the next couple of days. I took the latter as an invite to meet up and decided to decline the offer and advised him to look for a 6' 5" trannie. On my way to the station I passed Yates on the the strand where I observed a full bearded Scotsman about 5' 8" in height of medium shouting angrily at another Scottish cunt .. I now visualise Baws as being that very angry Scotsman. TBH the invite to meet up with him disappointed me as up until that point I had always seen him as somewhat more astute intelligent than the other members of the fraternity.
  20. It is too late to do anything there are probably several hundred thousands of them here We have spent nearly 40 years poking our noses into the middle east states business with our military trying to stop them tearing each other apart. We should have have kept our noses out and left them to it. Instead we now have a huge number of cunts whose idea of advancement is to run around stabbing poor innocent cunts to please a sky fairy who does not exist and then getting sent on to paradise by the nearest police officer who has got a gun.
  21. Clavo

    Brown Sugar

    No but if you know a site like that it is 100% certain that you are on that site.
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