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  1. Thank you but i’ve never been away. I have simply been censored by certain powers that be. It happens all over the world so i’m not going to cry about it. If you don’t toe the line you get cancelled, that’s the way it is.
  2. Interesting, I believe the crew of this shitboat are all vegans and they have a “ flat heirarchy”. Now i’m no sailor but I understand that the sea is a dangerous place and some cunt has to make a decision at some point. So what the fuck is this “flat hierarchy” going to do when they are in shit street? Are they going to have a meeting, discuss the obvious danger of the racist rocks 200 yards away and have a fucking vote? As I remember the libtards ain’t all that keen on votes. This post subject to the approval of the confused trannie wannabe.
  3. Oh dear having a pop at my testicles. Exactly how old are you Mr Roops? To be fair you do actually sound like a woman there........a very ugly embittered old woman who is a fucking laughing stock. I won’t lower myself to any testicle related repartee .......I left that sort of thing at the back of the science class many years ago, I was fucking good at it though, trust me. This message subject to the approval of the fake woman and massive, scared as fuck, bullshitting fantasist known as Mrs Roops.
  4. Still haven’t answered the question......why am I not allowed to nominate? Why am I not put in “the cooler” as you and your arselicking little boys call it, for a couple of weeks? Different rules for me. I wonder why? This message subject to the approval of the bullshitter, fake and bottlejob known as Mrs Roops.
  5. Now when have I been dumb enough to post something that would result in a ban? Are you daring me Mr Roops? Do you really think i’m going to fall into your inelegantly laid little trap? You can’t be serious. I note that you have not answered my question........why am I not allowed to post nominations? This post subject to the approval of the bottler who thinks I am as thick as the cunts he orders about because they are shit scared of him.
  6. Oh yeah? Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn’t ask, other than you’ve got your tongue so far up it’s arse that your alleged ballbag has shrivelled to the size of Dale Winton’s long dead testicles. What’s it like to be a pathetic arse crawler in cyberspace? This message subject to the approval of the fake woman, the fraudulent dentist who shits his Superman underwear at the mere mention of my name.
  7. Fucking hot isn’t it Mr Roops? I bet your fanny is like a .......oh wait a minute.......you haven’t got a fucking fanny have you? I bet you’ve got right sweaty bollocks like me......and I prefer not to talk about that. Hey Mr R ! ....... I wrote a new nomination the other day and it said put in your name and e-mail. So I put in my name and it said “we already have a member by that name.” Yeah, a member you need to shut up but haven’t got the sweaty bollocks to ban because everyone will see how scared you are. This message subject to the approval of Mr Roops, the fake woman, th
  8. A liar am I ? I understand that you are a qualified dentist now Mr Roops. Why don’t you come round and inject something into my gums to shut me the fuck up you fucking fake? Just ban me you tosser so everyone can see what a fucking coward you are. This message subject to the approval of Mr Roops, the fake woman, the fraudulent dentist and the total bullshitter who is shit scared of me.
  9. So 52 years ago.Great. I can tell you now that the funding was supplied by the Kray Twins just to make the Richardsons look like cunts. Luvverly artistic geezers, Ronnie and Reggie. This message subject to approval by Mr Roops , the bottler, the fake, the fraud who is shit fucking scared of me and wants to shut me the fuck up.
  10. Bullshit. Never happened. There’s a massive financial difference between building a swimming pool and a “work of art”. There’s no school in this country that has it’s own swimming pool unless most of the finance is provided by the local council and it is open to the general public. Plenty of posh private schools have swimming pools, provided by multi millionaire parents desperate to get their sub normal brats in there in the first place. This message subject to the approval of Mr Roops, the bottler, who just can’t handle me.
  11. Doc, i’ve got a problem you may be able to help me with. Ever since Putin persuaded me to vote for Brexit i’ve noticed that my arms have been getting longer and my knuckles are in a right fucking state from scraping along the ground. Obviously i’ve been to my GP and the cunt just says “you’re working class and you don’t listen to your betters so go and fuck yourself.” I know you are busy with Skippy and Abos and shit but any advice?
  12. That’s the point Hardman. Little boys raging about her menstrual cycle and promiscuity he can deal with because he ain’t a fucking bird in the first place. But challenge his fake, know it all braggadocio and you get fucked. You’re so fucking dumb you can’t see it. He’ll let you see this though.......you know why don’t you?
  13. Thank you for putting me in my place my friend. I’m sure Mr Roops will be along to suck your winkle very shortly,
  14. You tell him Mr Roops! We can’t have cunts challenging you! Fucking outrageous!
  15. That made me laugh.😁😁😀 You are so nice.
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