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  1. “I wish you’d stop being so good to me boss.” Bullshit I was expecting but blatant lies has caught me off guard. What’s wrong with being a target Mr Roops? You could argue that I provide a vital social function.....the little boys need someone to vent their frustrations on.....why must it be The Lady Penelope all the time. You seem to be concerned about my mental elf but not hers. Funny that innit? Don’t fret Mein Roopsfuhrer, I won’t be crying and topping myself anytime soon. 😁 No matter, like any politician you know what’s best for us. It just so happens that what’s best for us coincides with what’s best for you. 🔺😁 I’ll leave with a thought from President Lincoln.... ”The only worse liar than a faith healer is his patient.” Know what I mean Mr Roops?
  2. Interesting questions. I doubt that the Roopsfuhrer can provide any logical answers. I could be wrong, of course. Do carry on.
  3. Quite right. It’s all part of the 2000 year old plan for world domination. Now I’m working on it you can expect it to come to fruition very soon. Fortunately for us there are only a handful of smart bastards like you who have sussed us out. But even though you count for fuck all (the story of your life) we haven’t forgotten you. I’m making no threats or anything but the next sheep you line up or the next time you stick your pencil into the electric sharpener.......well, accidents can happen, know what I mean? We’ve got your number Countryboy. We are everywhere, but you already knew that didn’t you?
  4. Blah blah woof woof. Wipe the drool from your mouth for fucks sake. You’re a fucking embarrassment.
  5. Dreary old gay men with their “i’ve got better clothes than you” dreary old gay fucking bullshit. Give it a rest for fucks sake.
  6. Oh dear, just days after appointing Matt as Special Envoy for Shagging Prozzies in Africa some cunt has put the boot in and they’ve sacked the cunt. It wasn’t me, honest!
  7. When we were soldiers.........
  8. I’d sanitise those tongues before you put them back in your mouths. Free advice, admittedly with no personal experience, but there’s something called common sense which is often difficult to define. Take it or leave it, it makes no difference to me. 🔺😁
  9. The savage, penetrating wit normal cunts left behind in primary school. ”You’re gay and fat!!” ”No, you are!” Save it for the yokels Carrotcruncher.
  10. A statement of the “bleedin obvious” as Basil Fawlty would have said. I’d rather you didn’t patronise me My Lady. You ain’t really up to it to be honest.
  11. “Delusional”?.....”personality disorder”? Playing the mental elf card Mr Roops? How very predictable. It’s been done before to shut inconvenient cunts up. I won’t bother to list the obvious historical examples. You can’t cope so it’s only a matter of time before you delete me. Who knows, we might meet up in the Gulag. I wonder if you will be a male or female screw? I suspect I may have other things on my mind at the time.
  12. Here’s my prediction. An Iranian.....or some kind of Peaceful. Probably recently arrived on the dinghy Armada. Look to see if the MSM make a connection between this murder and Angie’s “Tory scum” remark. Then imagine it the other way round......Raab says “Labour scum” and a week later one of the commie bastards gets offed. Note the difference.
  13. Blut und Ehre my little droogs. Blut und Ehre. 😆
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