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  1. I have no sympathy with this woman. She’s a foreigner, an ex Peaceful, converted to Christianity who goes to Speakers Corner, which is run by the Peacefuls, and mouths it off. And guess what? She gets stabbed by a Peaceful! What the fuck did she expect? The Peacefuls hate apostates even more than they hate the Infidel. Not as much as they hate Jews obviously, but it’s right up there. I’m sorry but any cunt who walks around Londonstabistan wearing a Charlie Hebdo tee shirt is fucking begging for it. You may as well have a big neon sign over your head saying “Fuck Mohammed”. Personally I would kick out this woman and her attacker, both god bothering primitive savages.....let them kill each other somewhere else. But this is our country now so fucking get used to it.
  2. judgetwi


    May I take this opportunity to congratulate QPR striker, Charlie Austin, who yesterday ( that’s Sat 24th July.... you never know if and when Bottlejob Roops is going to publish this 🔺) was the only player who didn’t take the BLM knee before the game against Man Utd. Happily Charlie went on to score the opening goal in a 4-2 win over Rashford Rovers. No doubt Gary “Refugees Welcome” Taxdodger and Sir Gareth Wokegate won’t be best pleased but it makes a pleasant change to see a man with balls in a sport rapidly disappearing down Hypocrite Avenue.
  3. judgetwi

    Channel 4

    Jesus fucking Christ!! I thought Mick and Mairead Philpott’s performance, after burning their kids, was the worst crying scene i’d ever seen but this fucking pooftah takes the biscuit! Do people actually watch cunts like this and find it entertaining? I fear I am losing touch with the real world.
  4. Yawn.....your telly hasn’t broken down again has it big boy?
  5. judgetwi


    My mate, who is an interior designer,...... yeah ok he’s a fucking shirtlifter that doesn’t make him a bad person!....did some work at FA HQ recently. While there he accidentally stumbled across the checklist for England managers....... 1 Arselicker 2 Proven failure, couldn’t get a job anywhere else. 3 Wears nice suits 4 Yesman, does as he’s told 5 Remoaner 6 Woke 7 Doesn’t fuck secretaries at FA headquarters 8 Not known for a fondness for big brown envelopes or freebie weekends in Dubai 9 Has a lot of friends in the media 10 Wanker Just thought you might be interested.
  6. Yeah, I read about these Amazon shops and it frightened the shit out of me. At the moment you can forget about shoplifting, the coppers don’t want to know. If it’s less than 250 quid don’t even bother phoning the cunts. If they’re black, Peaceful, pikey, bummers or trannies you will have to issue a public apology for your hate crime. These corporate cunts ain’t stupid....if you ain’t in their bin and they can’t have access to your bank account you won’t even get through the fucking door. Sign up for this and it may be very convenient but you are giving away another little bit of your liberty. They are chipping away, day by day, a little bit here a little bit there. But don’t listen to me cunts! I’m a conspiracy theorist. In case you are not clear being accused of being a “conspiracy theorist” means “shut your fucking mouth.”
  7. Fuck me Countryboy, we actually agree on something. No government is going to pump their experimental shit into this fantastic body. Apparently i’m now a “conspiracy theorist” or a muggy cunt, depending on your point of view. Yeah ok, either way i’ll take my chances and let some other cunt be the guinea pig.
  8. So what’s your point Himmler?......other than to show you have a lot of time on your hands and the consistency of the mush that occupies your cranal cavity.
  9. I was listening to LBC last Saturday afternoon. Maajid Nawaz......yes he’s a Peaceful but he’s not your usual brain dead fucking Peaceful, I like him. But, having a couple of cans of Wifebeater at lunchtime, I fell asleep on the sofa. I wake up and there is some posh, plummy voiced cunt on the radio. I thought.... that cunt sounds familiar, i’ve heard him somewhere before i’m sure. Obviously I had to go for a piss and when I came back this plummy voiced prick was ranting on about the racist Prime Minister, the racist Home Secretary, this racist government and the racist fucking country. What the fuck is this i’m thinking......you can’t be a radio presenter and come out with inflammatory shit like this. I’m witnessing this cunt getting the sack, live on air! Then some wokie phoned in, called him David, and I realised who the cunt was. Oh yes, fat poshboy, professional race baiter, “I had a friend who died in Grenfell” David fucking Lammy. What the fuck are LBC doing employing this two faced sack of dogshit? How the fuck is he allowed to get away with this race hatred, stirring up thick cunts.....and I don’t just mean BLACK thick cunts. But don’t worry about David. When it all kicks off he’ll be safe and sound with his posh North London whitey friends. What a fucking cunt!
  10. You ok hun? You need to take your little brain down the docs and get some cunt to look at it. While you’re there get the double jab if you haven’t already. The gay clubs of Carrotcruncherland are relying on you!
  11. judgetwi

    German Cunts

    Round my manor, and in Tel Aviv, there’s no such thing as a “friendly” against Johnny Fritz. Poland you say? Fuck me, they hate us even more than the Krauts. It’s a trap!
  12. Surely you mean a huge COCK to shove in my gob? I know how your mind works Hillbillyboy. I hope I don’t have to correct you again. You’re embarrassing yourself.
  13. Me? Loaded? Not really. Well, not by Jewish standards anyway. But then we do own the fucking world shitforbrains.
  14. judgetwi

    Sajid Javid

    Your son in law sounds like a right muggy cunt Mrs P. Couldn’t you introduce some foreign agent into his food so he is sick for a week and then dies of “the covid”? Nobody would question it. I was thinking that if Dr Shipman was still alive he’d be fucking fuming. What the fuck am I doing in the nick when these bastards are topping cunts left, right and centre? Life just isn’t fair but what the fuck you gonna do?
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