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  1. Fuck this. I don't need the state to control my habits as I have the intelligence to manage my actions - and more importantly - have the balls to accept it's my fault when things go awry. When I used to go horse racing I had a set amount for bets in one pocket and kept my winnings, if any, in another pocket. simple. Nowadays, aside from the premium bonds, where I have £50k worth languishing I only 'gamble' on the Irish Lottery - mainly because I hate those Camelot cunts and anything to do with the National Lottery and the associated spin-offs to extract money out of peoples pockets. Admit
  2. It surprises me how many fat fuckers are still waddling around even though we were told 10 months ago that that obesity increased your chances of dying from Kung Flu. The fat cunts just don't want to help themselves and I reckon anyone weighing over 22 stone should be last on the vaccine list regardless of age.
  3. A flat? I bet you feel the proper landlord even though someone else is actually the landlord because you only own a lease that gives you the right to occupy for x years. Have a think about buying a freehold property to rent out if you want to feel like a real property investor like Fatty and me.
  4. Get a room benders. Although, you should be aware that Covid isn't transmitted via bum sex.
  5. I think it was just Simon Brien but it's now got the addition of an 'O' as homage to his volumunous body shape.
  6. No, it contains high quantities of neat bleach, paraquat and sodium chlorate. As you are in group 8 I suggest you make your own to either inject or, as this is the only vaccine that can be absorbed orally, drink it by the litre.
  7. Your body can absorb upto 180mg every 2-3 hours and any excess is excreted through urine. If you buy vitamin C supplements make sure you double up on your Tena piss absorbing nappies for grown ups.
  8. He's certainly got the Fwank legs. Even allowing for perspective they don't look much thicker than the 60.3mm diameter key klamp hand rail, the spindly legged fucker.
  9. Stupid fucking cunt couldn't control his red-setter dog as it attacked a deer in Richmond Park. Now, everyone knows I fucking detest gingers so this fucking dog would have got the metal pedal from my bike rammed into it's stupid fucking head before I used its bloody carcass to slap some sense into its owner. What sort of stupid fucking name is Franck anyhow.
  10. If I know HR it will end with you getting an arse-kicking for your bullying and victimisation of this hapless individual when in reality, if you worked for a private company your phone Monkey would be told to shut the fuck up and get on with it or fuck off somewhere where they give a fuck about your feelings (like a socialist labour run council)
  11. Are you furloughed again because the pot plant in the corner of the office is doing your job again?
  12. They ought to prioritise vaccinations based upon ability to pay for this fiasco. i.e working age people who are employed and pay 50% tax, followed by 40% tax payers and then basic rate. Old cunts and Universal Credit wankers should be last on the list after children and pets.
  13. A fucking negroid Father Christmas?? THAT definitely does not fucking exist.
  14. Ape has given them an injection, unfortunately it's not a vaccination and he uses a body part to inject it.
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