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  1. It might be one of Neil's lucky ones that got away and nothing to do with the style of T-shirt she was wearing.
  2. I don't know about anybody else but I absolutely believe everything I read on the internet. I don't suppose anyone has the website address where I can purchase a ticket on Richard Bransons Virgin Gallactic so I can go and see Elvis on the moon? Thanks
  3. Are you saying you want to spit roast it? That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. Who would your partner be, Neil?
  4. He'll probably be marching around Norwich this Saturday, full of 'Pride'. Yes folks, the annual gayfest is coming to the interbreeding capital of the bog lands.
  5. You forgot lavender, boiled cabbages and deep heat.
  6. Pens' cock by the sound of things.
  7. Remember to keep looking over your shoulder when you're marching through Norwich this Saturday wearing your suedette chaps and a target on your arsehole as I'll be looking out for you with the scooter batteries fully charged and set to 12 mph mode to run over your bullshitting corpse.
  8. Get Twister out and select the 3 fittest ones to play. Shut all the windows and crank your central heating up too.
  9. He was the same 4 weeks ago, I wonder what it could be.
  10. Thanks mate. A simple 'Like' would have sufficed.
  11. 11 hours have lapsed, so I'm pleasantly surprised you remembered what it said.
  12. That wanker Dickless forced me to do it. Don't cooler him though as his presence on the site makes everyone else feel a little bit better about their own existence.
  13. You'd better be looking over your shoulder next time you're scavenging for your dinner in Caister Recycling Centre as I'm planning to bop you over the skull and tip you in the 'Non-Recyclables' skip with all the other waste. You've been warned.
  14. Sounds like puberty to me. Are your balls growing hairs too.
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