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  1. Steady on you two. Are you ganging up on me because of the post the other day when I put something like your tits sagging more than your prolapsed fanny.
  2. No. Its coz you're a stinky old gyppo.
  3. I'm surprised Matt Lucas hasn't suggest they make baked potato cakes to go with that shitty appalling song he came up with, the fucking humpty dumpty sausage jockey.
  4. I therefore nominate Fwank for the lead in the second version.
  5. Isn't this an immigrant resident of Knotty Ash.
  6. The nom. said 'a fresh start'. Have you considered it may not even be a woman?? It didn't do Silver Fox Phil's publicity any harm when he said he enjoyed golf...., sorry, I meant sticking his cock up a mans arsehole.
  7. I'd like to see the Vision Express advert remade with Sir Trev talking about the importance of good vision ogling half naked birds on the beach and sitting in a seedy Soho bar watching pole dancers get naked with various zoom shots of the nipples and fanny area. Phowwar!
  8. And she can shove her golden snitch up her snatch.
  9. Cunty BigBollox


    I am sure Ape and I would get on like a house on fire* in the real world but all this on here is make believe so there you have it. * preferably with Ape on the inside and me on the outside.
  10. Its inevitable that as a woman approaches her twilight years and their sex appeal is long forgotten that the mamories will sink quicker than the memories of when they would attract the attention of any shitty game-show host with a gurn and a wink. In short, as the tits descend faster than shares in Enron, so does the dress line. Ask Dawn or Gypps if you don't believe me.
  11. Have you ever felt as if your arse was sucking a hard shitty log back up when your special friend Mtembe was standing behind you and someone else walked in?? Yes or no, answer the fucking question, gayboy.
  12. Is that Frank playing pitcher on the top right??
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