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  1. Who the fuck is putting the pickled gherkins in the Big Macs today then?
  2. and if you're @Old Chap Raasclaat take it as a suppository using an extra wide turkey baster that still doesn't touch the sides.
  3. If I was a cynic I would say Harold had a hand in devising the AZ vaccine from beyond the grave with the number of people that have succumbed to thrombosis as a result of having it. He's the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. So what happens if it's a female plain clothes officer. Are they not familiar with lesbianism?, because surely if people like Punkers (RIP) can rape a man than it must be feasible that a woman can rape / sexually assault a bird? Fucking sexist police protocols.
  5. Poor punctuation and grammar is representative of a pleb receiving an education from a peasants comprehensive school. (Oh dear, I seem to have picked up a computer virus from the Punkape.exe)
  6. Not bad. Spelling is all correct this time but, why the fuck have you put the only hyphen your prose required after the word up, and not used it in its correct place in between Co and Op. And fucking capitalise it as well next time, you stupid cunt.
  7. You're not exactly a 'ragging' expert of spelling yourself. Thick cunt.
  8. Whatever it is I can't imagine it's any worse than shagging geese.
  9. Maybe this is why they like to fuck so many of the brown cunts over to blighty in dinghies - it saves ammo.
  10. Read the fucking lot then, and do us all a favour.
  11. Very good. Why am I picturing a 6' 1" tall Butterbean??
  12. I quite liked 'bucket-o-flids' but that's been his one and only Golden Earring one hit wonder, in my opinion.
  13. The strategy is quite sound apart from your schoolboy "shagging for Britain" error In that you haven't said if it was blokes or birds, so everyone is going to assume it's blokes, you big fucking homo.
  14. It's all part of the game Pen. Do you really think I am a wheelchair bound, bungalow dwelling alcoholic? I can however confirm for definite i don't have a stair carpet. In fact i prefer this level of deceit about each posters personal circumstances. Take Ape for example, and his fixation for model helicopters, that is obviously made up bullshit as adults don't play with childrens toys, do they?
  15. The act of 'thinking' isn't normally associated with Wolfie, so give him a break..., preferably his fucking neck.
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