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  1. Electric lighting makes me see in the dark. I suppose you're still using candles you backward cunt, when you aren't shoving them up your arse.
  2. You don't strike me as the sort of person to bother about insurance with your attitude to wearing a Covid mask.
  3. I'm surprised she hasn't intertwined free school meals into her BAME argument as well, but then again, she hasn't got to worry about feeding one of her kids
  4. Here he is cruising Hampstead Heath in his gimp suit, probably on his way to the BBC interview for his job.
  5. What the fucks a prostitite? Is it a sexually immature beginner, you fucking sick bastard.
  6. Well it turns out even our darker shaded inhabitants are pissed off about this virus now, mainly because its overshadowed the agenda of the BLM movement and George Flid is a long forgotten dangle berry in the annals of 2020. But wait, we now have Baroness Lawrence (yes, you can get a title if your kid gets murdered) piping up about the exposure of BAME people to Covid because of systemic racism. Fuck off. No-one cares about people victimising themselves under the banner of their race.
  7. ......and counting calories while she does it. Do you know she can eat 5x boxes of Jaffa Cakes and 3x family sized trifles and it's less than a 525 calories once she's added it all up
  8. You've spelt arse* (*head) and bumming* (*kicking) incorrectly, you filthy fucking degenerate.
  9. On the contrary, even fat bastards would rather eat Findus Crispy Pancakes than meat that looks burnt before you've even put it in the oven
  10. Duncan Baker MP fully explained his reasons for not voting for FSM and basically he came to the same conclusion that every other tax payer thinks. The parents can't be fucking trusted to spend the vouchers for the full benefit of the children. So there you go, all you fucking shit for brain parents who think you're being clever by spending it on other shit can fucking fuck right off, because your little scam has come back and bit you on the arse. Now fuck off and go out and earn your money instead of sponging off the state you fucking wasters.
  11. I can understand why they don't support this when we already have a world beating benefits system. If you don't fucking believe me ask the 6,000 brownies currently shacked up on the coast of frog land waiting for the next inflatable toy to arrive to transport them over here. The reason children are hungry is because the feckless parents have spent the UC on Sky+ and a fucking iphone 11, and Turkey Dippers aren't exactly filling.
  12. Fucking useless, incompetent fuckwit in charge of 'managing' the UK's world leading test & trace system. This would have turned out better with Group4 or Jarvis Rail Maintenance in charge.
  13. If the UK had been populated by mouthy, liberable, tree hugging snowflakes we certainly would have been. You know the ones that get offended now just because a corpse washes up on the beach.
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