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  1. We could fuck off all that French and German wine off of our supermarket shelves and only stock Italian wine. That should help the I-Tye cunts out and also fuck off the frogs and the krauts.
  2. Harold you cunt. Fuck this Dinner Date bullshit off with it's lah-di-dah fucking food for faux-gentry types. You need to tune in to a quality cooking show with the King of Free Handouts, Sir Marcus of Rashford. 1st episode - baked Southern fried hedgehog with rice and peas.
  3. I don't actually think he has AIDS, I think he's losing weight in sympathy for his old fuck buddy Ming as she hasn't put on any weight for about 2 years............, mainly on account of the fact she's dead but Frank still likes the company.
  4. You fucking twat. Don't you know nothing? Frank is anything but fat and if it wasn't for his pasty complexion he could quite easily be cast as a convincing extra in a Bob Geldof / Sir Leonard (cunt) Henry charity appeal.
  5. I assume you're not also referring to Mrs Roops' unkempt jungle of a lady garden?
  6. Back on topic. Having not ever wanted to purchase a sidecar I do not see this as a cunt. Only retarded fucking shit-cunts want to buy a sidecar, them and that fucking ugly bitch, Olive, from On The Buses.
  7. And you've named the two most experienced and expert dribblers on the site, unfortunately it's cum from their arseholes and nothing involving a football.
  8. Imagine the state of their fucking toilet after these pair of fat cunts have emptied the contents of their rectums down it every morning. Hopefully they won't breed.
  9. Well at least we know Google is still partially successful. Search for a cunt built like a Twiglet* (*other stick like snacks are available) and up pops a cunt like an obese Stay-Puft Marshmallow man.
  10. "He kept the green bits on the strawberries" May I politely remind you Harold that if everyone removed the shitty bits that no one wanted then, you wouldn't exist, either on this website or in life generally. Fuck off.
  11. It could be Anthony Browne of Dagenham?? A deranged fucking idiot that's defintely too old to be living with his step mom. There's a suspicious absence of plushies in the lounge though.
  12. I would say that as a retired 70 year old he is probably fully aligned to Labours 'out of touch' policies for the working classes.
  13. Unless they're ginger in which case Roops will give you an honorary doctorate.
  14. He could climb a fully glazed building without using his hands.
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