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  1. He’s apologised enough imo MC. As far as I’m concerned there’s no need for him to feel embarrassed. I’m a firm believer in unity and forgiveness when someone acknowledges their mistakes.
  2. No knobrot here Doctor Shipman. A rolling stone gathers no moss as they say.
  3. That was a very long apology.
  4. Begone Frank. You’ve become an irrelevance. No ones remotely interested.
  5. Well something has got to fill the big bogeyman sized hole left by Donald Trump.
  6. Nothing will happen....6/1 on They will do exactly what they’ve said....10,000/1
  7. Who are you pounding the drum for mate? Sleepy Joe, the most popular President in history?😂. 4 days into his reign he took Sunday off to rest. Only 3 years, 361 days to go Joe. The WH itself revealed today that Hunter ‘Where’s my crack pipe Dad?’ has been advising Joe against overreacting to China’s increased aggression inside Taiwan’s air and sea space since Joes ‘slurremony’on Wednesday. Since Wed he’s basically signed executive orders authorising every thing he denied he was planning to do before he became the most popular retard ever to win an election he didn’t even know he was in. Ffs th
  8. Unbelievable even from you.
  9. Written by 37 unbiased liberal lefties. I’m guessing they all conclude that he’s a great and patriotic man. I’m reading a very similar publication written by 37 Auschwitz survivors, titled ‘The dangerous case of Adolf Hitler.’ Do you see where this is going? So you want to know what someone is really like? Ask a load of morally superior, pseudo intellectual cunts who hate him. LOL😂
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