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  1. Black Lives? unless I’m mistaken.
  2. Could be worse. Imagine how they’d feel Gypps.
  3. She’s a freeloading slag, hated by all her family who the fake news media have been paying shit loads of cash to slag off Orangeman Bad just because her name is Trump.
  4. Donard Tlump, broody Plesident blastard.
  5. I ordered a Joe Biden baseball cap on Amazon today. Fucking result. Two Hunter Biden replica crack pipes free as part of the deal. ‘C’mon Man’
  6. The ‘most popular’ President in history today got on the official White House live stream 299,211 views 6 hours after his inauguration first started. 3.6k likes and 11k dislikes. “Way to go Sleepy Joe.” 😂 The Donald has been getting 10 or 20 times more views every day just going for a shit for the last four and a half years.
  7. It’s OK they won’t get into DC. The 30000 troops managed to keep the virtual inauguration safe from the domestic terrorist Trump supporters who broke a window on the 6th and tipped over a few chairs. The swamp rats can sleep safe tonight.
  8. Who’d have thought it? After such a beautiful and yet traditional inauguration ceremony today, Lady Gaga and Michael Obama might have taken a rain check if they’d known there were trannies on the firm.
  9. What are your thoughts on Kier Starmers 6% approval rating today? A...Delighted B...Quietly confident C...Slghtly disappointed D...Confused.com E...Fuck the Tories
  10. Smeared all over your fist and up your forearm. Lol.
  11. A little bit of friendly advice Harold. Don’t make any plans for next week on CC. It’s been obvious from day one that you’re mentally challenged but how many warnings does it take for you to get a grip of yourself?
  12. Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly get any worse, you’ve proved me wrong. Frank must be fucking furious. Being the worst on here was all he had left.
  13. Not a proper peaceful then. A disgrace to his religion and his country.
  14. Erich Honecker Probably on ChildeHarolds top 5 list of history’s greatest world leaders. He only has to hear the name and his little maggot tries to burst out of his underpants.
  15. King Billy


    Hopefully you can be 91,471 you dribbling vegetable.
  16. The one and only time I ever visited a French Cinema there was popcorn spilled all over the place. At least that’s what I thought it was but it turned out to be goose shit and a lot of some sticky spunklike substance. Filthy fucking place.
  17. Eric. I’ve noticed that for the last couple of days quite a lot of MSM have been asking the question, should people wear two masks? I can’t be fucking bothered to quote any source specifically but I’ve seem at least 6 or 7 different news companies all on message. Devious bastards framing the narrative as if it’s a harmless question. And as soon as they feed enough sheeple the latest talking point the experts will start recommending it as science. You heard it here first. DOUBLE MASK WANKERS. Any cunt who puts two masks on deserves to die twice as much as the old school ONE MASK WANKERS.
  18. But if they don’t let him out of jail, who’s going to take his wife to school, now she’s 11?
  19. King Billy


    Fling them on the compost heap with Michael Schumacher still wearing them.
  20. Answer the fucking question Dickwipe.
  21. You fucking moron. That modern history degree you claim to have, tell us some more about it. Was 1997 too early or too late to qualify as modern? Idiot.
  22. And still only amount to a fraction of what the financial genius Gordon ‘Slack jaw’ Brown plundered from our gold reserves and sold off immediately upon becoming chancellor, to finance his spending spree. ‘Things could only get better’ apparently, till the free money ran out.
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