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  1. We've got you, Harold, Dyslexic, Prof B, Willie, Goober Old Chap and JackoTC. Some are oldies returned, some are newbies. Either way, the site is hardly at rock bottom and I even argued DC's case for him to those "leaderboard wankers" when you had him fighting your battles for you. I'm happy to help punters that I think are getting an unfair kicking, in fact you'll find that almost everyone on here is willing to give some words of support to newbies. The problem is uppity little divas like yourself who simply lack the capacity to be entertaining and don't have the brains to read the good
  2. Harold is clearly mentally disabled, so I'm willing to give him a pass in terms of quality in the spirit of the Corner's equal rights policy. Johnny doesn't have that excuse. He's just fucking dismal.
  3. Is this really you trying to win, Johnny? Just a list of textbook Aussie insults and a sad little "fuck off" at the end? Why the fuck have you used "shackle rattler" twice? Roops already called you out on this repetitive shite with the "worms" embarrassment. You need to expand your vocabulary or stop using it all at once.
  4. I think the chainsaws even the playing field a bit.
  5. I wouldn't mind it if they would just listen to my letters and host a chainsaw death match between Chris Evans and Gary Lineker. Value for money and all.
  6. Do you think they'll start throwing billions of pounds of taxpayer money into non-existent private companies to take the strain off the vaccination centres? Or will they be more cunning this time around and try and fool the public by bringing back classic high street names like Blockbuster and Woolworths to launder the money instead?
  7. Exactly. America was on fire most of last year and all anyone heard about it was how hard done by the "protesters" doing the looting and arson were. Then a few thick cunts get the bright idea to break into the Capitol and suddenly the word "riot" starts getting thrown around. The side that spent the last four years burning their own country to the ground are now insincerely holding out their hands for unity towards the same people they declared fascists and racists. Its all bollocks, DC. We'll have four years of blatant lies and pandering to people's feelings and any argument against it w
  8. They'll all be black when there's fucking napalm raining down from the skies and frostbite eating away at their extremities. It'll give the cunts some common ground. Vote Roadkill 2024
  9. Centrists still exist, they just get drowned out by the autistic screaming from both sides. We're well past due a good fucking war because the Yanks took the option off the table with the atomic bomb and most cunts with an easy life in a developed country now feel so badly done to when their feelings get hurt that they simply can't handle the fact that others think differently than them. I'd ship both sides of the spectrum off to Antartica and shell the shit out of them for five years if it was up to me. My guess is a bit of pants-shitting horror and shell shock would give a lot of the cu
  10. Roadkill


    Isn't that the skinny Ethiopian bloke out of the Quorn adverts? I think he'd drop dead if he vomited.
  11. The BBC need a reward for interviewing Mary Trump when Donald gave his goodbye speech. Bitter little cow went all Adolf Hitler on live telly - declared all of Trump's family need to be banned outright from running for office in the future, called him a racist and said he was changing the narrative. Even enjoyed a bit of gloating about how miserable she hopes the lives of his family are now that he's out of the White House. You could literally hear the visceral loathing in her voice. I think the BBC presenter was hoping for a more tame outlook, but instead he got a face full of pure fuckin
  12. Frank seems to be doing fine with all of them so you might have a point.
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