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  1. Me and Piston, actually. Piston called him a twat and got fucked off - I concurred with Piston's assessment and also got fucked off.
  2. It could have been anything, Eric. Not sure if I've told you this, but Rick_B was a twat.
  3. Is the cunt even Asian? Honestly just looks like he lives in a bin and hasn't bathed in five years.
  4. I fucking hate knighthoods - not for any political reason, but for the simple fact that Lewis Hamilton will inevitably get one at some point, and inevitably use the opportunity to be an absolutely unrelenting fucking smug little half-breed Oompa Loompa cunt. Hopefully the Queen will just mistake him as a suicide bomber and have the cunt sniped from afar by her guards.
  5. My guess is he's twelve. Twelve years old - not twelve fucking stupid fucking cunts.
  6. I remember the cunt trying desperately to ride to the rescue of that dirty cunt Pete - literally minutes after I ousted the twat as a dodgy one as well. Roops even took the time to explain the situation, but he was determined there was a organised head hunt going on against him and his only mate. It was some of the best cunting I've seen when, with only a few choice words, @Ape™️ triggered the sad little twat into revealing his identity shorty after getting his second or third account and throwing a huge wobbler right on the doorstep of the entire admin department, demanding to be fucked
  7. That was just titty-fucking. You should see her when she's angry.
  8. I think so. Honestly he never left that much of an impression.
  9. You seem desperately proud of this business you keep going on about. Almost like its the single defining aspect of a sad little man with nothing better to do than claim superiority over others on an anonymous and declining internet forum. You worked hard, you did well, but nobody has the time of day to listen to you brag in the real world. You even kept the racist cunt employed - were you too scared to tell him to fuck off? Or did you just skitter off home to drown some kittens for stress relief instead?
  10. The cat skeletons you dress up in crisp packets aren't real people, Johnny. The stories of organised racism you hear coming from them are a product of your own feverish and underdeveloped, sick little mind and they most certainly aren't your employees. Perhaps you should try and stop killing small and helpless animals before you attempt any sort of moral grandstanding?
  11. Is this the third or fouth time the sad fucking cunt has come back under a different name? I've honestly lost count.
  12. Bit like that time the BBC went off on a wild tangent about the Large Hadron Collider causing micro black holes and destroying the planet just before they turned it on because a chemist said it was a possibility.
  13. Sounds like a sort of House of Cards cash grab - probaby been rushed through the works the moment Spacey got called a nonce and hit every left wing, liberal, LGBT, socialist branch on the way down.
  14. "Roadkill"? Those fucking cunts!
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