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  1. Right. That's it. I'm getting a search party together and finding Albert's remains from where he undoubtedly escaped his cage and choked after trying to eat a carrier bag. I know he was your pet nutter and that you loved him dearly, but you simply have to come to the terms with the fact that he's gone and is not coming back. If you keep letting all the spackers bite you in the misguided hope that they might be Albert in disguise, you're going to get an infection.
  2. Ah. So they're being unrepentant, rancid cunts because they've got a chip on their shoulder after we dumped them for being unrepentant, rancid cunts. Enforcing the idea that they're a bunch of unrepentant, rancid cunts, to hide the fact that they're also a bunch of second-guessing spackers, terrified of any responsibility that comes with being a political and economical union, but unable to resist the lure of just how much cash and political arse licking that comes with the job. What a bunch of greedy little mongs.
  3. What I don't understand is their logic a few weeks back. Fair enough, you think the AZ vaccine is unsafe and have suspended it for public use, but you also threaten to stop exports of it to the UK, because you're angry about not getting enough of this vaccine that you don't want? Even though its entirely your fault for joining the queue so late? They don't want it, but they don't want any other cunt to get it, either? How can you even justify that?
  4. I didn't say I was happy about it. It was a choice between her or Matthew McConaguay.
  5. If I was pissed it would have been Galaxy Quest Sigourney Weaver.
  6. I was around for a few days before Eric turned up, but then I fell into a rift in time and ended up three years younger than him. They based that "Interstellar" film on my story. Its entirely accurate apart from the larger time frame and the fact that I actually shagged Anne Hathaway when I was in space.
  7. Modern lesbians just don't have the long term commitment me and you do, Eric. And @Major Cunt was just @King Billy's fallback option after I killed and ate that horrid Crab cunt.
  8. I just ran out. I was about to like this post, but you'll be glad to know it went to Stubby instead. That @Eric Cuntman has the lot of you turning into a bunch of like prozzies! He's raised himself up from the gutter on them and now he's became your pimp.
  9. Maybe... maybe we should all fuck off to Africa? Let them have the British Isles and we get a whole continent?
  10. And you don't even have any old days to reminisce about. Poor cunt.
  11. Not a fucking chance. On the upside the majority of them will be dead from drug overdoses, attacks and robberies by their own community, or totally fucking skint and depressed in the next few years after they've squabbled over and wasted all the money on shite.
  12. Dear me, I really have hit a nerve here, eh? One name drop and two direct quotes - you're more fucking responsive than I've ever seen you! Didn't know it was possible for you to be this connected to reality. You're still shit, mind. Dismally, dismally shit.
  13. @Old Chap Raasclaat has nothing to fear from me. Admittedly he has terrible taste in F1 drivers and he can get a bit cheeky, but he's a somewhat entertaining cunt and he outclasses you on every level. If you're insistent on me licking his arsehole for a moment, I'm happy to say I've crossed paths with him on multiple occasions on here and from my perspective he's shown the ability to hold his ground in arguments and get under my skin in a most irritating, yet admirable, way. He seems to have settled in and found his place rather quickly compared to yourself, who's made an enemy of every c
  14. Hello, Harold. Good to know I've made an impact in that thick fucking skull of yours. Mention my mam again, in any context, and I'll have your fucking eyes sewed into your sad little purse of a scrotum, your knackers where your tonsils should be and your tonsils... well, let's just say I'll be keeping them for my own personal amusement. Love and hugs, Roadkill.
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