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  1. Fuck off with your divide and conquer shite, Frank. Both Pen and Decs know where I stand in regards to this silly bollocks. I assure you neither of them should be expecting me to rush to their respective sides if they've paid any attention to what I've told them through various PMs. I just like trains. Find some other festering hole to lay your eggs in - creepy little web weaving cunt.
  2. I actually like talking with her about trains sometimes - she's like an encyclopedia. She once identified the origin of Kim Jong Un's personal engine in about three minutes when I asked her what it was.
  3. What phone are you using? Might be an OS incompatibility with your WiFi - or the Chinks forcing you to use that 5G shite.
  4. How did you miss the use of "are" over "am"?
  5. Fuck knows. Ever since the last "faggy badge" update, the place has been working at peak shiteness.
  6. Sorry. Thought there was a decent chance of at least one of them liking it. Either way, you're getting a shag tonight - no need to thank me.
  7. Flip the master switch on the breaker box. Tell the cunts there's a power cut. If they don't fuck off after that, order the greasiest, cheapest kebab you can find, wash it down with some White Lightning and slowly gas the cunts. If that doesn't work, get your cock out and piss on them until they fuck off - that's sterile.
  8. Apparently every cunt had one of those at some point in Tyneside during the 80's. It just happened to be the same fucking one.
  9. I think some of the more remote villages still barter in furs and arrow heads, DC. However, nicked bikes are the preferred local currency.
  10. Only if I can bring @King Billy as my designated food taster and tin foil hat specialist - I'm taking no chances with your level of corruption. And you're paying for the food and drink - but you can feel free to cop a feel after I'm passed out - I'm a classy date like that.
  11. And you just happen to take offense to the tradition when its being directed at Frank? After he's told "every other cunt" to drink bleach, this one single time out of thousands just happens to be the straw that breaks the camel's back? It isn't Stubby who's "better" than this. You're getting tummy rubs from Freddy Kruger. Eventually its going to end with your guts piled around your ankles, mark my words.
  12. You used to be on good terms with Stubby... Frank has seeped into your veins like black tar heroin. You'll do anything just to get a little taste of him. You have strayed far from your original path Dyslexic-san...
  13. You do know that you're going to have to play Frank's dancing monkey until the end of your days on here, right? It'll probably be him who ends you, just sooner rather than later if he gets bored of you. You'll be in the middle of slagging some cunt off for his amusement and he'll sneak up behind you in a deathly silent pair of moccasins - you won't even feel the knife puncture your kidneys - you'll just feel strangely weak and lightheaded as the shock sets in and he effortlessly throws you to the wolves. All of this has happened before, and it will happen again.
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