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  1. The video never went all the way to his front door, Bubs... but the distinctive red scooter was parked for all the world to see on google maps on his driveway... @Wolfie is the Mocking Shop still around or has it died off? I still never managed to get back in there after he kicked me and @Mrs Roops out for not posting enough, but apparently reading too much.
  2. That the fixed blade one where you told him off for the pig-metal craftsmanship or the magazine-bought pretend Native American foldy?
  3. I think poor Eddie might have ended up missing a few fingers, maybe his nose if the fight had happened. Fender is an angry person, with knives.
  4. Fender doesn't just like his hammers. He has hatchets, knives and chisels, too. I'm sure there's a picture in the gallery somewhere of his personal armoury.
  5. Reptyle was never big league fodder, if there even is such a thing. He was like a very slow burning JSP - lasted just long enough for every cunt on here to give him a kicking for whatever bollocks he came up with on the day and be happy that he was dead.
  6. About the same as Reptyle's anime body pillow coming to life for a single night to finally claim his virginity. He fucking wishes it would happen with all his angry little black heart.
  7. Still waiting for that knock at the door from the lawyers of the entire gaming industry he threatened us with...
  8. And another one who tried to pick up the flag in the name of Pete when I revealed him. Didn't he make a few returns, but got so pissy everyone kept figuring out who he was that he basically told the entire admin team to fuck off and ban him?
  9. Pete was a dirty cunt who I gave a chance to when he first showed up. My reward was an incredibly sinister and clearly described fantasy posted to my PM box in which a well known and underage environmental activist shat on his chest and shagged him.
  10. I wouldn't go that far, just think it was a badly timed joke and that horses are cunts.
  11. Funny thing about you Gypps - you play the nonchalant, non-caring cunt, but when I myself pointed out I'd lost an uncle to this shit you PMed me so fucking fast with condolences. Then we got sidetracked talking about how horses were cunts.
  12. I wonder what you must have said to them to make them feel the need to point out that, in fact, THEY had lost a relative to the very same virus you're mocking all the precautions for. Is it possible you might be blathering your own fucking incessant bollocks just as much as these narcissistic twats are feeling the ridiculous and uncalled for need to argue with you with silly shite like real deaths of real people they knew? Its so unfair, Gypps. You're just pointing out that masks don't help constantly - why the fuck should anyone recently bereaved feel the need for any kind of security (false or otherwise) after losing someone. Maybe if you shut the fuck up with your anti-mask moaning, they'll stop telling you their sob stories? I think if I ever met you in person, I'd wear full PPE and throw surgical masks at all the little hedgehogs and birdies - just to piss you off.
  13. Here's a heartwarming story from the good ol' US of A for all to enjoy. I give you Richard (Rachel) Levine - the US Assistant Secretary for Health - faced scrutiny in the past for its actions when it pushed heavily for elderly covid patients to be returned to their care homes during the first stages of the pandemic - no doubt causing a lot of deaths in the most vulnerable sectors of society as a result - the cherry on top being that it removed its own mother from her care home when an outbreak hit there, and moved her into a nice, safe hotel away from all of those disgusting infected old fucks that Richard had helped put there. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-hhs-nominee-faced-scrutiny-moving-mother-care-facility-covid-19-outbreak Quite a damning bit of publicity for a politician to have to live with, I'm sure you'd agree. However, the Biden administration thinks its great - spectacular, in fact - so fucking good that Richard (Rachel), who has never served in any branch of the military, has just been given a position as a four star Admiral in the US Navy: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58974627 Harold Shipman was just a few years too early - if he was caught today all he'd have to do was escape to the States, wear a skirt and instantly be promoted into a command position of his military branch of choice.
  14. I dunno, Billy. Maybe it'll finally be Moss' year? He's waited long enough.
  15. Apparently not. Ruskies should let him take the car with him - useless little cunt could become their next super weapon considering what he manages when he isn't trying to kill cunts.
  16. Well to be fair it is fucking Sunderland. Just make sure the duck ponds are filled and those sub-human cunts are happy.
  17. Out of likes, but I wholeheartedly agree. That little Mazepin cunt can fuck off too - although he's being conscripted into his mandatory military service soon, so he might just piss the wrong Ruskie off and end up thrown into the Chernobyl reactor with a bullet in his disgusting fucking potato head.
  18. I think Gasly's already been told he's staying in the B team next year and liking it. Cunt should jump ship to McLaren and take Ricciardo's seat. Sainz is my favourite of the Red Bull rejects, cunts sneaked up to the highly rated LeClerc and is strangling the little cunt slowly with sheer consistency. If Ferrari get a good car next year none of these uppity cunts at the top will stand a chance against those two, but sparks will fly between them when they sort out who's number one. I reckon Perez should do better next year with everyone else learning new cars too.
  19. Have a look at Drive to Survive on Netflix, DC. Interesting (if a bit heavily dramatized) look behind the scenes. Horner is indeed a smarmy little fucking cunt, but its hard not to admire the sheer nastiness of the little scrote when he's butting heads with other team principals.
  20. I've just Googled the place - did they get confused what side of the Berlin Wall they were on back in the day or something?
  21. Max has been the better driver this year, but that Merc car is unbeatable, especially with the questionable blind eye the FIA seems determined to give them when it comes to mysterious sounds from the engine. Just look at the team mates in comparison - Perez is no slouch, but he's suffering compared to a pretty mundane Bottas - although I admit that just might be him not adapting to a new car and team so well. Hamilton and Mercedes themselves have both been shite this year in terms of mistakes both driving and in strategy, but that car is carrying all of the weight so far. The drivers championship is probably Lewis' but the constructors is definitely Mercs. Personally I'm hoping for a Ferrari or McLaren comeback next year under the new regs - its been Red Bulls and Mercs at the top for far too long.
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