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  1. Out of likes, Bill, but I had no idea he'd already done so. I'm a firm believer in pointing out those who've gone on a drunken cunting spree. Look at the Judge as evidence of a diet based on fast food and Special Brew leading to an early grave.
  2. Couldn't have put it better myself, Wolfie. The Chinese are the biggest threat to Western civilisation since the Nazis in my opinion. Technologically speaking they got where they are through both cyber crime, and good old fashioned espionage. If you look at some of the faces of the FBI's most wanted list you'll see a few officers of the Chinese army. They've taken theft of Industrial secrets to a whole different level as they employ thousands of hackers to penetrate defence contractors, tech companies, infrastructure, and the west's intelligence agencies. They didn't make this quan
  3. Doc, I'm feeling the need to bring to your attention what a cunt you made of yourself on Friday night. I'd suggest you stick to drinking anything below 3% in future.
  4. Are you a Palace fan, Gyp's? It's all gone pear shaped this season after the new investors got our hopes up, and that is probably the only thing me and Judge agree on.
  5. It all seems feasible bar the first paragraph. You were the big man on campus once upon a time, I'm told. I do find it difficult to fathom though as you've been nothing but a one trick, slippery Greek pony during my tenure...
  6. Biden's just another Zionist puppet placed in the White House by the Rockerfella, Rothchild, and Jewish lobbyists. There will be no favours coming the Palestinian's way, and the Embassy will remain in Jerusalem. Putin will be demonised whilst he sucks on the chinks dicks further undermining the Western economies. The greatest threat since the Nazi's is the Chinese Communist Party, but nobody wants to take them on as they've greased all the right palms. Capitalism's greed will unfortunately be our undoing as the chinks pump out all and sundry in bargain basement sweatshops to feed ou
  7. Cheers, Ed. We need to entice the old cripple back. I have asked a few of the lads from Charlton if they know an angry, 50 odd year old ex cozzer who's a regular at The Valley, but I don't think he'd disclose his previous career in the local boozer's.
  8. That was his biggest asset, Spot, being so easily triggered, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he's in a Hackney Carriage right now attempting to put the world to rights.
  9. The biggest cunt I've encountered so far has to be Reptile. You'll definitely read about him in year's to come pulling a Peter Sutcliffe. His incandescent rage always caused him to make a right cunt of himself. He's had at least three different accounts during my time here. He's like that haemorrhoid which occasionally makes an appearance.
  10. Are you familiar with the Judge, Trucking? He's ex old bill for starters, and I bet he was an utter cunt on the streets before he lost his warrant card. I'm basing this purely on his site contributions.
  11. It was back in the Corners uncensored times when Frank was the big cheese, but sadly before I joined. The Judge was an old timer notorious for his belligerence and highly strung demeanour, but he could also be quite amusing in a feud. Frank convinced him that he owned a high end London restaurant and would arrange a complimentary dinner with West End theatre tickets as a bonus. This was all total bollocks, but he took the bait hook line and sinker. Needless to say the Judge arrived with his old dear in tow, only to be informed there was nobody called Frank in the restaurants manage
  12. If Frank had his address I'd like to think there would be more than Jacamo brochures arriving at his towerblock. If it was me, I'd be sending dubious adult subscriptions, Stana Stair-Lift adverts, and copies of mobility scooter monthly Along with the Jewish Chronicle. The restaurant stitch up is in my opinion Frank's finest hour. It was before my time, but I've been told the details...
  13. I'd wager that was @Frank during his glory years. I'm basing this assumption on the notorious restaurant and theatre stitch up. The Judge was absolutely fuming I'm told. Marvelous!
  14. I happened to come across the sites revenue statistics the other day, and it's a good job Proper's coining it in from his NHS position as the Corners no fucking pension pot.
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