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  1. Bill, have you got a picture of Kleftiko in all the cough, cough private massage rooms? To be honest, I think he'd struggle to rise to the occasion when confronted by a 23 year old Latvian blonde bearing a striking resemble to a 90's Jo Guest. It's a sad state of affairs for "the cockroach limbed" (I'm borrowing that by the way) cunt, and I've given him a solution. He could always go out with Neil on the hunt, I guess.
  2. You stupid bastard. Why on earth would you want to deprive your body of one of it's most important elements? There's very little about testosterone in the media or medical journals unless it's regarding steroids which are all derived from test anyway. It's actually the male hormone responsible for energy, confidence, libido and boosts the immune system ect. The pharmaceutical industry makes a fortune from antidepressants and other medications that testosterone could either cure or prevent in the first place. I'm sure a man of your calibre would have a private medical plan. Enquire a
  3. The "fear spreading" is just a trojan horse in the overall plan. A few years ago a few friend of mine put me onto a book called 'The Grand Chessboard' by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Now Brzezinski who happened to be Barack Obama's mentor is also a massive insider in the 'New World Order'. Now this book despite being written in the late 70's speaks of a technocratic age where any person's details and movements can be instantly accessed by an interlinked computer system. He was also instrumental in Reagan's Cold War policies, and is basically a little known Henry Kissinger. These plans
  4. Indeed. I remember the original film and you've just put it onto my list of classics to watch again. The remake is actually a decent tribute to the original, and if you haven't seen it already then I would certainly recommend it. I think it's only a matter of time before the Chinese Communist Party is overthrown. I'm reminded of how the Soviet Union finally crumbled, but the final nail in its coffin was being completely skint. I think the chinks have learnt from the fall of other regimes and economically their living the dream. I hope that I see democracy make an appearance there i
  5. Gypers, it's looking like Harrold is offering to eat your beaver. I haven't read all the above posts, but it's looking like you've given him a hard-on...
  6. Frank, you should discuss testosterone replacement therapy with your doctor. I honesty think it might be the key to your form returning. You'll feel like you're 25 again, and I guarantee that the local massage parlour will appreciate the financial benefits... You might even bump into @King Billy as he's the proprietor of a London whore house.
  7. I'm familiar with her work through old threads, and that avatar she used was enough to cause a twitch. Did anybody ever find out how old she was? I'm guessing that most women don't hang around due to board members asking for blowjobs, or minge pictures. I'll give you that about Pen's durability, and I'm hardly about to do a nom about her enormous tackle. It was merely a joke.
  8. Here we go again. I'll assume that you've had an extra WKD tonight, resulting in a bit of dutch courage, and the need to flex your beer muscles on the Corner. If memory serves me correct then a similar incident happened with Eric on a Friday night, which I happened to find quite ironic as he's normally paid for telling drunks to calm down. Who or what I choose to find funny is none of your fucking concern. I don't mind Wolfie or similar giving me some constructive criticism. Considering the fact that you got me confused with DC is evidence enough that you shouldn't touch anyt
  9. I've got no problem with criticism where it's warranted, Wolfster, and am my own man when it comes down to cunting. I actually first discovered the site in 2013, and it was fucking funny back then when I used to lurk from month to month, but it was only after being bedridden after a serious back injury that I remembered the Corner. Being familiar with old Jewdy's material I knew exactly what buttons to press, so it didn't take me long to get onto his mobility scooter hit and run list. I was also surprised by Frank's fall from grace as he appeared to be riding the crest of a w
  10. Fucking hell, Wolfster. I'd like to say I'm shocked but it's an accusation that's been levelled before, and I'll stand by my original comment that he appeals to my sense of humour. I also award yourself a good few likes, and have proved I can mix it with the best as you've stated. That time of the month I'm guessing, but duly noted...
  11. We've been through periods like this before, DC. It's normally when the n**** word gets chucked around too often, along with anti jew material ect. I think there's a fear of being shut down or sued by the woke brigade.
  12. Certain posts seem to be disappearing quicker than South Korean film producers lately. Upon hearing the news that Phil the Greek had popped his clogs, I merely mentioned that he was skint before wooing Liz, and was a friend of Sir James of Savile, and that he's quite possibly a shape shifting reptilian in disguise. Although I'll admit the initial wording was a little harsher...
  13. Looks like the heat might be getting to you, Franco, and I'm not talking about the radiators you've got on full whack to warm your emaciated frame...
  14. I hope so. He's good entertainment value, and can also hold his own in a feud, but for me it's the fact that you can tell he's absolutely seething when bashing out his Kestrel Super fuelled retorts.
  15. Indeed. His 'Gridiron' nomination had me in fucking stitches after you directed me to it.
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