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    Mobility scooters, high quality bugle, steroids, Frank, extreme ironing, Zionists, the third Reich.

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  1. I'm always on "black-ops", Eric, which also happens to be Jewdy's go to Pornhub search. Nice to see you too pal.
  2. You seem to be obsessed with taking a length up the harris from spearchuckers, don't you, Jewboy? Given your previous for curtain twitching related issues I'm hardly surprised. Nope. I'm working freelance these days, Jewboy. Mossad want a bit of wet work done in South London, and called on the Major's service. After the whole Epstien scandal they've decided to cull a few bacon's from the tribe - know what I mean mate? I'm just adjusting the optics on my Barrett. 50, and waiting for a certain mobility scooter to roll down Mr Malik's off licence ramp.
  3. Personally, I'd prefer that you were given the old 'Yellow Star of David', but it's refreshing to see you still waving the flag of the persecuted tribe! I'm looking forward to another inevitable duel. Know what I mean? Shalom, and fuck off, obviously.
  4. I'm sure he would have relished the opportunity to be a colonial plantation owner, and would have been dribbling the word as he took a Ghanian slave girl up the chutney... the dirty old bastard.
  5. Indeed. I'm hardly surprised that they failed to mention him co-hosting the hugely popular 'Saint and Greavese' show as the timid banter would have the hemp trouser wearing, economic migrant flag waving snowflakes desperately emailing whatever muff diver heads that department. At the age of 40 I've suddenly become a bigoted dinosaur who's old school British values don't fit the narrative. Well, The Boy Buggering Corporation can suck my dick as I don't pay a license fee anyway. What the fuck can they do anyway? When you've already done a healthy serving of porridge a fine is hardly a deterrent. Fuck em, and the kikes too!
  6. You would have thought that Lady P would have sent Franco a discounted rail ticket so they could continue this mind numbingly boring exchange over a tube of KY and some Viagra, but it obviously seems the staff at Crewe's ticket office think she's also a massive cunt.
  7. Major Cunt


    Indeed, Uncle Ape. I've no idea why this cunts so enamoured with Frank. The man's been trotting out the same old material for donkeys years. I can only conclude that he's definitely on the spectrum, and I'm not talking about the Sinclair either!
  8. Major Cunt


    Apparently his party trick is to pot the brown whilst clenching the cue with his baboon-esque sphincter. It's a struggle these day's due to the influx of Africans settling in Edgware. He never attempts to pot the pink though.
  9. Major Cunt


    I'll send you my address, Frank, and I'll even keep my hands behind my back whilst you try. I will then snap your osteoporosis ridden body as I attempt to mail you back to the greasy spoon cafe in the smallest possible box. Second class of course. You prize cunt!
  10. Major Cunt


    Any interesting point, Franco. We have a terrible record against the kraut peninsula of Denmark. However, it's a new generation of English players who don't seem to fold under media pressure. It might be coming home!
  11. Major Cunt


    It's subjective, Jewdie. I'm sure that a man of your intellect can work it out.
  12. Considering your well established late night super strength lager rants it was the logical conclusion, and the free shifts at the Pink Oboe naturally produced the other service/product. You're not as smart you think, it's a common trait amongst most alcoholics... No need to thank me, obviously.
  13. What are you angling for here, Jewdz? A blowjob or a four pack of out of date Tenants Super?
  14. I'd be more concerned with your weekly trips to the synagogue, Jewdie. I hear there's an Al-Qaeda cell operating in South East London, and I wouldn't want any harm to come your way. I wouldn't be able to take the piss out of you if your medicine ball sized head was found rolling down a Plumstead pavement Shalom, you fat paraplegic wanker!
  15. Major Cunt


    I'm not watching any of the football over the whole taking the knee bollocks. I got into it with some fucking slag on Cuntbook after I pointed out the matter of 2 world wars and one world cup. Fuck the cup, I'm proud of the 2 world wars!
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