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  1. I like to think of myself as the Corners Roger Moore, Gyps...
  2. Fuck me, you can't even post a YouTube vid the old way!
  3. Looking at getting the old cobwebs blown out, Gypers? I'm sure the good Rev will oblige, whilst no doubt giving the dung hatch a good hammering too, lol.
  4. Remember when I told you that your prose would guarantee a staff job at Charlie Hebdo? I should have placed a bet on that happening again. Honestly, Withers, what on earth was the editor thinking, that'd it would all be fin* second time round? *lacking the correct French characters.
  5. No. You're getting me confused with the Judge. Do try and keep up, Arfa Reptile.
  6. Arthur lives in an area where he regularly spots Bentleys' and Lamborghinis'. I therefore conclude he resides in a tent under the North Circular, and spends most of his Universal Credit on double a batteries and Asda own brand lube.
  7. Major Cunt


    Drew's been behaving quite strangely as of late, Stubbs. Brexits looming and Special Brew prices could sky rocket beyond Carlsberg's control. Old droopy might be apprehend necking Paco Rabanne in Boots, or ram raiding Wickes with his crew of scooter bound Quinquagenarians for turps. Apart from that, I've got no fucking idea!
  8. Deliberately from a lab in Wuhan. It's about, you can't deny that, imo, but it's nowhere near as fatal as their hyping it up to be. Just another step into tyranny, and a rouse so everybody's tracked 24/7.
  9. The Russians have had a working vaccine that produced antibodies in every test subject. Obviously it's far easier to find participants due East, and are no doubt less stringent regarding the possible side effects, but if given the choice I'd gladly settle for Novapharm's vaccine over GSK's. Personally I feel we should let nature take its course, and to be looking for herd immunity in true Darwinist fashion. This virus along with all the other Covids isn't going away anytime soon.
  10. In my defence, Frank, I had only been up ten minutes, and waiting on my morning coffee. I've also noticed a few punters starting a sentence with 'but', which should only follow a comma. I'll be grammatically diligent forthwith.
  11. You daft old pikie. So he was an Italian American gangster in Meet the Parents, Taxi Driver, Heat, Raging Bull, Awakenings and Cape Fear? I can't be arsed to try and remember them all, but he has been typecast a lot.
  12. You just don't like the cunt due to his liberal leaning although he was close pals with Fat Harvey. There's no way "he's without a trace of talent". Films like Heat, Ronin, Taxi Driver, Once Upon a Time in America, Goodfellas, Casino ect. The man's been at the top of Hollywood for the last four decades. I couldn't give a shit if he's fucking Pelosi...somebodys got to. You never know they might make the Battle of the Boyne, and cast you and Panz as extras...
  13. I have seen it, thanks. It's also Britain's largest employer I believe, and you can thank Thatcher and successive governments for relaxing the financial rules contributing to the 2008 crash.
  14. Indeed. I can't work these cunts out. Professional criminals are in it solely for financial gain, and the biggest crooks in this country inhabit the square mile. More money is laundered there than any other financial centre in the world. Moderate estimates put it at just under a billion a year, and a lot of that's drug money, but their big political donators so a blind eye is turned. Hypocrisy at its finest, Weary...
  15. Funny you should mention 'Boon'. A couple of days ago he was in the 'Professionals' playing a small part, and then straight after in the 'Sweeney' where he had more screen time than John Thaw. They put Dennis Waterman in the Scrubs as Boons cell mate to get information on a jewel heist, and he ended up getting kidnapped along with him while 'Regan' banged his date for the night, and they say there's no honour amongst thieves...
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