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  1. Spot on, Wolfster. I completely missed his previous friendship with Pete the nonce, and his fixations with Savile and Glitter. Not forgetting his willingness to harm animals that should have rung alarm bells with admin. Having a family member who's a teacher the topic of red flags in kids came up, and there's specific protocols regarding killing animals as its a precursor to something much darker beneath. His underlying anger was quite disturbing considering the sites just a massive pisstake. I wouldn't be surprised if he's in the papers in five years time after pulling a Dennis Nielson.
  2. Excellent post. Maybe you're not as much of a cnut as I initially thought...
  3. Always the voice of reason, Eric, I'm all for it, but let's have some SBS patrol boats just shooting at the dinghies mid channel, it could be turned into a Saturday night tv show. Like the 'Running Man' minus Arnie, and a lot of subtitles.
  4. Indeed, but Arthur's like that turd that won't go round the u-bend. He'll be back in a few months time under another alias, and will be sussed by his second post. Its happened several times before!
  5. I live in hope that one day we'll have the technology to weed these sick cunts out pre birth. What on all that's holy would possess a man to fuck a chicken, or any other livestock for that matter...i then clocked the guilty in the news segment and it all made sense...its no doubt perfectly acceptable in their book.
  6. One or the other, I've lost count myself. The dickhead does himself no favours by starting feuds he can't finish. I'm sure he'll be back in six months or so.
  7. Jesus wept. So you're delusional now as well as fucking thick? I've had the odd run in, but normally only with the bottom feeders like your strange self. Oh yes, I'm still reeling after you and the septics desperate pincer movement. Now wind your neck in before I send you scuttling back to admin for a name change, again...
  8. Funny you should mention that, RK, as apparently there's plans to reopen a pit up near your neck of the woods in Cumbria. Obviously there's the usual cunts protesting about it despite the amount of desperately needed jobs. Most of this country sits on vast deposits of coal so I'm all for it. In fact, I'm going to make a proposal that the West Midlands is turned into one giant open pit. I honestly can't see much objection countrywide.
  9. I'd give at a fucking go cunt, don't you worry about that. With any luck you'd land slap bang in the Mersey, choke on a turd, and then drift into the Irish Sea!
  10. As a rule I don't report any fucker, but seeing as it's Arthur Reptile I'll make an exception. He once threatened to summon the might of 'Electronic Arts' via lawsuit after a previous pasting. All you need to know about the dog turd collecting fuckwit is his idiocy knows no bounds.
  11. I appreciate the sentiment, but don't forget, eh! 😁
  12. Well, fuck me. What's going on in your tiny tortured sodomite mind, Arthur? I'd imagine your incredibly angry over not being able to finish that Sticklebrick house at the special school since Salfords still in lockdown. Secondly, I moved out of London some time ago for the West Country, and I'd imagine there's far more Ostrich jockeys in your slum. I'm also still waiting on the litigation you were launching against us for insinuating most virgin incel gamers were into savilery. Reported. Fucking idiot!
  13. Punkers receiving six likes, and making me laugh in the process. I've no idea what drugs you're taking, but don't consider abstinence any time soon!
  14. Fuck knows. First he made a nom slagging the thieving cunts off, followed by the revelation he lives a stones throw from the dump.
  15. That's a fair and insightful point, Weary, just look at how long it took to get rid of Abu Hamza. The icing on the bun was when he landed stateside, and was promptly relieved of his hooks citing they were potential weapons. Followed by a life sentence at the ADX supermax in Colorado. No contact with any other prisoners and nothing but a wall as a view. We could definitely take a page from the septics on how to deal with these cunts, but the legal system is infested with highly paid do-gooders, and the legal system dictated to from Brussels. Resulting in the high security prison estate infested
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