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  1. The fact that they're now openly flaunting global socialism is a sobering thought, Bill. There's a theory that China's rise has been a carefully orchestrated one by the likes of Soros and the 'Council on Foreign Relations' ect. A petri dish of sorts to try out various nefarious means of social engineering under the big brother state. Covid's just been one more move on the global chessboard, and if that cunt Biden wins America falls. I'm of to make a new tinfoil hat in preparation for Roops's predictable response...
  2. Although most of these cunts will claim to be working on human rights cases out of a sense of deep moral obligation and a social conscious. We all know that it's about the vast sums they can claim in legal fees, and the all important fithteen minutes of fame on a BBC news segment. Its fine to defend convicted rapists and other violent criminals facing deportation from your Chelsea ivory tower, when there's no chance of the cunt moving next door. Priti's making all the right noises in her rhetoric, and hopefully follows it up with policy.
  3. That's the bloke, Weary. Cheers for the memory jog!
  4. Quite ironic considering his name is rhyming slang for doing the off. I always get him confused with that cunt with the giant paper machete head.
  5. I was an occasional visitor for a few years when I needed a good laugh so am familiar with the man. You could certainly take a leaf out of his book though. Nobody likes a know it all, Roops, as you're no doubt well aware...
  6. I take it that picture been deleted courtesy of Rick_B. That man was definitely not moderator material.
  7. I'd still rather be English than French, Withers. If it wasn't for us you'd be speaking German now. You had an army in numbers to fend of ze krauts, but unfortunately neither the tactics or the backbone. You're all cunts bar Voltaire, and Pascal.
  8. Yes we did, officially. However, considering we're still in the transition phase fuck all has changed yet. Freedom of movement is still unrestricted, and we're still in the customs union ect. Its been several empty trips to Brussels, and still no deal. We should have told them to fuck off in 2016.
  9. That's the bloke, Mrs R. I've just read his Wikipedia page which you've obviously gotta take with a pinch of salt considering he's been vilified. However his method of taking samples from the crematorium is more than dubious, if true...
  10. More of a David Irwin man myself, Harry. He hired some yank architect/engineer to examine the gas chambers at one of the concentration camps on the premise of checking the six million figure. Upon publishing his report the engineer was stripped of his licence to practice, and subsequently jailed. On a totally unrelated note. If you can find a picture of a 50 year old bearded hipster posing with a Chinese sex doll you'll receive at least 6 likes. Frank's been a bit quite lately, and that's bound to raise a few laughs...
  11. For once I think Panz might have a point. From the moment the referendums verdict was announced I'd said we'd never leave the EU, and here we are five years later in exactly the same position. We all know that the government did not expect the outcome, and neither Labour or Tory really wants us out. Boris is just going through the motions with Brussels making it as difficult as possible. Considering we're one of the largest trading partners of the block we could happily tell them to fuck off, and there would be little more than saber rattling from the crooked cunts. I'm honestly not
  12. Spot on, Wolfster. I completely missed his previous friendship with Pete the nonce, and his fixations with Savile and Glitter. Not forgetting his willingness to harm animals that should have rung alarm bells with admin. Having a family member who's a teacher the topic of red flags in kids came up, and there's specific protocols regarding killing animals as its a precursor to something much darker beneath. His underlying anger was quite disturbing considering the sites just a massive pisstake. I wouldn't be surprised if he's in the papers in five years time after pulling a Dennis Nielson.
  13. Excellent post. Maybe you're not as much of a cnut as I initially thought...
  14. Always the voice of reason, Eric, I'm all for it, but let's have some SBS patrol boats just shooting at the dinghies mid channel, it could be turned into a Saturday night tv show. Like the 'Running Man' minus Arnie, and a lot of subtitles.
  15. Indeed, but Arthur's like that turd that won't go round the u-bend. He'll be back in a few months time under another alias, and will be sussed by his second post. Its happened several times before!
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