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  1. Bill, you'll like this one given your previous business interests. There's a bloke I know through a mate, and he's fallen in love with a hooker that he's been regularly paying to see. Both mine and my pals advice after we'd finished laughing was forget about it, she will probably take you for every penny you've got and then fuck you off. What's your professional advice as a former proprietor of these establishments?
  2. Definitely. The cunts have been pillaging our waters for decades, and along with the degos persistently going well over their own precious EU quotas. I wonder if there's French coastal towns like Hull* where fishing vessels sit rotting like one of Roops' used tampons on a mild day. @Witheredscrote? *Minus the sun deprived toothless whores, and an avalanche of afghan smack.
  3. A wise move for once, Francis, but I reckon it's going to take more than a month for you to find a sense of humour. 'The Clique' and 'The Cartel' have combined forces whilst recruiting new talent. You're definitely finished here...
  4. I'd like to say I'm suprised, Weary, but I'm honestly not. Unfortunately, the privatisation of the utilities was a colossal fuck up for this, and just about any other country that's done the same. It's a chance for cronie capitalism to swoop in after greasing the right palms, and then royally fuck the general public over. Take the railways as a prime example. Ticket prices go through the roof, pressure is put upon the workers, little investment put back into the infrastructure ect. It's exactly the same with the electricity, and Jersey along with large swathes of Southern England are dep
  5. I can't fucking stand that cunt. He makes Punkers sound like a prime Richard Pryor. The whole site set up is incredibly poor in my opinion. No acrimony or feuds, and is incredibly fucking tepid. As much as we complain about the rules here they're like comparing Holland to China in relation to 'isacunt'. Occasionally I'll pop over there, normally when I'm serving time in the cooler for a Judge related incident.
  6. He's actually the catalyst for some of the funniest material I've seen during my tenure. The old bastard's completely oblivious to how he can reunite old foes, up peoples game, and provides a wealth of abusive ammunition to boot. I'm glad he's back...
  7. As-salamu alaikum, Jewdy. During your absence there's been wild speculation and theories regarding your fate, but the general consensus seemed to be that you'd succumbed to Covid, and whirred off to meet Eloah given that you tick all the right co-morbidity boxes. As a concerned mate I actually phoned several South London synagogues in order to check whether there's been a recent death requiring two burial plots. A few rabbi's actually told me to fuck off when I described your demeanour and gave a physical description, so it appears that you're just as popular with the local red sea pedest
  8. We all have our off days or weeks, but Frank has been consistently shit since I joined. I just can't fathom how he's unable to string together a few decent post's, Stubbs. I've come to the conclusion that the old Francis was actually a struggling drama student ghost writing his post's before landing a job, or maybe Ming was real and took some scalps via Google translate. @Frank, prove us wrong, and sort yourself out. You've become the Corners whipping boy, even the newbies are laying into you with no fear of reprisals.
  9. Possibly, or maybe I'm just on the wind up. This is Cunts Corner after all, but he did manage to once ensnare a former cozzer with the promise of a slap up meal followed by complimentary theatre tickets. I would like to think it was greed rather than stupidity that induced old Judge to believe him. The man's an ex detective after all. It's an incredibly disturbing indictment on the height of the entry bar...
  10. I just thought we'd prevailed in giving you the lowdown on Frank's previous for luring newbies to fictitious theatre, meals, and museum meet up's. I wouldn't want to see you travel all the way down to Covent Garden, and then be sat outside a café for three hours, scanning the oncoming crowd for anyone resembling a recently liberated Treblinka prisoner to mince your way. Dressed in the obligatory drainpipe jeans, wig, and effeminately holding a clutch bag full of retroviral medication. Although in retrospect it would fucking funny that you took the bait, and imagining Frank ensconced
  11. Russell Grant's got nothing on you, Eric, but the only questions are how long it would take for me to fuck it up, or for Prof to realise she's punching and become incredibly possessive?
  12. How old are you, Prof, and are you in possession of a pair of knockers that don't resemble spaniels ears? Is your beaver still tight and easily becomes well lubricated? I think that's everything for now...
  13. There's nothing wrong with a bit of praise and acknowledging a new punter who's in the game. Unfortunately, DC seems to have fallen under Franco's spell, and is now name dropping like an ex 'Big Brother' contestant in conversation with the wanker, but as @Eric Cuntman pointed out he's completely devoid of culture as a scouser, and is probably feeling quite highbrow. I've a feeling though that like myself you're from the right side of Watford. He's desperate to provoke a bit of drama in order to stay relevant, ergo his dig at our mutual respect. It's straight out of the Frank Kleftiko Cor
  14. I reckon you might have inadvertently stumbled across the feature that's snared Harry Hewitt like a Venus Fly Trap in Meg's tight beaver. I'd also imagine that like Wallis Simpson she can play the pink oboe on a par with a professional hooker. We've all been scratching our heads over why he settled for her considering the fucker had his pick of the world's minge. I'm certainly no royalist, but I've got a bit of time for Harry. He's smoked the odd joint, dressed up as a Nazi, and seems the most normal of the inbred bunch. He's certainly no Andy...
  15. I'd imagine the black cab is an attempt to circumvent the numerous warnings and fines for kerb crawling round the West End, Frank. Did you have Terry Stamp in the biblical sense in the back of the cab, or was he a genuine fee paying punter? I reckon it's time to bury Ming beneath the flower beds now. Considering the amount of times she's been in and out of the deep freeze will ensure a rapid decomposition on a hot summers weekend. You can't carry on like this, as a friend I'm suggesting that you finally let go.
  16. Valid points, WC. There's many variables at play, but personally I think we're dealing with the first conflict based solely on water. I watched a news piece earlier on how the Chinese have dammed just about any rivers they possibly can. The main reason for doing this seems to be under the guise of generating hydroelectric power, but all of their major sources of water are in the south of the country and they've spent a fortune on the infrastructure to bring it north. The propaganda is already being pushed around how much electricity will be produced by this giant dam their intent on buil
  17. That's very chivalrous, DC, but Gyps can hold her own when dealing with the abuse that occasionally comes her way. I don't think I've ever once seen her rattled, but the time she tore Roops a new arsehole was fucking hilarious. She's also put Franco back in his box on a couple of occasions too.
  18. Fair point, Spot. However, this is the sort of material that pulls in the new cunts, the ones who actually have a bit of sharp witt and a wicked sense of humour. The HMS Corner needs to be kept afloat, but admin are potentially steering it into a pack of U-boats. Just my thoughts...
  19. Cornflakes. Are you having a fucking laugh, Doc, obviously. You GP's were fucking stacking the notes, and the rightly so. Anybody who potentially had to smell and treat Jewdy's ulcerated legs of a Monday morning whilst listening to him championing Nick Griffin, or having to snap on the latex gloves for a prostate examination deserves a 100k plus. We seem to have had an influx of doctors from Uganda and the surrounding countries whose references and qualifications seem quite dubious. I saw one who was a locum at my old surgery and whilst I was there for a different matter I showed him a ra
  20. Actually contributing a valid opinion on a topic, or making me laugh with a swift and ferocious cunting of an attacker would be a good start, Prof, and also changing your avatar from one of Spot's lovers. I've laughed more at Lenny fucking Henry, and that's saying something.
  21. I've seen a couple of articles regarding China's financial aid to Pakistan, and several large infrastructure projects to be built there obviously aimed at keeping Islamabad onside for the duration. The new Chinese model seems to be the iron hand in the velvet glove when dealing with third world nations. Their crafty fuckers as they act like benefactors to the host nation where they're building a port, railway, dam, ect, but the projects in question are actually more beneficial to the chinks than the country in question. Obviously there's a hefty price tag to be paid and that tends to be n
  22. I could picture him looking like an emaciated 'Man From Delmonte' cruising the streets of Bangkok on the lookout for a replacement Ming. I'm sure he's taking this all in and no doubt searching for that brothel owners email address.
  23. He'd probably spent the preceding hour's wanking himself senseless watching live transvestite cam action. I think he's finally had to except that there's no mileage left in Ming upon defrosting, and there's thousands of ladyboy's who'd give their right bollock for a UK passport, and a shot at love with a 50 something hipster. @Frank, it's time to move on. Better to have loved and lost than to never have never have loved at all. I'm sure your sphincters aching for a Lady P hung slope, and the offer of a pwan cwacker...
  24. Spots been on a serious power trip and is flexing his mod biceps as of late. Fuck knows what's going on with the sheep fondling Valley dweller, Stubbs. Maybe his testosterone levels are peaking in line with the sheep, or Roops has had a word before passing the hat. I agree completely regarding Harrold's volume and content of posts. We're unlikely to attract any quality punters if their greeted by reams of his shite whilst perusing the Corner. Feuds are essential in bringing a true cunt to make an account. I know it was a motivating factor in my decision to join...
  25. I learnt from the Corners best multi crop farmer, Eric. 😁
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