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  1. It's never rolled in front of a speeding bus with him in it.
  2. I've never gotten the impression that she is. Seems pretty steadfast in being herself in spite of the non-stop barrage of shit some of these self aggrandizing clowns heap on her.
  3. More of a poo-pourri, actually. Several different bodily fluid inspired bouquets working together to create a thundering symphony of stink. Speaking of Poo-pourri... Maybe a case or two of this stuff might be in order.
  4. As long as you're finally washing something... Make sure you scrub in between the fingers and under the nails. That dried, crusty spooge hides in the oddest places.
  5. So, is this the funny stuff I've been hearing so much about??? Is this the part where I laugh???
  6. What's funny is the way I've got you bitches jumping through hoops like a trained dog circus.
  7. You've once again confused me with someone who gives a shit.
  8. Maybe if you'd lay off the fatty food and hit the gym once in awhile, you wouldn't have a pair of fucking tits.
  9. Ohhhhhh, now I see how it's done!!!! What a revelation!!!! It's all so clear to me now!!!! It's like the entire universe just opened up for me!!!! Thanks, Baws!!!! You've shown me the way!!! The true path to becoming an A-list, acid wit cunt!!!! One question.... can I post bits of dialogue from just any TV show, or are only certain ones satisfactory? 😴
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