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  1. Lots of Kiwis in Aussie. had a mate who worked in the mines for eight years north of Perth. He got sick of it after that, every morning, waking up to a cloudless sky. The heat flies, spiders, snakes, dust storms got him down in the end and no amount of money could compensate for the dreadful lifestyle. He came back here and now lives in Elmslie bay and owns a garage in the Marlborough sounds. Bliss he reckons. He also says that Kiwis that stay in Oz, eventually become as racist as the locals eventually. Seems to be a trait peculiar to beer swilling strine speaking Aussies. Do you keep an
  2. Well yes, i suppose it is about the 12th, well maybe not quite, whats the point in counting. But you know, that's what you get when you dont need to work and have plenty. Sad life eh. Gotta go, see you in a week or so. No internet where i'm going. Welsh steel? Surely you mean Sheffield. Did the Welsh ever produce anything except, sheep, coal, slate and fucking Tom Jones. Going to miss you too, dont die of covid in the meantime. Its not looking good in Blighty.
  3. Morning Grub. Im off on another short holiday, sailing this time. Saw on this mornings news that an elderly Aboriginal lady has won the Australian yearly award. I thought that was very nice. Anyway, i am wondering, there's probably a raging bush fire near you, and if not, there's bound to be one soon. Would you do me a favour, and throw yourself into one, preferably face first. That would be brilliant, and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Triggered much? Jesus, what an almost unbelievable load of shite. Obviously you are deranged, mentally unstable, gay or all three. Cease your faggotry. Idiot.
  5. Shackle rattler, in case you didnt know is a commonly used term for Aussies, as is also, bogan and red neck. If youd ever been there, you would understand why. But no, youve never been anywhere, have you. Pleb For fuck sake, you retard. Im surprised Ma Roops has any energy left or willingness to police the shite you and some others post on here. How many members are there, around 112 i reckon, and yet its the same old same old tired cunts, on here everyday, clawing their way up the leader board. Certainly i cant imagine the place generating enough cash to give admin a return on their time
  6. More meaningless drivel i see. From the master of the half witticism. You. Idiot.
  7. Well written Billy, im impressed. You smooth talker you. I think i'm in love. XX
  8. What a typical, shackle rattler, strine speaking bogan response. Have you been out harassing any already downtrodden Aborigines lately, having sunk a dozen cans of VB. Build yourself a "rabbit proof fence", throw another prawn on the barbie. Then fuck off. 🙂
  9. You are mistaking arrogance for abrasiveness. I dont ever believe in knuckling under. Especially to some Aussie red neck shackle rattler such as yourself. So, fuck off yourself. Also, have a nice day, and fuck off again.
  10. I do. if im not mistaken its you that works at some local Council office or similar. That being so, youll never get respect from the likes of me, you fucking jobsworth. Shame on you, you cowardly security seeking mediocre cunt. A curse on your fucking jobsworth soul. 🙂 Your welcome, have a nice day and fuck off 🙂
  11. Yes he does, and im certainly a lot brighter and cleverer than you. You deluded thick little prick. 🙂 . Idiot.
  12. Have a friend who's missus is an obese whale, and he's a slightly built guy. He's always like obese fatties. His explanation is, they make the best shags. Because not only are the fat on the outside, but on the inside as well, so having tighter snatches. His missus apparently is a right gripper.
  13. I wish the fat obese slobs a happy life and all the very best. The KFC gobbing cunts.
  14. Oh dear, i do seem to have caught your attention, and it seems you are, very seriously rattled. Why you even bother to read anything i post or comment is really beyond me. Obviously the only conclusion i can come to is that you are an envious insecure wanker. Nothing more and nothing less. Im a bit late in replying, because ive been away for a few days in the covid free paradise i happen to live in. Plus its summer and the weather as always is brilliant. So, on that note, you can eat shit. Idiot. 🙂
  15. Well, i have no will power, plus im very easily lead astray. How long do i have before im dead? Tell me, did you vote for Boris? Just curious.
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