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  1. High praise indeed. Are you related to Ken Dodd.
  2. I know rejection can be hard, and i'm sorry, but there it is. You will get over it, in time.
  3. I know you love me. But please stop PM'ing me pictures of your shriveled dick. I'm really not interested. Reported for having knob rot and being a Jew obviously.
  4. Hahah, brilliant. May i suggest at 70, you seem just a tad too old to have kids, although i hear you are still trying at every opportunity. Mostly with pissed drunken trawlermen down at the docks so i'm reliably informed. Next time i'm in Blighty and too pissed to know what i'm doing, i'll look you up, a fivers my top offer. 🙂
  5. You live down the end of Shepherd Street in Bradford dont you. I'd put money on it. Idiot.
  6. You strike me as the type of woman who's kid goes to school for the first time in worn out shoes and no money for lunch. Teacher says to the kid. HHmmm does your father work. Kid says, i think he does, calls himself a ninja something and seems to stand around in doorways a lot. Teacher, does your mother work? Kid says. I think so, mi dad says she's a slag, but i dont know what a slag does. What does a slag do miss?
  7. Who cares. Anymore than anyone cares about how you will climb out of your impoverished lifestyle and door mans job. Oh, that's right, you won't, except maybe a promotion to council shit house cleaner. Part time. Scum. 🙂 I nearly forgot, when are you coming to make me dead like you promised? Idiot.
  8. Bollocks, the dog killed it, only racist i ever employed was a bloke from Basildon. Obviously, the effects of your rampant homosexuality have addled your brain. I also imagine the extreme incontinence created by the amount of ring piece penetration suffered , has left your arse looking like a wastland of chafing and dingleberries. You filthy poof.
  9. I think it's a far more complex problem to be Frank, or i could be Earnest. When you say all have a choice, i dont think they do. If you are unlucky enough to be born into a poor as church mice family, then the opportunities for study and work can hardly equate to those born into a more affluent home. How about the poor Filipino folk that go to work as house maids and hookers just to make enough money to send back to their families to survive. Or others that havnt even had the opportunity to attend school. They are hardly going to get the opportunity to go to Eton or Stowe and the jobs that f
  10. I'm a bit disappointed i only got a "quite" nasty comment. I'll have to try and up my game when it comes to Eric and Ape. I see you got two likes for your comment, and guess who from. Personally i find both to be despicable pieces of shit. The rest on here can be quite funny, and credit for that. The best comment weasel Eric aimed at me after one of his initial barrages was " remind me again, where you are on the leader board". FF sake, Jaysus, sorry but it just about summed up the futility of the cunts existence to me and he was serious too. Eric i see as the disruptive gobby kid at the
  11. Nail on the head me thinks. 🙂 You fucking cunt. 🙂
  12. Bollocks, you know what i meant. Just wondering what led you to working at weekends as a doorman. Do you do any other sort of work, besides being on CC just about full time and being a massive cunt. Assuming as you said, you do it to earn a few extra quid on a 12 hour weekend shift. Then i'm most probably right that your other job if you have one, dosnt pay enough to live on. In which case no woman not even a vile hag would have any interest in you. Which would account for the time you spend on CC. I'd quite like to change my perspective of you from a shabby horrible little loser twat,
  13. It's Ape and the spacker doorman again i see. You two got another bumming session lined up for the weekend? Scum. PS, how the fuck, did you end up working as a fucking doorman. Just interested ?
  14. I imagine where you live it must be quite hard to keep your views on wiggers chavs and low lifes under wraps, the area being infested with them. Drink bleach, cunt.
  15. Take no notice of Ape, he's a low life cunt and Eric"s little bitch, lives in some chav infested council housing estate and is reduced to fixing his shitty old car on the street outside his flat. ( quoted from one of his posts ). Fat, diabetic and will probably get covid as a result of his lifestyle. In short, pure scum. Alternatively, i hope he gets cancer of the face.
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