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  1. Not a bad thing at all then, as long as they prevent cunts such as yourself from breeding. Although on second thoughts, your consistent bumming of ape wont produce offspring.
  2. There's nothing like an eel down your underwear. I'm told by Ape though, it's not near as good as a ring piece fisting by Dawn Chorus. She does a good double hander so i'm told by him. The filthy low life.
  3. Pathetic, you little door opening, machete swinging Ninja Turtle costume wearing cunt. You miserable little arsewipe.
  4. No, i"m off fishing for a couple of days at Kerin Forks, its up the Wilkin River. We'll take a couple off 22 rifles, just in case we see a feral cat or two. Any shot, even one that just clips the fuckers will see them dead once the rot sets in. You? Working as a doorman today and practicing your ninja warrior moves with your super sharp machete? Do you have a ninja turtle suit?
  5. What a load of shite. Do you dress up and practice your moves with your super sharp machete in front of the mirror. You Danny G wannabe idiot.
  6. Well thats not going to happen is it. I hope you get cancer of the face though. Before you do though, how about this shag?. You know you want to. 🙂
  7. You really are almost completely uneducated arn"t you. How are your holidays in Margate in a cheap caravan for a week. Plus your seventy, so probably senile and a hag as well. Actually i live in Canterbury. Fancy a quick shag? 🙂
  8. You can take the name Great out of Britain, that"s long gone. Justin the PM of Canada is a gender pronoun speaking cunt i'll agree. Australia, everything is out to kill you, and rightly so you will be called a pommie bastard especially of you have the misfortune to be working class. New Zealand is a cunts paradise but wont let people from the Chav and Pikey infested ilse's in these days unless highly qualified or very rich. Unless you can pick fruit or vegetables, but then you have to be Filipino and work as a prostitute in the off season. Britain should really change it's name to Britistan
  9. I've sometimes but not often, wondered why the women from that particular era seemed to have no tits. Shoulder carry bags with tassels for men to carry nothing around in as well. Mungo Jerry, Twiggy looking cunts the lot of them.
  10. I am, i've always had a dog, i like dogs, they hump people"s legs. Do you remember the anti Vietnam war rallies in London, must have been around 1967/68. ?
  11. You posted this shite at around 4am in the morning. You sad little prick. Have you ever achieved anything in life. I think not. 4am, wtf. Insomniac pleb.
  12. Same here, how are ya ya fucking cunt is almost an endearment saved for close friends. Although i understand, calling someone a fucking Galah is looked upon as being impolite.
  13. Ok, anyway. Check this one out. People i know, they were/are friends/clients of mine. Both lawyers although the wife didnt work as they had three kids. Although later on she used to do a couple of days office work for me, to keep busy etc. Anyway they had this fucking cat, the wife hated the fucking cat, because of the birds it used to drag into the laundry through the cat door but they had it because she got it for their kids. I used to call round sometimes if i was on my way home early, have a cup of tea and a chat. They lived, still do down a long shared driveway servicing several large pro
  14. Weeley Heath, FF sake. You live in cunting Essex and worked in food preparation. Now it all makes sense. You piece of Essex scum. 🙂
  15. Not a low life one like yours thankfully. Pleb. 🙂
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