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  1. I have been 100% scammed by the cunting bastards called Waitrose: my packet of six sausages said LINCOLNSHIRE sausages, once home I saw made from Hampshire boars in tiny writing. The sausage are FUCKING FAKES, had I realised in the store, I would have screamed blue murder at the 4 eyed, wideload, cuntbreed that served me. SHE KNEW I thought they were fully fledged Lincs bangers. What next, Cumberland sausage made in Pompeii out of shark’s bollox? I DO NOT know how Waitrose could do this to me, they are EVIL, sick in the skull to pull off this heinous scam. Hampshire is famous for watercress not 🐽s PS the good news is I got a Free Daily Fail with my My Waitrose card, front page is about Prince Andrew’s sausage.
  2. WHY, why, why? Maybe there is no answer? Whyyyyyyyyy? I yell CUNT.
  3. I am going to do this nom with my Scottish accent, then I will translate. It’s a fake accent as I was born in Norfolk, I am coastal. If Nicola Sturgeon signs up within the next 24 hours, I hope to receive bonus cunting points. Here’s my nom. A' o' mah vaccinations hae worked 100%, & soon or at least by th' end o' th' year ah wull be vaccinated against covid19 - sae that ah kin bide a lang, happy lee. This is guid speirins fur me. Meanwhile anti-vaxxers ur ill speirins, scaring grannies form bein' vaxed. We hae th' illegal immigrants, th' anti-vaxxers & th' suicidal a' keen tae catch covid19 & manifest mutations. It shuid be illegal nae tae be vaccinated, dealg thaim doon, docs shuid run doon th' wynd & stick a needle in random arses, it doesn’t hae tae be th' arm? English translation: All of my vaccinations have worked 100%, & soon or at least by the end of the year I will be vaccinated against covid19 - so that I may live a long, happy life. This is good news for me. MEANWHILE anti-vaxxers are bad news, scaring grannies form being vaxed. We have the illegal immigrants, the anti-vaxxers & the suicidal all keen to catch covid19 & manifest mutations. It should be illegal not to be vaccinated, pin them down, docs should run down the street & stick a needle in random arses, it doesn’t have to be the arm? Love ProfB aka Proffers. XXX
  4. As usual, after checking my emails I get diverted to MSN news. I see a story I wish to comment upon, so I click the comment banner and I get this: As of September 15, 2020 comments are unavailable, but don’t worry! We’ll have a new commenting experience online soon. Watch for updates on the Microsoft News Blog. In other words, MSN can spout their biased opinions automatically, any time you log in or out of your email account, but you're not allowed to challenge their brain washing, right-on, lefty, BLM, LGBTQ, climate change, bullshit, because it's their website and they only propagate their agendas. CUNTS!
  5. Now I usually purchase things from eBay (I once lost out on Pens jock strap in an auction, vintage whalebone and leather) So I'm having a clear out and there's two items of clothing in excellent condition due to not being worn. So I thought why not stick it on ebay for a little earner. Now despite my items selling and cash paid, eBay now keep new sellers money despite my account being several years old. I have no problem with people being protected by scammers, no sir. I do have a problem with being potentially ripped off though, when they want to hold it for 3 weeks, long after the buyer has received the item. Oh, and to top it off. The cunts took £28 on fees of £160 odd
  6. Guest

    Tokyo chink olympics 2020

    Expect this shit to be hyped up and advertised to hell next year and be expected to fawn over and 'Ooh and ahh' because it's being hosted in can do no wrong, rainbow shitting, apparently perfect japan. Expect lots of fat mongoloid, drooling fucks from north america to cream themselves over a bunch of slopes. For the closing ceremony i'd get the chinks to fly a mothballed B-29 bomber over the stadium from high altitude before dropping a 100 megaton Tzar bomb on the arrogant, self absorbed, noncey, weird cunts.
  7. Guest


    Cunts is the requirement in this section, so cunts it is. Real cunts! The ones in the porn films that have mens clenched fists rammed up them as easy as pushing a knife into butter. Does this really turn any men on looking at a twat that looks like a badly packed kebab? A hole so big it fucking echoes and labia hanging like used jonnies. Give me a tight cunt anyday(and i dont mean scottish twats)
  8. I was watching the 172nd news report of the hour, reporting on tonight's match, when some American arsehole, purporting to be a Liverpool fan, popped up, bemoaning how he'd been shafted by a tout and lost all his cash. Fucking good. That swung it for me. I never thought I'd fucking say it, but COMEONYESPURS!! Do it for Chas Hodges. Or Dave, out of Dave and Dave. Spurs on pennas. (Irons, poof's etc - save the predictable cunts the fucking trouble)
  9. I'm sick of seeing septic cunts on the internet wanking themselves off to what is essentially an irrelevant, irradiated ocean that third world slope and south american shitholes are part of like we're supposed to be jealous or something? and threatening to leave europe(oh no!) Oh yeah if any pieces of shit from north america are reading this Britain has the Pitcairn islands in the pacific and various other territories near it. Fuck off you parasitic bottom feeding scum.
  10. The most obvious thing to point out is the mascot sporting a headscarf. I know she's only about five, but I hope she was properly frisked...just in case. Where's Big Jock when you need him?
  11. Guest

    Let us spray

    So it looks like the three individuals killed on the railway in London at Loughborough Junction were graffiti "artists" as spray cans and new graffiti was found nearby. If so it serves the dopey cunts right. Perhaps a good subject for Banksy would be to show the dismembered bodies of these daft cunts.
  12. Are you expecting someone with a bigger social conscience, or some extra-keen refuse collector to untie the knot, and take the shit away to somewhere where it is wanted? Kick it into the hedge if you can't be bothered you twat, at least the flies can get to it that way.
  13. So much for the international outrage of "only" 50 killed in the latest awful use of chemical weapons by those Russian backed Syrian cunts. It's ok to turn a blind eye to the approx 500,000 killed by conventional weapons, hypocritical yank arseholes. Thanks to Obama saying this would be line in the sand and doing fuck all, the Russians can now do what the fuck they like. Don't worry though, the Donald is going to tell them.
  14. Pure fantasy by a load of moronic cunts who've been watching too much hollywood propaganda and think they're invincible.
  15. Social media and forums are full of the cunts, say something they disagree with and you are a "Daily Mail reader" implying you are a middle class arsehat who believes everything written in what they class as a right wing rag, this kind if uninformed fuckwittery is what the left resort to when they haven't got a valid argument in response to what you have opined.
  16. Guest

    This thick pair of cunts

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/facebook-holiday-food-poisoning-photos-14267295?service=responsive I seriously hope they get the fucking book thrown at them. Would have some degree of respect for them if they had the intelligence to actually pull this off, but the thick Brummie twats broke rule number one of committing fraud: Don't fucking publicly post evidence to the contrary on PUBLIC social media sites. And the bloke should get an extra two years for going into a restaurant without a top on. Such a fundamental level of utter stupidity. Do they even know how to wipe their fucking arses?
  17. Fuck this pack of inbred, blood sucking, blood thirsty chinless wonders and all their hangers on. At this time of year especially every other news article is about their remarkable year and all the great things they've done to help some poor cunts in bongo bongo land or playing ping pong with some multi coloured druggies in Brixton. Prince Harry is a prime example; 10 years in the pongos- whoopie shit. Other cunts who took the queens shilling don't fuck off hunting every other week- not exactly a good example to set young people or third world whallas as a global head of conservation- "I say, you sooty skinned chaps, don't be such cunts and stop killing the animals we civilised types like. Now where's my rifle?" As for prince Andrew the dirty cunt... German tourists fuck off.
  18. Normally I wouldn’t blame a bloke for the sins of his father, especially when he has inherited his bald bonce and ugly face, but I make an exception for this cunt. Stephen was first elected as recently as 2015 (safe seat Aberavon) after spending his early career pushing pens and shuffling paper in the EU bureaucracy ( I wonder where he got that idea?) He also took the opportunity to marry the future PM of Denmark, a thieving slag who managed to get him off tax dodging charges in her native country. Obviously, after following his parents’ advice (they each received 130 grand payoff and 67 grand pa pension for their in valuable “work” for the EU) he decided to exploit the taxpayer at source. A solid gold Blairite and Remoaner this cunt is tipped for the top in Labour politics, just like his traitorous turncoat parents. I stand to be corrected but is there a country . as small as Wales, that has produced such a family of obnoxious, self serving fucking money grabbers as this bunch of cunts?
  19. Guest

    Cunts who let off fireworks

    I'm sitting here trying to take a nice peaceful shit, but a bunch of cunts can't get over their obsession with loud noises and sparkly lights - thick autistic cunts. Think I'll move to Syria so I don't have to put up with this fucking racket. It's probably fairly quiet now half the population is either dead or residing in a 3 bedroom detached in Hammersmith.
  20. So as your lowly binman I cant afford the finest villas in Ibiza, so I opted for a holiday camp to keep the fruit of my loins happy till the little shits go back to school. Mrs Snowy insists we have to do the nights entertainment where the finest acts in the U.K. will perform for the slightly pissed and chavvy cunts that await them. So Im treated to said cunts on my first night, its an Xfactor reject group, all as expected but it was the reaction of the chavvy cunts on the site that took me a back. Hordes of these jelly looking cunts with their wanker kids stood at the front like they were at a Elvis concert, screaming there head's off and filming them on their phones, I have never hoped that someone would throw a grenade into a group of people so much or a subway sandwich to see the aftermath. Simon Cowel is a fucking cunt.
  21. This pair of cunts are from Argentina - not a great start when it comes to avoiding the cunt brush. Clearly Herman's predecessors were migrants to Argentina and fans of racial purity. Anyhow, they've spent the last 20 years traveling the World in a 90 year old car. As Caratacus Von Potts and his hairy armpitted, mental fucking wife have been traveling the globe, they've been knocking out kids. The last one was born in Australia and is called..............(seriously, sit down)...….. Wallaby. Wallaby Zapp. That's Wallaby Zapp. Apparently this corn beef snorting pair of wankers have rolled up in the North East, so hopefully some toe rag will steal their jalopy and set fire to it. With them still in it.
  22. If you're old, infirm or fucked up in a way that impedes your ability to ride a bike properly then these things are a great idea. If you're not then you're fucking lazy and a proper cunt. Fat useless tubs of lard can now splash out several grand on the latest carbon road machines or full on downhill mountain bikes so they can wobble around the countryside in their super stretched Lycra. I wish they'd all go back to playing golf.
  23. So, this numb Aussie cunt, Rish Raniga, went into a McDonalds in Sydney and ordered a veggie burger. He was miffed to find it only contained a slice of cheese and a gherkin. WTF did he expect? If you go into McDonalds, you get animal entrails served in shite, they're world renowned for it, they've been making a profit at it for years. If you want 'Veggie', go to a fuckin' supermarket and buy a carrot, don't just shove it up your arse, and don't expect an organisation responsible for the slaughter of tens of millions of wildlife to accommodate your girly, culinary, peccadillos. Jeffrey Dahmer was a cunt.
  24. Hobby of predominantly northern cunts who take great delight in spending time on their roofs in a cage full of bird shit, probably naked with a semi. The navigational skills of birds is an amazing thing. Why not appreciate this by reading a book on wild birds and marvelling at some of the epics of migration or, heaven forbid, going into the countryside an observing this first hand. Some of these cunts have also been caught killing and poisoning sparrow hawks and peregrines that dare to think about killing their inbreed sky rats.
  25. Guest


    John Higgins, Nichola Sturgeon, Wayne Rooney
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