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  1. Guest


    I have 24 hours left to live... the pilot has even less': Japanese hostage says ISIS will execute him and Jordanian airman in chilling new video
  2. Today many brave people are searching for two unfortunate lads who thought it would be clever to go and check out the sea on Brighton beach during a heavy storm. What is it, other than too much alcohol or too many drugs, that make these people think that they can win against the mighty ocean? Now lifeboats and helicopters are out there in this appalling weather looking for them risking many more lives. Perhaps a Darwin award issue is imminent.
  3. Been done on numerous occasions on previous site but this stuff never goes away. A previous owner of the placid, well behaved dog denies responsibility for the abandonment of the dog and says they sold it to someone on the internet, but doesn't know who. I know nothing will happen but this callous bastard should be named, shamed, billed for the animal's care, fined and banned for keeping any animal ever again. I think a dog licence should be re introduced ..... compulsory chipping of all dogs as pups to keep tabs on the animal in the future and a ten pound a year fee ever after, that's what I say .... oh, and three days in the stocks and a good horsewhipping for this cunt.
  4. So it is ok to kill people in Paris based magazine Charlie Hebdo because they dare to ridicule muslim beliefs. If you are an islamist. Firstly get a sense of humour you cunts. Secondly where are the moderate muslims saying it is wrong? I tell you where they are, there aren't any, they all will bow down to these cunts and not stand up against them. These cunts are not human, they epitomise all that is wrong with religion and faith. Bloodthirsty, backward deluded cunts.
  5. Hot fucking news. What cunts politicians and planners are. They couldn't organise a wank in a brothel. String some fucker up , I say. This is a national disgrace. A failure to plan and and a failure to act. Who suffers? The fucking punter, that's who, whilst paying through the fucking nose all the while.
  6. 'arry Redknap. Illiterate barrow boy. Master of the dodgy deal. Can't read but sure knows how to count his money. QPR 2. Aston Villa 0. Cunts.
  7. Guest

    Ant and Dec

    I hate these two useless cunts , I wish the long headed cunts would drop down dead on live Tv ... cunts the both of them !!!
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