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Found 1 result

  1. It’s the backdrop story to every fucking evening Covid update.... why is there not enough equipment? The government are to blame? They acted too slowly! Next time any of you cunts hears this Lame Stream news being reported and aired on bollox TV just ask yourself the following questions. Back in January when this became apparent the NHS management who ORDER equipment did what? Fuck all, that’s what because it would possibly make Boris look bad. Either that or the NHS staff were just fucking incompetent. It’s a tactic employed in Scotland by Wee Jimmy Crankie.... run everything like shit into the ground....despite being in control of things... then blame it on the Government and Boris. To score points. When the NHS management left wing activist cunts don’t have face masks or ventilators and their own staff start dying, they bitch and cry.... it’s Boris fault. He’s to blame. However, it’s those cunts whose JOB it is to order the fucking equipment. It’s also funny how some hospitals that are run by competent NHS management teams who are not scousers or left wing activists, have actually got massive deliveries of equipment. Funny that. When I get back to work and there is no equipment.... I’m going to blame Sir Keir Starmer for not stepping in and doing my fucking job for me whilst I was sat at home masterbating furiously over oriental porn. left wing activist scouse and cockney fucking NHS cunts failing to prepare properly because they thought they could score political points from it, but it has back fired. Not that the BBC will ever report the story the obvious way it should be..... as above. BBC reporter..... but is that your fucking job to order face masks? Shouldnt you have ordered a few more in January from your usual supplier that you order millions from every week anyway in the normal course of things? Are you therefore fucking incompetent? Do you expect Boris to come round a sweep the floor before administering heavy drugs to your patients on his rounds tonight? Should we not consider sacking you all as being useless cunts? Should we have an inquiry into you pathetic management of your hospital? Should you go to prison for neglect of duty? Are you one of the nurses who are constantly on the TV news saying the government is incompetent, when you are a fully paid member of the Labour Party and an activist? You have a biased agenda don’t you? You Will never get that set of questions from Laura Cuntsberg. That would be journalism.
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