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Found 3 results

  1. I’ve notice the corner has a ’70’s vibe going on at the mo - Baba O’Riley, even Spotto etc., maybe someone can tell me why the sidecar is a rare sighting these days? Too many pillions, not enough sidecars for sale is the way things have gone - which is cuntage big style. 😀
  2. I am going to do this nom with my Scottish accent, then I will translate. It’s a fake accent as I was born in Norfolk, I am coastal. If Nicola Sturgeon signs up within the next 24 hours, I hope to receive bonus cunting points. Here’s my nom. A' o' mah vaccinations hae worked 100%, & soon or at least by th' end o' th' year ah wull be vaccinated against covid19 - sae that ah kin bide a lang, happy lee. This is guid speirins fur me. Meanwhile anti-vaxxers ur ill speirins, scaring grannies form bein' vaxed. We hae th' illegal immigrants, th' anti-vaxxers & th' suicidal
  3. After the unfortunate Spanish 🐷s in blankets episode in M&S, comes disaster in Argos, they tried to sell me a 1/2 Christmas tree, apparently these are trendy? I wanted a full tree, what am I supposed to do - buy two halves, or three halves for an extra bushy tree. I’ve got a lot of balls to hang on it & a glamorous fairy. Only someone with half a brain wants half a tree - half a turkey please, & sprout halves.
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