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Found 4 results

  1. The most obvious thing to point out is the mascot sporting a headscarf. I know she's only about five, but I hope she was properly frisked...just in case. Where's Big Jock when you need him?
  2. Ok, so the Pope and his many predecessors have been cunted off many times before in this last bastion of humanity but there's always time for another go. The dress wearing proto nonce has, like many older, un-married white men do, gone on hols to South East Asia but to his credit, as far as we know, not to finger boys arses. He's gone there to meet the woman who won an oscar or a Nobel prize or something for being locked in a house for 78 years. Any cunt with any knowledge about the world will have probably noticed a whole shit load of ethnic cleansing going on as the junta get shot of some unwanted gypos. Did old pope mention it, did he fuck. They're muzzies and have been fucked off to Bangladesh or India where they'd be happier amongst the savages. This means Burma can become gods own and ISIS get 1000s of new recruits.
  3. Following the staggering success of my Should Mohammed Farah Be Deported poll (thanks to Eric, Pen and Snatch for voting - the results will be announced soon) I'm launching a new poll. It's almost 20 years to the day since these cunts died. So, the question is: Who Would You Rather Go For A Pint With? The arguments are pretty straight forward. Go for a pint with Her Royal Sluttiness and the shag's in the bag. She'd probably even pay for your drink. However, it would be like sticking your cock in a warmed up McDonald's milk shake - take it from me; not a great feeling. And you'd have to look into the eyes of the Muslim getting his cock sucked at the same time. Mother Theresa, on the face of it, looks like a shriveled walnut, and probably wouldn't buy you a pint. But, it wouldn't take much to get her wankered, and with her being a virgin and all that, there's no chance of catching one of the many STDs Di would give you. Although being an Albanian she'd probably steal your wallet. Thieving cunt.
  4. Guest


    Why are all jihadi cunts so keen on virgins? It's baffling. They're fucking useless cunts. Give me a good old fashioned rampant slut any day of the week.
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