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Found 4 results

  1. A pair of Antipodean cunt-beards, Gregg and Kathryn Brain, had Nicola Fucking Dirty Commie Lesbian Bastard Sturgeon highlight their plight this week, in an effort to play political football with their case. The cunts allege that their son's first language is Gaelic and that to deport them is depriving him and them of their human rights. Firstly, these utter cunts were here on a student visa, whose criteria they refused to fulfil and it has now in any case, expired. Their bastard son, according to teaching staff at his school is fluent in only four words of Gaelic. They were recently told they can stay no longer than August and are not permitted to work in the UK. The nationalist supporting Scottish media are now advocating that they should not be handed over to the authorities when they legally have to return to Australia. The Sturgeon cunt has since secured a high-paying job for the bastard father, because he has oft publicised his hatred of the UK. If he despises the UK so much, why doesn't he take his whore's breakfast-ugly wife and bastard fucking son and fuck right off back to Australia, who wouldn't have afforded him any of the privileges he's been shown here, had he been a British citizen on a student visa in Australia? These pricks are part of the self-entitlement, uneducated walking waste shower of shite infecting Scotland and are welcome to fuck off out of my country with immediate effect. Skippy was a cunt.
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/christian-parents-newborn-baby-jaundice-11256856 These two vile cunts refused to seek medical help for their baby, who had jaundice, because "God doesn't make mistakes". As a parent and a grandparent, who's had a child in the family die, I cannot find words to adequately sum up these two fuckers. Hopefully you lot might be able to.
  3. Old cunts are oddly shaped enough without re-living their non-existent youth by sporting low-end sportswear. If I had a penny for every old fucking sad-sack I've passed wearing shite trainers, fake Adidas jogging bottoms and low budget Superdry rip-offs in the last twelve months, I'd have about £11.60. These crumbly bastards should be wearing comfortable brown Hush Puppies, ill-fitting shirts, sensible sweaters, oversized gold-rimmed Rose West Aviator spectacles and a confection of beige outdoor wear, to match their fucking stubble-chinned wives' teeth. If only the doubly incontinent wankers had the self-awareness to acknowledge that whatever decidedly non-de rigueur clothing line they wear, they still smell of piss and predictably can't shave themselves properly. Waddling about in badly tailored market-stall tat doesn't make you look "street", it makes you look like you have a prolapsed uterus, you fucking stupid old arseholes. Fuck off. Vera Lynn's a cunt.
  4. Guest

    Google Fucking Chrome

    So, click on Chrome... Fuckall happens... Check taskmanager, Chrome is there... still fookall happens... restart PC, Go to #1 and repeat None of the fixes work, because it's Chrome that has actually fucked itself up, the xml files want a folder #46 or #48... I have #45 and #47.... Alter the files to correct them... other files are fucking well missing... Try to Uninstall Chrome... see #1 above... Use Revo, see #1 above AGAIN... Finally delete every fucking piece of the fucking cunting wanking bastarding shit off the PC, restart... Just installing Chrome again from scratch (The missus uses it... keeps her shit away from my shit....)... and the missus comes downstairs saying Chrome isn't working on the other PC... FUCKING BASTARD FUCKING ARRRGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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