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Found 1 result

  1. As you fine ladies and gentlemen of this site know, I am a very pro-vaccines individual, who was delighted with the near-miraculous, super-fast development of the new COVID-19 prevention/side-effect reduction treatments. While I agree that new treatments and technologies carry risks - both immediate and long term, possibly distant future’ ones (such as new mRNA technology) the development in the vaccine area, and the quick delivery of a cheap and effective AZ vaccine to the British public, has been absolutely amazing. The EU committee, who had placed a vague, late, discounted contract for their lot of Astra Zeneca vaccines, and who stopped the flows of arrivals of batches currently scheduled for delivery (due to clotting issues), are preparing to sue AZ for what the cunts are claiming is a breach of contract. Forgive me for thinking that they are looking for a claim payout cash to calm the pissed off masses of continental residents, who are not too pleased with their handling of the crisis and complete fucking incompetence and surplus deaths that could have been prevented at some point. AZ coffers are growing, but as the company supplied the shots at cost, the only kind thing this country could do now, is to offer top lawyers to kick the greedy, self-serving wankers in Brussels to the curb.
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