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Found 3 results

  1. This self-appointed guardian of our planet has today reached 18 years of age. Now the attention seeking twat is fair game for any cunting. I gave the cunt a right slagging ages ago, but was warned by Roops that it was out of order, because she was under-age. Well now she isn't, so fill your fuckin' boots. ***** ( cuntspotter says.... no, don’t)
  2. As usual, after checking my emails I get diverted to MSN news. I see a story I wish to comment upon, so I click the comment banner and I get this: As of September 15, 2020 comments are unavailable, but don’t worry! We’ll have a new commenting experience online soon. Watch for updates on the Microsoft News Blog. In other words, MSN can spout their biased opinions automatically, any time you log in or out of your email account, but you're not allowed to challenge their brain washing, right-on, lefty, BLM, LGBTQ, climate change, bullshit, because it's their website and they only propagate their agendas. CUNTS!
  3. What is it with the UK's town and city council's obsession with wanting to pedestrianise every fucking square foot of the UK and the warped obsession with wanting to turn actual functioning REAL cities in the UK into clones of dreary, shitty, little non-entity eurotrash clown cities like holland which can fit inside London about 50 times over. Really aiming for the big time there you cunts. Look at any real major city in the world and they sure as fuck are not like Holland and have actual working fucking cars and traffic in them with working fucking engines that don't run on queef power. Also why the fuck should I have to pay road tax and insurance so a bunch of arrogant, ignorant fucking faggots in lycra get preferential treatment of the roads and make me have to slam on the breaks at 60+ MPH on a country B-road when going around a bend and seeing a gaggle of the cunts in a line forcing me to grind to a whopping 10MPH and with no way to overtake these pieces of shit. I want them all dead. Fuck cyclists ,fuck pedestrianisation and fuck hysterical little homos harping on about climate change.
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