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Found 3 results

  1. Pure fantasy by a load of moronic cunts who've been watching too much hollywood propaganda and think they're invincible.
  2. There are still 47 countries where to speak out against or ridicule religion can have you arrested and in some cases executed. Saudi Arabia will be pushing the UN to make it a worldwide law this year, along with a few others. It isn't just Muslim sensibilities being "protected", but also there are Buddhist and Christian countries with equally harsh laws against blasphemy. The world will be dragged into the stone age by these fucking cunts with no sense of humour. What are they scared of? Is their god so weak that it cannot take a little dig from us mere mortals? It is already in Ireland for fucks sake and that was placed on the statute in 2009 not 1309! So before I can no longer express my true hatred for sky fairy and spaghetti monster stories, their preachers and ancient fictional works here goes.... Fuck you god, jesus, the pope, mohammed, allah, buddha, any other minor deities and all other power hungry cunts who use superstitious clap trap and peoples inner doubts and fears to control them. Go and royally do one. Fuck off with your delusional claptrap and fuck off telling me what to believe you fucking bunch of cunts.The world would be a more beautiful and peaceful place without you..........I will now take a deep breath and relax. Thats better.
  3. So it is ok to kill people in Paris based magazine Charlie Hebdo because they dare to ridicule muslim beliefs. If you are an islamist. Firstly get a sense of humour you cunts. Secondly where are the moderate muslims saying it is wrong? I tell you where they are, there aren't any, they all will bow down to these cunts and not stand up against them. These cunts are not human, they epitomise all that is wrong with religion and faith. Bloodthirsty, backward deluded cunts.
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