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Found 3 results

  1. Yes I know there's another recent nom on the chinks so fuck off, but new "no shit Sherlock" revelations from the FBI will hopefully reinforce what evil, insidious rittle cunts they are. Any cunt with half a brain and the barest knowledge of history can see that the chinks since their revolution have been bent on at first subduing their own through genocide, starvation and brainwashing, and now attempting of fuck over the rest of us and dominate the planet. Their state machine is essentially at war footing against the whole word even to the extent they're actively trying to sabotage and undermine international efforts to combat their bat flu. The yanks, however, seem to have had enough of this shite and a new Cold War is about to start from which there will only be one winner. Time to give 'em some of their own medicine in the form of a killer bug that targets only those of a jaundice hue
  2. Are you expecting someone with a bigger social conscience, or some extra-keen refuse collector to untie the knot, and take the shit away to somewhere where it is wanted? Kick it into the hedge if you can't be bothered you twat, at least the flies can get to it that way.
  3. A dog gets poisoned at Crufts, big deal. The ungrateful, freeloading, shit droppers deserve to be poisoned, I'm just surprised it doesn't happen more often. If the cuntish mongrels appear in my garden and leave their excess body weight behind, they get more than poison, I set bear traps and club the bastards to death, then stick 'em on the barbecue. Did I mention, I FUCKING HATE DOGS !
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