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Found 4 results

  1. I don't know if this talentless fat cunt has ever been nominated on here but here is my take on the whopper of a cunt. James Argent was/is a reality 'star' from Towie and not content with being a part of that pile of cunt that's influenced a generation to be selfie loving, selfish, snowflake, narcissistic cunts he is in the papers because he's ballooned to 27 stone. In a decent civilised society, this cunt would be picked on, called a fat cunt every 5 minutes and beaten up and punched so everyone could laugh at the jelly wobbles. This sadly is not the case in 2021 Britain...no, loads of o
  2. Guest

    Father Christmas

    Useless fat elf pestering cunt brought me fuck all of any use again this year. Amongst the predictable detritus, I got a comedy fishing rod set where one hooks out pretend plastic floaters from the bath and more shit orientated tat in the shape of a pack of playing cards called 'Plop Trumps'. Christ. I'm going to ambush the twat next year, kick his fat rosy fucking face in and shit in his sleigh. Bollocks to Christmas.
  3. Eric Cuntman


    Pie enthusiast Adele has become an ordained minister so that she could officiate at the wedding of Alan Carr and his bum chum. There's no end to this stupid fucking bitch. Why do all celeb' women only have poofs as friends? Not content with simply being a fag-hag, she also has a habit of making her young son wear dresses in public, so as not to impose gender stereotypes upon him, well, that's exactly what you are doing, just the wrong gender, you thick fat cunt. That poor kid is being indoctrinated into homosexuality. I bet she told him he was a bridesmaid at the chutney ferret debacle too. No
  4. Guest

    Nick Ferrari

    This fat cunt is not going to go like a Ferrari
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