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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    This thick pair of cunts

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/facebook-holiday-food-poisoning-photos-14267295?service=responsive I seriously hope they get the fucking book thrown at them. Would have some degree of respect for them if they had the intelligence to actually pull this off, but the thick Brummie twats broke rule number one of committing fraud: Don't fucking publicly post evidence to the contrary on PUBLIC social media sites. And the bloke should get an extra two years for going into a restaurant without a top on. Such a fundamental level of utter stupidity. Do they even know how to wipe their fucking arses?
  2. I happened to be passing through Bolton(a shit-hole in the North west of England, for those who don't know) when I noticed that over the Bank Holiday they're having a 'food festival' That means a load of those so called 'celebrity chefs' will descend upon the town to demonstrate their culinary expertise. They've blocked the town centre with tents, marquees and stalls, turned it into a right fun-fair looking mess, just so Torode and his check-trousered, big hat, shirt-lifting mates can cunt about for an audience of lardy-arsed, take-away loving, waddling blubber mountains. So where does the 'rock & roll' come into it? That's because these wankers actually think they're 'stars', when all they really are is a bunch of mincing canteen cooks with a tv series and a cook book to flog. Bastard Chef, my arse, CUNTS !
  3. Do not stick your fucking fork into my plate out of the blue! And I hate to have to "try" something off your plate as well.. My food is my food, Your food is your food. If you wanted to try my food you should have fucking ordered my food. And if you can't eat all of your entree don't even think of whacking off hunks of it and plop it on my plate, ffs! If the subject of sharing food comes up - and I don't care how fucking polite you ask - I will avoid dining with you in future! Now, don't eat with your mouth open.
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