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Found 4 results

  1. In my opinion the whole idea of wearing a baseball style cap is to keep the sun off your bonce and more so out of your eyes. The sort I'm talking about seem to think wearing one of these hideous head toppers instantly transforms them from the IT technician they really are into some super rad, extreme sports, hardcore hero who's out there and stylish. Not the case; it simply makes them look a right cunt as testified by the stupid fucking great hole in their earlobes and the compulsory tattooed sleeves depicting their favourite super hero or some other childish tat. Lewis Hamilton
  2. Ok, it goes without saying and it's been done to death, football is for irons etc .... England superstar and confirmed thicko, Raheem (yes his real name) Stirling has basically told the world he's got the morals of a small minded thug by getting a gun tattooed on his leg. So rather than tell him he's an irresponsible bell end followed by a whack across the chops with a muddy boot, penalty missing failure Southgate has assured us all that he's a great role model to children. If idolising gun culture and pretending to be some kind of rapper/gangster, then you're spot on Gareth, you colossal
  3. Guest

    Nintendo switch

    It speaks volumes about how shit of a games company nintendo is when the last time those dickheads brought out an actual games console with an actual controller was the gamecube in 2002, why pay £200 for a ps4 or an xcawks when you can shell out £300 for a plastic gimmicky piece of shit with such amazing titles as gloryhole simulator 17 where you wave a plastic stick around to simulate fellatio! Nintendo switch is the punkape of games consoles.
  4. Joker

    Robin Hood

    That Robin Hood was a cunt. Hanging around in Sherwood Forest, with a load of other doublet lifting, tights wearing,Nottingham Forest supporters. Jumping out at lonely maidens and young sheep herders like some demented flasher/pedophile, with his lips wrapped around his horn, summoning up his merry men for a scrummage in the bushes, with his mates Friar Tuck, the renegade choirboy muncher and sad sack Little John, so called, because he wasn't very well hung, still, you don't want your knobbly bits showing through those tight tights. What a cunt.
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