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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    The Oscars

    Probably a repeat nom but I don't give a fuck as this parade of deluded sexually deviant fuckwits deserves multiple cunting. I fucking pray that somebody detonates a dirty bomb under under this cuntfest turning the attendees into a pile of charred radioactive blubber.
  2. Guest

    Bahar Mustafa

    This fucking not right is the student union "equality and diversity" officer at Goldsmiths University. To cut a long story short, she posted details of a student meeting on facebook specifically excluding men and WHITE PEOPLE! When a few people took exception to this, she took to twitter with a piss take picture mocking male students and called one "white trash" with the hashtag kill all white men. The ugly cunt then uploaded a video to youtube babbling complete bollocks along the lines of that she was incapable of sexism or racism because she is an "ethnic minority" woman. It should come as no surprise that she has recently gained a masters in "Gender and diversity studies" better known as a worthless piece of paper fit for only wiping one's arse with. Anyway, one chap decided to screenshot her social media comments and made a formal complaint to Scotland Yard's hate crimes unit who are now investigating. Fucking karma!
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