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Found 2 results

  1. Without naming any names, there is a certain trial which is currently being delayed because the defendant is refusing to leave his cell to go the courtroom. Because the UK is a civilised nation, the defendant hasn't been given a brisk beating and then been dragged out of the cells to face sentencing like a man. Instead the judge has said something like "Well, I can't force him to leave his cell". I don't know very much about our criminal justice system, but surely there must be a contingency process to deal with this type of foot dragging by the defendant ? I wholeheartedly believe i
  2. This has got to be the Cunt du jour, really hasn't it? That old well-tested cliche, beloved of lazy journalists the land over, rears its ugly head again this January. As sure as a child's tears on Boxing Day, you'll find angst-ridden punters on their way into A&E harangued on the pavement by BBC types about their reason for attending and the coming meltdown of the NHS. Then shots of ambulances all parked up while the men in green overalls have some elevenses. Cut to a sea of geriatrics on trolleys looking haunted and earnest Nurses fiddling with their bags of Hartmanns and IV lines. A
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