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Found 1 result

  1. Maybe I am just getting old, but some of the newer bands seem contemptibly weak and almost impossible to listen to. I primarily love good guitar music, but I will listen to any genre of music if it has a good tune. I am completely stumped by the appeal of newer bands like Dry Cleaning, Black Midi and Black Country New Road. The output of Dry Cleaning seems to consist of someone miserably mumbling pretentious lyrics over a weak beat, with some wishy washy faded out sounds in the background. The singer from Black Midi sounds like he is having a nervous breakdown while being forced to masturbate at gunpoint. Black Country New Road seem to be ranting half heartedley about a poorly executed chemical experiment. I just don't understand how bands like this get started. Does no one tell them diplomatically to stick to their day jobs ? Worst of the lot are Sleaford Mods. Okay, I know they have been around for a while now, but they are truly dire, the lyrics sound like a schizophrenic trying to explain his latest obsessive delusion to a confused therapist, with a few keyboard loops tagged on for variety. Who is buying this shite and keeping these bands afloat ?
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