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Found 5 results

  1. In some fantasy bullshite world dreamt up by yanks, Superman has a son who’s bisexual (ie a screaming bender for cock) The new superpoofs superpowers must be cumfarting his enemies, screeching in an effeminate way and shitting without it touching the sides. His kryponite would be the smell of a fanny, using a condom and beer. If one were to don the tin foil it’d be easy to see this as a slow leaching of homo normally into everyday life via popular culture especially to those young enough to be most easily impressionable/brainwashed. A subservient breed of limp wristed weak cunts is what they want, something @Wolfieeluded to on another thread. The sooner humanity dies out the better- 100 years at best I’d give it, sooner if Marburg virus kicks off or another deliberate dose of bat flu is dumped on us by the chinks
  2. Now this really is a right cunt. It's now apparently possible to cure AIDS meaning the shit stabbers can carry on fucking each other up the wrong un like it was the early 80s again. I and many others here held out great hope that AIDS would wipe out the poofs and get to work on thinning out the third world but alas it seems humans are resilient and smart enough to deny this planet saving chance. I'll probably wake up tomorrow and find they've cured Ebola and sub Saharan Africa's population had doubled in response. We're fucked, totally fucked, along with every other poor cunt species on earth
  3. We all know telly these days is utter fucking shite, especially if you rely solely on freeview, but it seems to me the vast majority of programming is aimed purely at women and poofters. This is certainly the case with virtually all of the wank that's on ITV and the biggest offender, Channel 4. Mrs Pecker, the daft mare, insisted on watching some crap the other night about an A&E department of which the sole purpose of said program was to allow the viewer to wallow in the misery of some poor unfortunate cunts. "Little Johny has just been bought in with a fractured spine and will probably never walk again. Here's his distraught and blubbing family to tell you what a lively lad he was and the cruelness of it all" Queue tears and snot running down the faces of every split arse and homo watching it. Call me a heartless cunt (I am) but I don't want to see these poor fuckers suffering. Goggle box is another pile of crap watched on mass by the brain-dead, limp wristed fuckwits of this once great nation as are so called lifestyle programs. No heterosexual male should be tuning into this.
  4. Scully-Hick has been found guilty of murder by beating to death his newly adopted 18 month old child. Doctors assessed the abuse had been going on for months whilst the adoption process was taking place. This is a desperately sad case that was allowed to take place because the couple doing the adopting were presumably above suspicion as they were poofs. Well done you fucking cuntbreed socially working wankers I hope every one of them who had any contact with this child and the healthcare workers who assessed the broken bones as a tumble down the stairs are fucking sacked. As for scully-hicks, a lifetime behind bars awaits. We all know exactly what should happen to this evil cunt but he'll be protected from those inside who know real violence, not the sort cowards do to a baby. I hope he's eventually raped to death after having all his bones broken.
  5. http://news.sky.com/story/football-in-denial-over-link-between-heading-and-brain-injury-10768739
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