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Found 2 results

  1. In some fantasy bullshite world dreamt up by yanks, Superman has a son who’s bisexual (ie a screaming bender for cock) The new superpoofs superpowers must be cumfarting his enemies, screeching in an effeminate way and shitting without it touching the sides. His kryponite would be the smell of a fanny, using a condom and beer. If one were to don the tin foil it’d be easy to see this as a slow leaching of homo normally into everyday life via popular culture especially to those young enough to be most easily impressionable/brainwashed. A subservient breed of limp wristed weak cunts is what they want, something @Wolfieeluded to on another thread. The sooner humanity dies out the better- 100 years at best I’d give it, sooner if Marburg virus kicks off or another deliberate dose of bat flu is dumped on us by the chinks
  2. Guest


    Well, well, well. A glaring hole in the corner. Allow me: It is a statistical certainty that a test sample of Catholics are far, far more likely to be peedos than any other sub group, second only to convicted peedos themselves. Seemingly 1/5th of Catholics are priests, so enough said. When these shower of fantasist cunts are not fiddling kids, they are either making bombs, smuggling green diesel, or drinking heavily. Their eyes are too close together and they are far, far too easily offended; subject to unreasonable outbursts when any of this shit is pointed out. They espouse a bewildering array of truly preposterous beliefs; one would struggle to invent a stupider load of shite if paid to do so. They seem intent on breeding like germs and spreading AIDS in the third world. Punk ape is one. Ten hail Quincy's, and go fuck yourselves. Fuck off lol
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