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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    Let us spray

    So it looks like the three individuals killed on the railway in London at Loughborough Junction were graffiti "artists" as spray cans and new graffiti was found nearby. If so it serves the dopey cunts right. Perhaps a good subject for Banksy would be to show the dismembered bodies of these daft cunts.
  2. Guest

    This thick pair of cunts

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/facebook-holiday-food-poisoning-photos-14267295?service=responsive I seriously hope they get the fucking book thrown at them. Would have some degree of respect for them if they had the intelligence to actually pull this off, but the thick Brummie twats broke rule number one of committing fraud: Don't fucking publicly post evidence to the contrary on PUBLIC social media sites. And the bloke should get an extra two years for going into a restaurant without a top on. Such a fundamental level of utter stupidity. Do they even know how to wipe their fucking arses?
  3. The giant fat berg blasted out of Lundons sewer was approx 130 tons and as long as a blue whale. However, only a small amount was lard and burger grease tipped down the sink. The vast majority was wet wipes, sanitary products, cotton buds (plastic) and other sundries that surely anyone with an ounce of intelligence must know shouldn't go down the bog. God knows how much it cost to shift- they did turn the fat bit into biodiesel. I suppose the thickos who flush wet wipes just don't know where they go to or care. I therefore recommend a nationwide questionnaire on the topic with those who get it wrong rendered into a higher grade biodiesel, free for the intelligent amongst us.
  4. In pursuit of youtube fame a teenage dad (Pedro Ruiz) was shot at point blank range with a 50 calibre hand gun in the chest by his lover (and mother of his child, with another on the way, Monalisa Perez) thinking a hardback book would stop the bullet. This was all filmed in front of many witnesses live on youtube. A 50 calibre can stop a car engine at a distance, it can bring down a charging elephant and most certainly will go through a load of card and paper. It beggars belief that people stood around and let this happen. Proof that if you arm a nation of fucktards you will lose a few from very friendly fire. NRA are a bunch of cunts oblivious to reality like most of the USA. Don't see why they can't see if Donald Trump's wig can act as a deflector for an RPG?
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