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Found 2 results

  1. Just watched a segment on ITV news featuring an interview with 'Rachel Ojo', a 17 year old black girl who apparently is the head of 'the UK youth parliament'. She was clearly unintelligent, barely coherent, and babbling on about "nafe crame" (knife crime). According to Rachel, blacks stabbing each other at an ever increasing rate, is the fault of the government, who don't understand the needs and tings of da yoof. No, you thick fucking cunt Rachel... The reason your people stab each other is because they're unintelligent, criminally inclined fucking animals. They've been running around screaming and chopping each other up in Africa for millenia, and they continue to do it wherever they migrate to. And the reason it's getting worse, is that the police are no longer allowed to target black men for stop & search because 'it's racist'. It's not fucking racist, the reason they used to search black men is because they're the ones carrying knives. If black people want to tackle "nafe crame", they should start dealing with their own young men, and stop blaming society, racism, slavery, or whatever the fucking deflective excuse is this week.
  2. So, when Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Home Secretary, was asked if she could name the French Foreign Minister, she accused the interviewer of sexism, she didn't answer because she didn't fucking know... her own "opposite number"... she added "can we talk about some serious stuff?" as if Brexit wasn't fucking serious... dumb fucking cow. She suggested he ask about "serious stuff" like North & South Korea, she didn't know who the Foreign Minister in SK was either (Yun Byung-se since you ask), and didn't even know if the President was male or female, even though being asked is a big fucking clue.... Also, she later tweeted: "Seriously, though, sexism is still so rife and serious. This kind of thing trivialises it and makes it harder to fight." No shit Sherlock!
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