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Found 16 results

  1. Why, according to the MSM are there so many confused wankers hovering around? Apparently, there's confusion over mask wearing, social distancing and gatherings, alcohol consumption, gender, sexual orientation, good and evil, car insurance, brexit, Donald Trump, China, Ape and a shit load of other irrelevant tosh. Any wanker who's claiming to be confused by such shite is simply a lazy, thick cunt seeking to disguise their inadequacies with a diversionary label. They can all fuck off.
  2. This really grips my shit. Why are some people incapable of pointing to something on a computer without actually poking the screen? There's one cunt at work that pokes screens so hard that the display remains distorted for a few seconds after the event. The first person to do it to my new Mac will be stabbed.
  3. There's not many more things that say "I'm a cunt" than owning one of these abominations of nature. Thanks to some highly talented celebs, every chavy Lewis Hamilton wannabe gets one of these disposable poor little bastards to ponce about with. I had to slow down this morning and manoeuvre around some skinny jeaned prick and his mrs, both with said unfortunate creatures and both on their phones. One assumes that wearing sensible footwear to walk their pretend dogs in the winter is beyond their intelligence hence the reason why they were standing in the road (on opposite sides of course) and not on the grass verge. Also these fucking poor cunts are so inbreed and tweaked to suit their fashion conscious owners they have a host of health issues, especially breathing problems, condemning the breed to a shitty, painful existence. Not to mention the fucking awful puppy breeding industry.
  4. Mr Rahman has just been sent down for 30 years for plotting to murder the PM. He was set up by the FBI then MI5 posing at ISIS types then given a dummy bomb by the spooks which he thought was the real thing. This fuckwit has shown a genuinely impressive level of thickness to be duped in such a way. If only our security services could use similar ways to convict these wankers (better still, pop round at 3am and slit their brown throats or organise drone strikes in brum and finchley). Any cunt snared on the web should be banged up regardless of them actually acting, to protect the public. Preferably somewhere fucking horrible, cold and wet. New super prison in Northern Ireland anyone? The religion of peace should go down well over there. Ugly cunt with a mullet to boot
  5. Guest

    This thick pair of cunts

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/facebook-holiday-food-poisoning-photos-14267295?service=responsive I seriously hope they get the fucking book thrown at them. Would have some degree of respect for them if they had the intelligence to actually pull this off, but the thick Brummie twats broke rule number one of committing fraud: Don't fucking publicly post evidence to the contrary on PUBLIC social media sites. And the bloke should get an extra two years for going into a restaurant without a top on. Such a fundamental level of utter stupidity. Do they even know how to wipe their fucking arses?
  6. Alcoholic drink of choice, when they think they're being sophisticated, for the legions of bone think chav cunts inhabiting our once great nation. They probably drink it with coke as well. There's only one type of whiskey and we all know where it comes from. If we could someone contaminate this Christmas's supply with Depo Provera or better still, cyanide, what a glorious new year we'd all wake up to.
  7. Why can't these cunts just accept that when an object weighing around 200 tons hits a building at 200-300 mph, and then becomes an inferno, it's going to cause some extremely severe damage? Some of the utter fucking nonsense that pops up on social media ranting on about the twin towers being deliberately brought down is truly staggering. Fucking idiots.
  8. Just noticed the Tesco own brand Reduced Fat Houmous has more fat per100 grams than the basic variety. What a massive bunch of cunts. Reduced fat?? Compared to what? A block of lard or Keefs sweaty Y-fronts? Give us a fucking hint FFS.
  9. A very specific nom I'll grant you, but it annoys the fuck out of me nevertheless. The number of idiots I see, on the way to work, cautiously poking the rear of their cars out into busy rush hour traffic, without having a clue what's coming down the road at 50 mph, is staggering. They've got to perform a reversing manoeuvre either way, so why not back on and make getting off the drive a whole lot safer and easier. Stupid fucking cunts.
  10. I know fuck all about flowers. I also know fuck all about cats. I do, however, know that cats and lillies should not be in the same house as they will die. The cats that is. Now there's a fucking petition to the govt to get some warnings legally enforced on them.. How about some common fucking sense!
  11. I fucking hate this vile habit with a passion. That cunt Zuckerberg is notorious for it, along with most other Americunts. To me it sounds as if the speaker is dumbing down what they are saying, as if trying to convey their point to a fucking retard. Obviously if they were addressing ProfB they'd be on the money, but otherwise the cunts should use their words like a big boy. One more thing - any cunt replying to this nom using "so" at the start of their comment, in a pathetic attempt to be funny, is a fucking stupid fucking cunt, so don't bother......
  12. As the nights slowly draw in, more and more fucking idiots can be seen on the roads doing this cuntish thing. A lot of cyclists seem to think that the rules of the road simply don't apply to them. Fucking cunts, the lot of 'em. This nom has been carefully formatted to comply with current CC posting guidelines.
  13. I was discussing a problem with a contractor today and he proceeded to explain to me that he didn't buy o-rings from Wossname, as he preferred to buy them from Wossname. Well, thanks for explaining that to me; I'll know where to go when I need o-rings next time. The English language contains a wealth of words, so fucking use them you lazy cunts.
  14. Utter fucking cretins, walking round with a great hulking lump strapped to their backs. There were a load of these cunts in town today, obviously on some "adventure", shoving their way through crowded shops and generally making an utter fucking nuisance of themselves, seemingly oblivious to the fact they were at least one foot thicker than normal and therefore unable to move around without continually ramming people with their cunt sacks. Why they didn't just take the fucking things off is beyond me. Utter pricks.
  15. So, you've called Bobs 'phone extension, the phone that's on his desk, literally two feet from where he sits, and after five rings he hasn't picked up. You would hope that this situation would cause the caller to conclude that Bob is either not there, or has no intention of answering the call, and that either way the call attempt should be ended. However, some cunts that call the 'phones at work feel it's best to just keep ringing and ringing, sometimes for several minutes, until someone gets fucked off with the noise and picks up the call to Bob remotely from their desk. They answer the call by saying "hello, Bobs 'phone" and are immediately asked "is Bob there?" No, clearly he fucking isn't, you thick twat.
  16. This activity really grips my shit. I've just had some prick standing next to me in Tescos, while I'm choosing a bottle of wine, chomping away on a sandwich like a fucking pig. He also had a bottle of drink on the go too. Fuck all in his shopping basket either so I guess he was just going to finish his meal then walk out.
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