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Found 1 result

  1. It’s getting beyond a joke now. I am currently listening to a politics programme on Times Radio but I cannot follow the thread at all. Why? Because the cunts-that-be that produce the programme have decided, in their desperate urge to be PC, to allow an ‘orally compromised’ disabled woman to be involved. Now, she may have some good insights and opinions to impart but this matters not. I can’t fuckin understand any cunt who talks like they have a cleft-palate and are in the process of chewing toffee. This is an aural medium for fucks sake, this woman takes three times longer to complete a sentence than a unhindered person and it’s painful to listen to. TV is as bad, giving the seriously disabled comedy shows where the main subjects for their lampooning are their own disabilities.(I suppose the ethnics have been getting away with it for years) But, it does make for very uncomfortable viewing, they’re not funny, they get applause for their ‘courage and bravery’ but not their humour, which is why they are on a comedy show in the first place. Has anyone ever watched a tv programme with that Liz Carr in it? It doesn’t matter wether she’s playing a forensic analyst or anything else for that matter. You’ll forget the plot, script and flow of the programme because you’re too busy trying to work out what the fuck it actually is. She’s on everything right now, I personally want to see her in that ballroom dancing thing...let’s see them sequin that into something visually appealing...spazzy Cunt would probably win.
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